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  1. From just watching his video diaries on utube thecarpcatcher seems like a nice bloke, would love to meet him. His diaries were introduced to me when I came back to fishing and they were very insperational and helped alot about on how to approach a new water.
  2. They are all good questions mate. I fish a club water and at the widest point it can only be 60 yards so if I turn up having a plan to fish a certain swim or see fish showing and there is an angler on the opposite bank I would have the common decency as to carry on walking and find another spot and a good distance away from the area. On the pre-baiting issue, if some one had been pre-baiting and turned up to see you in the swim, personally I don't think your doing wrong, it's just unfortunate he or she got there later than you. All waters will be different though due to the size and shape of the water. I'm lucky really as I have a water that when I'm there I may not see any one all day of I may see one or two other anglers.
  3. Hey there Rob, well done at Island, a couple of corkers there
  4. That's a cracking scaley and welcome back mate
  5. Well done Pete that's a great way to start your account at a new water. Nice looking common and well angled...!
  6. sisco

    New pastures

    Well G man, thats a cracking new pb. Emily's picture taking skills are very good and bet she was chuffed to see the big one on the bank caught by daddy. Well done mate...!!
  7. Awesome, he looks really chuffed with them beauties. Well done to the young man!!
  8. Well, I was finally able to get down to the Lake last Thursday after an extremly busy start to the year with the business. And I was especially looking forward to playing with the new toy I purchased (a nice new camera). Unfortunaltey the fishing side was not so successfull and was puzzled as to why there was so little showing considering with the weather being so warm. So this gave me a good chance to play with my camera. I take alot of photos when I visit the lake but I have never uploaded any on here. I have been told that I don't have a bad eye for a nice picture so I'd like to see your opinions on these that follow. I hope you all like as I think there quite good for a novice.
  9. sisco

    April Catch Results

    Nice fish Bob and nice to see good old gilly again. I fished the same swim towards end of last year and had an about 6 out in 2 hours, great fun down there and lost what looked like a good 20lber. Well angled my friend..!!
  10. Thats a belter. Great result Hammer...!!
  11. Its not really preference for me, dependent of the distance I'm fishing at will determain the way I fish ie. what features are between me and the bait.
  12. Absolutely right coops, no fluke or luck involved! Well angled kev, nice awaited common!! 
  13. Well done Kev, cracking looking common. Back down there next week then??!!
  14. Liking all the pics hopefull. The robin threw the branches is cool 
  15. Well angled papbill, looks like your the first off the mark this year but not quite a 30lb+. Still, you have to be there to have a chance. Well done. Got a winter ticket for Wellingborogh Lakes and still waiting to be able to use it. I think in a couple of weeks me and my mate are going so really looking forward to that. Going next week to my club water and introducing a friend to it so a nice little day session to get the year started off. Good luck to all guys and girls, happy angling...!!
  16. Some very interesting insights in to how alot of you look at fish either rolling or crashing and how you would approach the matter. And nice to see that science has yet to proove for sure what these activities really mean but I know one thing, and thats i'll be looking harder in to 'what to do' when seeing a rolling fish. Thanks for all your comments
  17. Alot of poeple have there theories on 'rolling, crashing, ' fish. Obviously this is prooved by poeple catching on showing,crashing or rolling fish. Do all of you think in the same way or are there a few out there with a different theory on rolling fishand what it means. I suppose what i'm trying to say is that do fish roll because they are feeding or does this mean something else completly, are they communicating with the other fish..? I would really like to hear what your views are on this.
  18. Well done on all the catches, that fullly looks like an oil painting, just beautiful.....!!
  19. Lovely pair of Carp and what a back drop to that first fish you had. Well done
  20. Cracking fish and well done on your new PB Oh, and welcome to the forum
  21. Thanks for the reply guys..... I see just using the word 'caged' really agrevated alot of you but really I'm thinking of poeple who are on a tight budget (and there are poeple out there, for the purpose of boilie making would go cheap) and to really see if there is a difference in the end product to show that using a caged egg is not the way to go. I totally agree with all your comments and I have not used caged eegs myself. I personal use Co-operative free range eggs.
  22. My Friend and I had a mad weekend making boilies as we're off to fish for a week and we've thought we'd take a fair few baits. It dawned on me that to try and get the best results you would always look at getting the best products. So if this is the case then does it make a difference on what type of egg you buy? Do you spend a bit and get some decent free range eggs or do you go cheap and buy caged hen eggs which are alot cheaper. So, does buying a cheaper egg make a difference to the quality of the boilie or is it something I'm reading to much in to....? Your opinions are important....!!
  23. Well in Coops, makes up for the blank a few days ago and very nice looking Common & Mirror too.
  24. Well in mate, sounds like it's been very hard going for you. Great to be rewarded with two belting fish an pb. Well done
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