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  1. Hey there, Congrats on a Very good bank holiday for you. As alwyas they are lovely looking fish. I have been down twice Since my last post on here and with no joy. Thats why we all love planning that next visit. Well done....
  2. sisco

    My PB

    Cracking Looking fish, well done mate....
  3. Spices are a good attractor and there is no reason why you can't add it to your ground bait mate, as far as I know carp are very keen on spicey baits, chilly especially
  4. Absolute belter there coops, what a cracking fish....!!!
  5. sisco

    New PB

    Well done young'n, that smile on your face say's it all.
  6. Well done again escrimador, that 21lb 8oz looks lovely and dark, a beautiful fish mate. Not had a chance since last post to get down there myself so try to leave us a few for when I get back off my holiday.
  7. Hey there Cazh, well done on your catch, some lovely looking fish and looks like your enjoying the time on the bank very much. Well anlged
  8. sisco

    My first 20

    Well done bowza, nice to get such a lovely looking common off the top. Well angled
  9. sisco

    got the runs. :/

    A busy day on the bank then Useph, like the look of them commons, very lean looking fish. well done matey
  10. sisco

    PB Mirror

    Cracking Mirror querty and well done on your new PB. Any one tell you you bare a striking resemblence to Danny Fairbrass....
  11. Both lovely looking commons there smokey, well angled mate...!!
  12. Well done there mate, all cracking looking fish and in really great condition. You truely are the common king. Well done Kev, check your pm mate.
  13. Cracking looking fish there, well done...!!
  14. sisco

    new pb 36lb 2oz

    Crofty, that's a cracking looking common. well done mate
  15. First of all, congrats on your catch Kev lovely looking mirror, like you said, them short visit's seem to be paying of for you. Well I had a day free and was able to get down to the club lake and was extra determined as the weekend just gone I had gone down for a short evening session where within 10 minutes I'd had a take in a bay the was situated behind the long strait, it felt really good too. I just knew that that would be my only take of the session. I arrived at 4.15 am with the sun just beginning to come up over the tree's. I made my way down to where I had had the take the weekend before as I was convinced they could be in there early morning. Whilst setting up there were crashing out in front of me in the shallows so i felt that i was in the right area. They were out there crashing over my righ hand rod but not a single take. I oppted for a move and I went back to the long strait where there is a bay. i sat in the entrance to it where there was also fish topping and crashing through the weeds. But there was a morrhen wanting my baits and on standing up to scare it i definately spooked the fish that were in there. Another move took me to the end of the long strait by which time it was around 10.30 am and it was very warm so i wasn't excpecting much to be happening as there was probably around 30 to 40 fish wollowing about enjoying that sunshine, so I did the same thing. later (about 3 hours) i took a walk back around to the little bay off the long strait and saw that a there were 4 or 5 good size fish with there noses in the weeds. I very quickly grabbed my kit a headed back round and put one rod very close ny to where they where and another in the entrance to the bay. About half hour had past and i wasn't happy with where i had placed one of the rods. But on getting up to grab the rod it screamed off before i had a chance to and I was unhooking a lovely looking 12lb 12oz common. Shortly after on the same rod I was in again and this time it was an absolutely beautiful fully scaled mirror weighing a good 23lb 4oz.
  16. Try this link below, half way down the page on the right there is a map of UK, click on where abouts you want to fish and there you go..... Hope that help mate http://www.fisheries.co.uk/
  17. Beautiful pics there mate, any wildlife show would be proud of them.
  18. sisco

    new common pb

    Welcome and well done on your new PB.....
  19. Once again mate, a beautiful fish and well done on a new PB. Worth coming down to see beast and getting pics for ya. The move pays off...!! Well Done...!!
  20. Very well done mate, it is a beautiful loooking common...!!
  21. Always good to see them smiling like that hey. Well done to the young man....!!
  22. sisco

    NEW PB

    Well done riggy, even more sweet when no-one is catching....!!
  23. By far my best fish, and was PB as well....!!
  24. After a difficult start to this season,with only having one fish out, my persistant weekly visits paid off yeasterday. As our club water only allows day fishing and no night fishing I make it a habit of getting down there as early as i possibaly can. So had my rods int the water for 4.45 am (can't belive how light it is). The fish are very spooky so i stayed well back from the banks and could see the fish in a foot to two foot of water. 1 hour 15mins later my first fish coming in the way of a 14lb mirror, lovely fish. I moved pegs and quickly found more fish so on the sheaky got my rods back out there. At first i thought they were spawning but they seem to be getting ready too so hopefully putting on a bit ready for the frenzy. 40mins in the water and another take, a 15lb 7oz common, another lovely looking fish. I gambled on staying in the same marginal swim as it did not seem to scare the others away. low and behold about an hour later a beautiful 20lb 7oz mirror on the bank. But the fish still were not being spooked but i thought i would leave this swim and give it a rest for a couple of hours and see it later. A couple of hours past and still the fish were held up in a weedy bay so i ventured back but to a swim a few pegs down from the last point. I got the rods back in and this time had 2 set up in the bay. 12.30pm and the right hand rod went again this landing the biggest of the day at 24lb mirror, big fat belly lol....!! The bay did quieten off alot after that but still a few fish cruised in and out of the bay. An hour and three quaters to my surprise the left hand rod screamed off and i landed a lovely 18lb mirror. Cracking. The club water had been fishing so strange with fish not going down for the baits but alot showing, so you can imagine i was more than happy after this great days fishing. I have attached the fish in order of catch.....!!
  25. What a night you had then hey, all lovely looking fish mate and nice to get your pb. I'd still be buzzing you know. Well in....!!
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