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  1. Great way to start year, very beautiful fish. Well in...!
  2. sisco


    I'd have to agree with mindgame, there's no harm in being there to witness such a spectiacal. I was lucky at my club water to witness such an event last year, every thing was just perfect and probably saw 80-90% of all the fish going crazy in the shallows. Before actually seeing all this I had my PB first thing in the morning, then it just made the spawning spectical that more enjoyable to watch.
  3. I was very surprised at the size of them. Jack had another out but it came off right at the net, the biggest of the lot and looked over 2lb's, shame but amazing fishing all the same and they fight so well.....!!
  4. I fished this venue a number of years ago and i was looking to go in the next few weeks. I had read on the internet about this place and it boasts that it does have a really large amount of good doubles in there. Can any one shed some light on this as it seems that some lakes will talk up what they have in there as a pose to what they actually have in there. I'm only saying this because a number of anglers i spoke to begged to differ Thanks
  5. Thanks for the kind words lads. I'm just glad that he had a cracking day and hopefully many more to come......!!!!
  6. I took my partners young lad fishing in the week, and i thought i would have a very difficult and frustrating time (not with him but with the fishing) but the fishing gods were looking down on me and were kind. We went to a day ticket water where it can be tricky to fish at times but it all went well. We started off on a smaller pool and where immediatley rewarded with fish after fish on light tackle, mainly roach and perch. we were told that there were alot of small carp in there but weren't siccessful with any. I wanted to stick my rods into the main lake just for a bit of fun whilst i helped Jack but proved to be difficult as he woudn't stop catching (which really made my day). I said to him that i was going to go and get them set up and to my surprise he too wanted to fish the main lake, bonus....!! We both set up in the main lake and he continued where he left off from with the float shooting under again (i was secretly hoped he would hook in to a carp). Carp didn't come but he was starting to land some bigger fish in the way of some nice perch, he had 4 or 5 of them all weighing about a pound. Unfortunatley no carp were gracing our nets. He really enjoyed the day and i struggled to drag him away from the bank, which meant we would be deffinatley coming again especially since he counted 32 fish, i think he had more but who's complaining. Hoping next time we can land a few carp though...!! Here are a few pics of the young man and a couple of his catch...!!! WELL DONE JACK...!!!
  7. Thats nice to see the young'ns getting in there early. I'm actually taking my partners son who is eight fishing this week and i think i'm more excited on the prospect that he'll catch, well fingers crossed he does. well done young man......!!
  8. hey there bobstains Congrats on your catch mate, nice looking mirror. Gilly doing alright then....!!!
  9. I just love the Commons, spanking fish, well done coops...!!
  10. Cracking fish, well done...!!
  11. Well in Steve, Nice looking fish...!!
  12. hello there luvdubs last year i started making my own baits and found that i could govern every thing that goes in to the recipe. By having the option of air drying or freezing the baits you'll find that you can get your baits as hard or as soft as you want them. I find that letting them dry the normal amount after making them, then freezing them you find that they break down quicker when using them which i like as they look more natural. On the other hand once you have made your bait you can then air dry them to how firm you want them. well that what i have on the matter. Hope fully some one can add to that or even correct me if i'm doing something wrong. Sisco
  13. Hey there Steve, If you go to the Catch reports section and cliclk on it, one of the first subjects is on how to upload photos to a catch report. It's very strait forward and should help you out. Sisco....
  14. sisco

    First catch of 2010

    Hey there Jonezy don't most club water back drops look like that, well the pics I've seen they all have similar foleage. Any how its a very secluded water in the east midlands near notts.
  15. sisco

    My First Carp

    Well done there Kevin, good to get off the mark. Happy times ahead....!!
  16. sisco

    First catch of 2010

    Having visited the club water twice already this year in early feb (very very cold) i was keen to get back down after these past few weeks of sunny and warm spells. I wasn't happy with my first choice of swim but it was difficult as there was nothing showing any where. I went for a scout around and came across a swim I had never fished before and it looked so inviting as i said to my self 'this is exactly where i would be passing threw'. On a hunch I quickly went back, packed up and went to that swim. Only 30 minutes had past when the right hand rod screamed off and just didn't stop. The result, a 21llb 7oz fully scaled mirror. Well chuffed that the move payed off.....!!
  17. Hello mate, Well done the catch, i think i might have to borrrow George for tomorrows visit. in absolutely Great condition too which is good to see.
  18. With me just getting back into fishing this year in about the start of may i have been fishing a water which you can't night fish. Have been about 20 times and blew my PB out the water (nice pun hey lol) with a 35lb common a 20 and a 16 and lost 2 fish. I'm really happy this year with what i have had. Next year the missus won't see much of me at weekends.
  19. Hello there mate, going on past experience from fishing a small lake I had been advised by the baliff for best results to fish a ball of maggots on my carp rod but as if I was quiver fishing. Just watch the rod go round and strike, even the slightest of movements on the tip of the rod and was striking every time which was really very productive. Just remember to have the rod very close else it's bye bye rod. Hope this helps mate Happy fishing mate
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