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  1. Sorry bout the Netflix mate I'll give you password again,I was at work and couldn't connect because of amount of users and I'd planned to watch power (with 50cent in it ) so I just closed them down so I could watch it myself lol
  2. Stevo I have got sky sports on my phone so you can watch it on that if you like Nige also has it on his iPad so I'm sure he would let you watch it as well
  3. The tackle den is just down the rd from churn pool Isn't there a tackle shop on site anymore?
  4. Sorry lol I'm behind times thought it was same as last year
  5. Yes Steve I'll need to renew my passport £10 then pay for every hr £1 hr up to the social
  6. Suits me Nige there is a cafe down the rd by the chippy if that's not open but it's a b&b so should be cool
  7. Where we going for breakfast then Nige I'll meet you at 8 then Mate
  8. Looking like I should be able to make it Got funeral arrangements nearly sorted few things to confirm Monday or Tuesday all necessary people been contacted accept the bank but doing that tomorrow, care for my mum sorted for Wednesday fri sat and Sunday just need to get care sorted for Thursday and I don't see a reason why I couldn't come
  9. Just sent a £10 for food mate completely forgot Still not 100% sure if I can make it but I am hoping to but I'm trying my hardest to sort funeral and get my mums care sorted so I can make it but if I can't get it done in time I'm going to have give it a miss hope you understand Cheers Mick
  10. Iambunn you can have my place if you like it's paid for My dad passed away at 12-50 this morning and I doubt very much I'll be able to make it at all now
  11. I'll send on 8th mate if that ok (pay day)
  12. leggs007

    Frisby lakes?

    Anyone know what's going on with the place new owners plans etc?
  13. I'll be there early hopefully Wednesday