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  1. Oiiiiiii leave that hat alone that's the lucky hat lol yes my horse is parked round the corner
  2. Thanks for the comments guys yes I am still properly over the moon lol
  3. hi all just had a year off carping due to collage and not having a job lol. now that i have a job an am still going to collage im finding no time to go lol. thats life anyways my first session back this year was a 48 hr on my local lake in kent. no fish had been caught for a week till i got there lol and me an my mate had 1 each he had a 19 mirror and a had a P.B in the way of a 33.10 linear mirror. wel happy! conditions were shocking the lake had froze over that day and we had a week of snow running up to it . heres the pix cought on 14mm malarky(bait from a local rollers) over
  4. yer hope you do well mate real good carp fishery theres been a few more fish stocked since i was there i think he has puta 50 lb common in there
  5. when are u going mate??? yer all the fish just came to single 20 mm hook bait with a few scatterd around i fished the beach swim with my dad
  6. went in august 2008 gret week http://www.carp.com/carp-forum/viewtopic.php?t=36414&highlight=
  7. i allways use 3 rods on a buzz bar setup if i get a run on the middle rod i nock the ovva rods in the water
  8. i usuallly only use chopped and crushed boilies in winter but in small amounts
  9. if u dont add anything to the pidgeon conditioner its not that oily but i usually add tiger nut extract and hemp and maize so it end up quite oily .
  10. it costs me £11 for 20 kilo soak for 24 hrs cook for 45 and then add any flavours you want
  11. i use a bird seed mix called pidgeon conditioner works every time
  12. this was my session on mid kent fisheries lake The Pan! it is said to be 1 of the hardest lakes or the hardest lake in kent.......i blanked lol:P u dont even see half the lake in these pics!
  13. its funny u say about the freezing because no ive never seen it happen lol and about prwans as a bait yes thats correctmy uncle used to fish the lake alot and he used to use fake prwans from enterprise and he used to really well allthough it is a very hard lake its over 50ft deep in some places
  14. theres a lake near me called stonar lake its a hug lale that is right next to a river that links to the sea and the water in stonar is so salty from the river flooding that u can catch mullet from there lol and theres also a huge amount of prawns in the margins at night if u put ure headlighjt in the water lol!!!!!!
  15. i do if im fishing for over 48 hrs only for half a day and let um feed on baited spotts to get confident
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