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  1. its an olympus and its got 6megapixel
  2. the most action i had all day, and the reason for my bite alarm beeping every now and again[/img]
  3. as you may have guessed, i like dragonflys.[/img]
  4. got this while fishing one morning[/img]
  5. this one is for johnla lol[/img]
  6. dragonfly on my m3 bivvy, the cheek of it.[/img]
  7. Hello elmo, there is no waiting list of such, the new season for the place starts on march 15th. The exsisting members are given 1st choice of renewing their membership 1st and any that don't, have their place offered to the general public. This year it was £250 but there is talk of a price increase next year. There are about 30 swims and most of them are doubles with 3 swims on the island which is accessed by a boat, the majority of the swims you can park your car next to or get your car near enough to make loading and unloading easier. Hope this answers your question.
  8. Thank you for your input on ashmire, I have a feeling that there is not a 40 in there as previously stated. However, I have come to the conclusion that there is possibly some large grassies in there and its always a learning curve no matter which lake you're on.
  9. I have just spent another 3 days at ashmire with no result, I did have a northerly wind blowing with rain which I thought might of sent the fish down. This place is hard to fish and a lot more than just turning up and plonking your rods in is required. The weed in the place is from top to bottom and is pointless trying to rake as I estimate there to be about 400 tons of the stuff, I have tried praying to the carpholio god with no success. Who else has fished here and how did you get on? All answers on a pigeon please...
  10. as you well know johnla, we started catching and then decided to try other baits, we should have stuck with what we know catches and also stepped up on the watercraft a little more, also next time we fish there its the island for us. that way we only have six lines in the water rarther than 60 around us from the other anglers. nothing worse than setting up to have mr angler set up next to you and start banging those tent pegs in with a mallet and then start to have a party, noise is the carpmans worst nightmare but we have seen where the fish go when the lake is full-the island....there is nothing wrong with our rigs as we have proved their worth on other venues, its about finding the fish and not spooking them![/b]
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