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  1. I have just bought the Carp Offloader bait boat, its made by Specialist Inovations. I have no info on what size 12v Battery it takes. I need to find the amp hour and physical size of the battery. I believe the company that made this boat has gone out of business. I need to get hold of a user manual or does someone out there have one of these boats that can give me some info. Thanks
  2. Farm Lake Review The Bailiff Tony was very helpful, he also cooks an excellent english breakfast & evening meal. There are charging facilities for bait boats, etc with English mains sockets in the lodge available at all times. Two sides of this lake are not available to paying anglers because they belong to the French residents of the homes and caravans. The so called “bailiffs swim” gets harassment from the French at weekends. There is a vast amount of weed in this lake. You will definitely need a bait boat as most of the fish are around the island (Tony has some for rent on sit
  3. Usually the post is removed or edited when something illegal is used. But to have a complete topic along with strings dissapear is something else. I am an administrater of a forum (nothing to do with fishing) and there would definatley be lots of questions asked and answers expected if it happened on that forum.
  4. Thats good to hear jimbo23, whats the food like, are the showers clean and included in the price, what are the toilets like (english style or french hole in the floor).
  5. I notice that the latest threads on this topic have also dissapeared ?? Is there a problem with the forum ?
  6. Hi, a group of us fished this water in 2005 only found two productive swims. These were the end swims fishing to behind the island. You can only fish 3 sides of this lake. There is about 6 foot of silt right across the lake the bailiff pushed a pole in and showed us. We had a few fish out to 38lb Faculties were clean; showers only work when generator is running. Food excellent, bailiff very helpful I believe this lake is now under new management. ?
  7. Not long now before you go m8 if you cannot get back or give me info due to whatever reason, I will try to get Derrick Acora to contact you.
  8. When we get back I will write a review of this lake so that others dont have to struggle to get the information.
  9. Hi carpoholic thats not a bad idea, have spoken to the guy on the uk number, the french number is probably the baliff (get it from the horses mouth) may well give it a try. Wanted to get a totally independent view from someone who had been there, as I have found out in the past owners websites dont always reflect what is actually on the lake. I am not saying all websites do this.
  10. Have had a reply from drgreenthumb1970 if you PM me I will give you the reply.
  11. On a totally serious note the two guys I pm'd jimbo23 and drgreenthumb1970 may not be members of this forum anymore. Possibly why I hav'nt received replies. The truth is out there.
  12. Thanks for the website info m8 have already seen it, bit worrying about the catfish will have to chain myself to the bedchair they will have to take that as well. Those catfish must be around the 500 lb mark to do that. Theres a guy I know who goes on safari I will try to borrow his blunderbus try not to shoot my foot off. Come on you guys someone out there knows the answer
  13. OK if I dont hear from you, I will see you out there hopefully, but how are we all going to get on the lake, there must be hundreds of other guys still out there fishing maybe. What other explanion is there. Cone on you guys on this forum you must know something
  14. HELLO I've started to worry about this lake
  15. Sorry m8 just read your post again your out the second week of september, you hadnt replied so i thought you already left not to be heard from again
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