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  1. Well that's fishing....I guess just bad luck, the carp on the specimen lake seem to really like the cell I'm not a massive fan myself but they seem to work for me and a few others I fish with,double 18mm as well so that's what we use,when the weather sorts it self out and things start to level out, head backdown there, the old lake that's the one under the bridge.....I've not fished it but the new lake me and my son fish it, some good fun to be had fishing floaters and zigging my little lad had fish up to 17lb form that lake was a mirror as well as they are mostly commons in all lakes. Don't give up on it, they are very good lakes.Yeah the swims are not very good but I don't go there because they have nice swims its the fish we go for. Good luck for next time let us know if you go again and how you get on.....
  2. I've fished nellbridge plenty of times and caught plenty of fish out of the specimen lake, I've had fish up to 25lb . I don't know how you fish but if you only spent half a day on the lake not really a fair test now.... Give it another go after the weather has warmed up....it does get incredibly busy at a weekend.
  3. hi all , was woundering if any one had any up to date info on pickford lake in oxford.
  4. i dont think they do a single handle and i know that the emcast handles will not fit as i have tried, my mate said you do get used to them, they are nice reels though i think the doubble handle was to balance them.
  5. spot on, best things i ever bought and one of them has been in the lake once dried out worked perfect. get the duo-carb hanggers aswell match made in heaven.
  6. best lake on the complex im my opion, lot of water to your self swim 10 is my fav.
  7. i own a icon dont use it much have caught plenty of fish while using it, it can fit a kilo of bait in it which is quite a lot when you start to load up as for bait presantaion can not see how it would differ from any other boat the lead still goes down first . i alway put the laed in first fill with bait then put the hook link on top always use pva foam that way hook link is always going to sink slowley untill foam melts. its a dam good boat for the money.
  8. hunts conner a bit more expencive but their is only 10 swims on the water so each swim you have a lot of water to your self no chance of casting to other peoples area . all methods and all baits work well on all of the lakes , but their are very pressured waters so ring in the changes can get you that extra bite. but if the fish are having it then you could have the best session of your life water are very clear so keep every thing pinned down. brasenose 1: if their is a lot of anglers on then the fish do tend to go in to the middle of the lake and at around 32 acres its a bit of a chuck.
  9. this is what i did to mine when using them for my fishing: take out the line clip drill with a small drill about 3.2mm ish you can do this by hand as the ally is very thin, no need for power tools then deburgh the spool (clean of sharp bits) with a small file so nice and smooth, get a pop rivoet of matching size insert and wrap around some 15lb line and rivoet that to were you old line clip was you shuold be able to take line of and then clip up as and when you like and it will never snap or snap you line hope i have explaned it right.
  10. do you guys think that my new camo boxers will be alright?
  11. new snag bar from delkim,look very nice and they have solved the battery case problem as well, i wounder if you could by them with out the carbon bars?
  12. i was down last weekend and had a walk round oxlease be for fishing hunts. they done some weed cutting a few weeks ago and their was a hellava a lot of on the surface and the wind was blowing a bit of a holligun didnt look to promising to me. hunts on the other hand perfect, you have loads of water to your self it is bliss no one casting over you and you are never to far away from the fish hunts by far the best lake on the complex. 2 fish a mirrow 18.04 and a common of 14 bang on the lake dose not hold mant commons so although not the biggest was a lovely fish.
  13. hi mc1 nellbridge in aynho is a day ticket only lake which has 3 lakes, syndicate members can night fish it though. they have a good head ov 20,s in the specy lake but can be a bit tricky at times, although floater fishing dog biscuites can be productive. the new lake is well worth a go if you are after a bit of fun for a few hours in the evening again floater fishing dog biccys. it has a few fish up to 25 lots of high doubbles, here is the web address. www.nellbridgefishery.com have a look, the web site dose not get updated to often.
  14. yea hunts is my new favorite only fished it a few times and only had one fish. but you dont half have some room to play,i think the xtra £5 is well worth it.
  15. well it all depeneds what you are after?
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