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  1. you have to have balls to leave bread out all night, even sweetcorn
  2. i used 2 of them last time i went fishing.. their my lucky charm.. i got 2 runs as soon as i put a quater pounder on! i nearly broke my hip on the bank running down
  3. Bivvy, stove, hot food is a must!, thermals and a sleeping bag. And i find sleep helps to keep me warm in the morning. I can have every single jumper i own on and ill still be cold if i've been up all night..
  4. i think its because some owners think it goes off and mouldy. and if their isnt a big head of fish that might happen alot. but thats rediculous.. i would just laugh at him
  5. HOLY! Thats one hella lot of boilies. No wonder you get such big carp down their This is my first season of proper carp fishing so i cant really say, yet. Where do you get you're buckets of boilies and 10kg sacks from? Jamie
  6. Are you joking? Dont tell me what to do to a duck before you learn to type a sentence correctly!
  7. Happend a few times when ive been standing right on my mates peg just looking out, and hes rod would scream off, or feeder nearly fall in. I would always pick it up and strike but give him the rod to play it. I wouldnt call it my fish if it was on my mates rod, reel, hes cast and tackle.
  8. ducks annoy me so much!!! lucky you cant swear on here! I was on a waggler the other day and the duck dived down, and ate my god dam sweetcorn.. Good fight mind.
  9. Same im pleased with anything
  10. hmm, i think it does to an extent. But if the carp is hungry, see's a nice bit of poped up sweetcorn or a huge boilie i think it would take it anyhow. Carp which have been caught before would be warey and thats why i think the latest rigs and lighter line is neccessary, to catch them wary fish.
  11. Exactly the same at my local lake!
  12. sorry i dont agree with that, why have an effective bait if there are no fish to use the effective bait on?
  13. Nutrabaits, dynamites birdfood range, nash.. and yeah its cheaper to make you're own
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