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  1. Thanks to you both! I spent the day fishing in the East Basin of Burley Griffin (3 blocks from my rental apartment) and caught two nice fish- 4 kg and 5 kg I would guess. Used sweetcorn, a 5-8 kg line, 10' telescopic rod bought here, and a set of self-imported tackle (Okuma Avenger bait-feeder, all terminal tackle, bank sticks, bite alarm) which I got through customs with no problem. Also bought a long-handled boat net with good mesh here - definitely needed! Used a simple bolt rig, with a 6 hook - I got a lot of single beeps - small fish maybe? Liners? The fish were beautiful - nice h
  2. Folks: I will be in Canberra for 3 weeks on business, and was hoping to do some fishing in the urban lakes (I won't have a car). A few questions: (1) Do I need a fishing license? What regulations are there? (2) Where is best? What bait? (3) Where can I get a carp rod in Canberra? Thanks for any advice/help! Cheers, A. Gregory
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