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  1. nigewoodcock

    December catch reports.

    Well in mufty. Pretty consistent this year again mate.
  2. Just in time to fetch me a coffee then!!! Lol see you tomorrow matey x
  3. nigewoodcock

    What are the best hooks ?

    Same principle as the twister really. Imagine 3 turns (angles) trying to pull one out. A curved hook will come out in one single, fluid, movement. The claw pattern allows you a wider gape than a twister though. So will suit different rigs better. Floater fishing for instance. A shorter shank and wider gape, rather than the longer shank and narrower gape of the twister. The main thing is, what every hook anyone uses, is to make sure it suits the mechanics of the rig you are tying with it. My goto pattern since using the Nash hooks, is the chod twister on my favoured multi rig. It sits absolutely perfect with the semi stiff skinlink hook link.
  4. nigewoodcock

    Spomb stick or catty?

    Haha!!! When we were in France, I had to do that with the cable ties on the one I bought too!!! Most of of my fish this year have come to a heavily baited spot with all three rods on it. Starting off with 5kg of boilie tipped tight to a spot off the boat. That’s my favourite way of static fishing. One of the lads said to me that I could treble my chances of a bite if I fished three different spots with a rod each. My reply was along the lines of ... if I think the fish are going to feed on the spot, why would I put rods elsewhere??? I’ve had numerous double tales and quick, second bites whilst fishing with all three, or at least two rods on ‘the spot’! So in effect, I am trebling my chances by fishing three tight together, not separated. Having said that, I have also had good hits by fishing singles ‘loosely’ chucked to an area. And bags. And zigs. And a lightly baited spot. And particles only. And bookies only. And a mix of both. It’s all down to knowing, or guessing, what will give you the best chance on any given day. One trick pony’s are exactly that. Will do well some days but struggle most others, blaming something else as it ‘worked’ last time! if I had to pick THE favourite way to catch them, it would be stalking them with one rod, close in, watching everything they do.
  5. nigewoodcock

    Lodge on the bank lake

    Churn pool then.
  6. nigewoodcock

    Lodge on the bank lake

    Look up blackthorn fishery on Facebook. The lodges are outstanding and it did a 40 this autumn. Lots of 30’s too. And it’s only in Shropshire, so not too far to travel.
  7. nigewoodcock


    Basically what I use, along with a feed pellet in the summer, for the lakes supplement feed. Only I pay less than a tenner per bag from the local animal feed store.
  8. nigewoodcock


    I use 50kg a week of flaked maize on my lake mate.
  9. nigewoodcock

    October Catch Reports

    Congratulations mate. Welcome to my world of getting to the lake late and packing up early!!!!
  10. nigewoodcock

    Shelf life boilies

    Where do you live? Ps I use the stabilised the majority of the time😘
  11. nigewoodcock

    Shelf life boilies

    Nash scopex squid is available in freezer bait. And the Nash scopex squid is £39.99 for a 5kg bag
  12. nigewoodcock

    Shelf life boilies

    Scopex squid is available in freezer form. Stabilised is a way to ‘shelf life’ a bait.
  13. nigewoodcock

    Dez Animaux

    Not as busy as my Facebook wall!!! Lol
  14. nigewoodcock

    Dez Animaux

    Going by his posts, I reckon he’s got to be a manc!!!! Lol