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  1. We do a bedchair buddy that would suit your needs. As not to sound too biased on here, there are other companies that have them available too.
  2. I’m lucky.... I can pass for the midlands mafia or the possy!!!! 😂
  3. I have proof at home that they do!!! 😝
  4. Ah, I thought you were on about the nash tackle pod cast. Yeah, the carp cast; it was when a certain member, who doesn’t frequent the board anymore, stated that it was wrong to sleep whilst carp fishing and saying anyone who did, shouldn’t be angling! 😂
  5. Who ever made it did make sure that it went out there pretty fast! 😂
  6. Marker poles are an excellent tool to have at your disposal, if you can get away with using them. That one mentioned is for 4x pole kits.
  7. About Dan and I loving a cocktail?
  8. That’s the very biased one that I had seen. ‘The wheels are wobbly’ yep, they will be if you don’t tighten the screws up properly!!! ‘The wires are exposed’ yep, how else can you expect to disconnect them to remove the handles? Oh, the same as the other one!!! Lol ’theres no control of speed’ other than its on a throttle, like that of a quad bike. If you want to start off slow, don’t put your thumb down full hit!!! theres lots more I could pick at and show the positives of the nash one over the other but the only point I want to get across is that the video in question is very deceiving.
  9. Be careful in what you read/see. Much better to watch an independent review😉
  10. Your right mate. Tools for different applications. I have a few sets of 12fts, a set of 10’s, 9’s and 6fts. I use all of them! Not at the same time mind 😂 The 10’s are probably my most used length. I can get around 110yards out of them. Anything more, then I have to go back to the torrix 12ft 3 1/4. There’s not many lakes that I fish at the moment where I need that extra distance though. On the fish playing front, I find the 10’s have more holding power than any of my 12’s although not much in it for it to be a deciding factor. Fashion..... when I started fishing, all those years ago, all the specimin rods were 10 or 11 ft, until it became fashion to have 12 footers, then 13’s. At the end of the day, everyone should buy and use what suits their own situation best. If I could only afford one set of rods, for what I do at the moment, the 10footers would be my choice. 5 years ago, when I was fishing a much bigger lake and also still doing a bit on horseshoe, it would have been 12 foot rods. Funny thing is, I can cast further with my 12ft rods than I did using Terry Edmonds’ 13 footers on our tutorials we had (using the same reel, swapped over to both rods). I may have got further with them if I used them regularly. I’m only knee high to an ewok though so that might have something to do with it. Phil can blast his 13 footers further than his 12’s. It’s not so much being able to compress the blanks but having a larger arc. This increases the lead speed, which is what ultimately loads the rods. There’s so much more to casting than what rods we use. I would guess 90% technique and 10% equipment (as long as it’s a decent rod)
  11. I’m more accurate with a pin hammer than I am with a sledge 😉
  12. Not put a photo up on here for a while....
  13. Should be plenty of foam you can use in Portugal. Just think of all those flip flops in the beach shops!!!!
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