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  1. Nice kev. Good skills matey
  2. The fox flatlighter is a fantastic bed. Used and abused mine since they came out. Not quite as comfy than an indulgence but far far lighter and not too much of a difference in comfort levels.
  3. He was a murdering scumbag steve. Can't believe the tributes being paid to such a despicable person.
  4. All the underwater stuff Rob Hughes has done is vast. The one thing that he will say is the most important finding from his hundreds of dives - always hit the clip, even if you don't need it to hit an accurate spot and are just fishing a general area. I think it was around 90% of casts that didn't hit the clip, were tangled on the bottom. Then, the majority of these unraveled themselves on the retrieve leaving the angler non the wiser! Could be a simple thing like that as to why your struggling to catch nick and nothing to do with how you actually 'fishing'???
  5. I'll let you know a week or two before so you can start upping the baiting for me to jump on!!!!! lol
  6. That's where I think imported fish are ok. At a young age, grown on over here in the lakes they are being supplied to. Not bringing over fully grown fish. But like I say, all health checks and correct paperwork are a must.
  7. lol - you have given too much information to me on that marina in just one post Steve! Next time I'm in town, I'll be bringing a rod or two to chuck out for an hour at lunch under a lovely willow tree!!!!! lol
  8. in 30 or 40 years time, would a fish that has been imported at say 1 year old, be classed as a true English fish?
  9. Is catching a simmo any less noteworthy than catching a vs stocked fish nick? Stollen fish, not good; but can't say I wholeheartedly agree with the imported fish. As long as it's done legally, with all the correct paper work and health checks, with the upmost care, then I can't really see an issue. It's not ideal but.......
  10. Sounds to me like the same old problem I see everywhere mate....... your making excuses not to go rather than ones to go!
  11. Lovely times mate.
  12. That's where I saw a few, under that big willow. Also down by the pub.
  13. If I was you steve, I would be heading down the marina at billing. Sat there today for my lunch and they are definitely awake!!!
  14. yes Phil!!!!!!!!
  15. Maggi.