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  1. Carp Syndicate

    I can’t supply any comment on the stocking levels, other than there are some big ones in there. what I can say with authority though, is that dave and Ed certainly know how to manage a water. I would expect that lake to be a desirable ticket in the not too distant future. Suffering a couple of years worth of subs may not be such a bad thing if it secures your ticket for the future when it is likely to have a waiting list. As you know, there aren’t many to choose from locally.
  2. Dropping leads and it's impacts

    I quite agree with you on a few points there mate. The reason I put a spin on the results is because they were claiming that big casts can be made with them. No doubt about that but for the average angler, not so. Like you say, how many can actually hit 140 with a lead, never mind a stone! I certainly can’t hit 200 yards. Terry knows this personally he also knows exactly what I can cast, and more importantly, how far I can cast and hit the same line consistently (which is a different ball game to just how far you can whack it).
  3. Dropping leads and it's impacts

    I wonder what distance those lads could cast a ‘normal’ lead? I bet it’s over 200yards. But let’s say they can do 200. Take 60 yards off (30%) to get the 140 cast with the stone. Now take the average angler. 100-110 yards with a normal lead?? Take the 30% off and you are left with a 70yard cast with a top end rod that the average angler probably wouldn’t own. If you start with a 200 yard cast on top end gear and take that 30% off for the stone. Then take another 20 yards off for the rod, you’re at 120 yards. That equates to 40%, which in turn, drops the average angler to a top cast of 60 yards with a stone!
  4. New asso carp line

    Seems strange that you can purchase it if it is only at the field testing stage???
  5. Plagiarism

    If you had a business designing and selling, I dunno, ball ponot pens say, and you can sell them for £1 a pen. If you source manufacture in Britain and it costs you 18 pence per unit delivered; would you keep that company as your supplier if you could get the exact same pen shipped over at 10 pence per unit? Then still keep the selling price at £1? Or would you say ‘tell you what, I don’t want to earn that extra 100k profit per year’ That £1 is what people are happy paying. If it wasn’t, then you wouldn’t sell any and go out of business. In a funny kind a way, what the tackle firms are getting slated for; buying as cheap as they can, is the same thing that many are advocating by buying a cyprinus bed chair over a trakker one! Lol Products are only worth what people will pay for them. If trakker can still make a living selling at 30% above what cyprinus are charging then fair play to them. The real deal is with designs like the tempest mechanism or the Titan. I would have thought that is patented or exclusivity agreements with the factories, perhaps due to design rights? That’s why you won’t see a cyprinus tempest or a Titan, only a copy of the m3 (standard pramhood) and the like.
  6. The False PB Joints

    It would only be a ‘false pb’ to those who are too worried about what others get from their fishing than their own. Would it be a false pb in the captures eyes? I doubt it. Would I ever fish that lake? Very much doubt it. It wouldn’t fulfill what pleasures I like to take from fishing. I do fish the odd commercial type venue on socials though. But they are just that, social trips. A bit like a holiday. I enjoy them immensely but not always because of the lake or fish I would be fishing for. On the other hand, some socials are on more my type of lake. The quarry in Essex, horseshoe etc. At the end end of the day, if people worry about what enjoyment other people get from their angling, how can they enjoy it themselves? Not every person who plays golf could get round St. Andrews with a reasonable score but there are other courses that would suit them better. If they shoot a best round of 5 under on an ‘easier’ course, it’s still their best round. But is it better than his mate who has only ever shot level par around St. Andrews??? It all depends who’s eyes your seeing it through i suppose.
  7. Unfenced lakes

    Also, they grow bigger quicker, could be alluding to not so much of what top weights they can achieve but more to do with the fact they grow past a size that a lot of predators, like other fish, can take. After all, cm was questioning why they have higher populations. This is definitely one of the variables.
  8. Thought for the day.

    They are certainly giving a lot of piggy backs at the moment!!
  9. Throwing stick..

    If I wanted to spread boilie quickly at range, I would use a spomb and put half a boilie wedged in the ‘flights’ when closing. When you stopped the spomb mid flight, it would open up and the baits keep going for a bit and spread out. It’s a bit fiddly to get right though. Today, I have seen the answer!!!!........
  10. Fox Arma Points vs Fox Edges

    Different hooks sharpy. I used to love the arma points and never thought I would change. I now use esp cryogen range after getting my hands on some before they went on the shelf. They wipe the floor with anything else I’ve ever seen or used. Well worth a look mate.
  11. Dying a lake

    Not noticed any drop in form from the ones I’ve fished. Just a touch harder to spot them!
  12. Todays fishing from Unfenced lakes

    Cold water can hold a lot more dissolved oxygen than warm so in therory, with the wind and rain you say you’ve had, It would be a surprise if the levels were low. I cant be sure but I think the shallower the lake, the more susceptible they are to low levels? I would rather be certain though and the only way to do that is to drop a meter in. Ideally this would be done just before first light as this is when levels would be at the lowest.
  13. Todays fishing from Unfenced lakes

    As I say mate, hopefully nothing to worry about but if it is low, quick action is required.
  14. Todays fishing from Unfenced lakes

    If there were roach or other silvers in there, they would have been up and gasping earlier on. They give a warning of depleted DO. If it is a crash, time is of the essence. I hope it’s not though.
  15. Todays fishing from Unfenced lakes

    Yes mate. It’s worth checking out or at least informing the owner/bailiffs.