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  1. Just search fox edges on YouTube. Was uploaded a couple of weeks back I think.
  2. Anyone seen the new fox edges video? Rob Hughes tests out the bite indication on a chod rig. Safe to say, it's a lot better than most would think. In fact, he said it has given the quickest indication out of all the setups he's tested. Pretty much confirms the crude tests I did that I posted the videos up on here.
  3. Sorry to hear this. Do you know what user name he posted under. Once I have that, I can remove the account from our database. People don't normally put their real name against an account.
  4. I think his name was youseph. Something very similar anyway!
  5. Black and white muft
  6. Unflavoured ones will still catch, a little soaking or spray will only add to your success. It's the same old thing, where you put them, that makes the most difference. Like I say though, a completely different situation to baiting and fishing on the deck.
  7. Again mate, you are trying to compare two completely different things in zig fishing and bait fishing. There isn't just one answer!!! By the way, my zigs are 'flavoured'!!!!
  8. The bottom of a lake is different to the upper layers in the amount of available light. Also a zig is not backdropped by the bottom of the lake like a bait fished on the deck would be. You just have to open your mind and think logically about things.
  9. How do you explain catching on zigs throughout the night then steve? The fish don't just sit on the bottom when the sun hides behind a cloud!!!
  10. Give it a proper go and get all three rods on them mate.
  11. I was fishing a pop up over the bed of bait for the whole of winter as it was producing. As soon as the results slowed, I've switched to zigs, fishing them where I have observed fish moving through. I have still had one rod over a baited spot (losing one the other day off it). looks like you just miss read my previous post. I have also known lakes where people say that they can't be caught on floaters, beds of boilie, pop ups, zigs etc etc. Nothing like proving them wrong!
  12. I had one, yeah! To be fair, I've not had a bad winter, catching consistently and all following a similar pattern. Bait up with a few spods, have a fish or two early (sometimes even before I've got the second rod out). Not many other fish out over the winter, even though people have been fishing it. Maybe it's the boilie I use???? Lol the last session I had was my first fish of the season on a zig. The bites slowed up on the bait and a switch to the zigs scored. It's as good be been trying to get across over the last few threads - if your a one trick pony, your results will suffer. Time and place and all that!
  13. To get this back on track.......
  14. I've been playing football longer than Harry Kane has been alive. Why aren't I in the England team?
  15. and I don't fish Drayton because it's not 'my' type of water. By the way, it was barston (similar to Drayton) that we fished the semi final on and the lads that emptied it were all on boilie! It was mainly down to the draw on there though.