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  1. I would be doing my best to get 3 on it!!! Lol if I did manage it though, I would still be baiting one of the other spots heavily. With no lines on it, they may drift in after a couple of days and you could have it away at the end of the week.
  2. What would be on the shopping list for the majority of anglers if they were to win the lottery????? On my list would definitely be a lake or two.
  3. Make sure you come say hello on the nash stand mate. I’ll be on the zig side of the terminal tackle stand.
  4. They are fantastic shelters mate. So quick, light and strong. Free standing as well so if it’s pouring down, you can be under cover within a minute!!!
  5. Obvious one from me but have a look at the Nash Fluro link. The 15 would be fine but if you wanted that extra but of stiffness (the fluro link is quite supple) the 20lb is a great all rounder.
  6. The hide will take one but you would have much more space and coverage with the XL.
  7. Haha! We will only be selling TT and bait. We will have a shop next to us selling the larger items though. If you come and see me @Highy, I’ll take you over to them and do what I can to get you a decent price on a hide. They really are the perfect all round shelter. Days, nights, weekends, weeks.... will do them all. And only 44inches packed down and just 4.4kg. Mom our TT stand, we normally do a very good PVA package deal. £20 for a big selection of bags, tape and web.
  8. It’s fantastic and in the shops now. The whole idea behind it is so it won’t bang on the back of your legs when carrying it. Obviously, it needs to be lightweight to carry as well. The bait I take on a 12 hour overnighters weighs more than the bed chair!
  9. Have a look at the new scope ops gear for luggage and the four fold sleep system. Even dropping the rod length to 10fts will be a big difference. The whole scope concept is about being mobile, which means light and compact kit.
  10. I’ll be there on our stand all weekend. Just got back home from a weekend at the Brentwood show. It was absolute rammo all weekend. I have a feeling the NAS is going to be the same!!
  11. scopex squid or key cray hookbait kit. Very simple to use and all sorts of additives available to make them hi attract.
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