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  1. nigewoodcock

    Unhooking hooks

  2. nigewoodcock

    Kamakura hooks

    You could tie a couple of knots in the hair length. This will stop the baits from sliding apart.
  3. nigewoodcock

    Kamakura hooks

    If you are trimming the cultured baits, you may as well use standard baits as you would be removing the actual thing you pay more for, the cultured coating!! I never use glue.
  4. nigewoodcock

    Kamakura hooks

    Great bait and hookbaits. When mounting the cultured baits, don’t forget to cut a bit of the coating away for where the boilie stop sits. This will keep the stop tight to the bait when the outer layers disperse
  5. nigewoodcock

    Nash titan t1

  6. nigewoodcock

    Thought of the Day pt.2

    I’ll be there all weekend. Feel free to bring me over coffee (or beer)!!!
  7. nigewoodcock

    Flavour of the Week - Bait

    The 3 for 2 is only on the instant action range. The scopex squid is a more expensive bait. But yeah, on the 5kg price, it’s a real bargain.
  8. nigewoodcock

    Flavour of the Week - Bait

    You can get it from any stockist at £39.99 for a 5kg bag.
  9. nigewoodcock

    Nash titan t1

    You won’t be disappointed. Let us know what you think of it when you use it.
  10. nigewoodcock

    spomb question

    The trouble with casting in a high arch, for the spomb to open (it needs to land nose first), is that any sort of cross wind will have you dumping bait all over the shop. Before the dot spod came out, I would use a traditional spod if any wind as I am a bit ocd with making sure my baiting is spot on. With the dot spod, you can cast it and hit the clip the same as your ‘fishing’ rods. If you clip up to the distance with a spomb, you have to allow extra yardage because of the need to hit the clip so high up, allowing that nose dive. For me, the dot spod has answered all my questions.
  11. nigewoodcock

    Nash titan t1

  12. nigewoodcock

    Nash titan t1

    Swallows one mate
  13. nigewoodcock

    September catch results..........................

    Nice work mate.
  14. nigewoodcock

    September catch results..........................

    Awesome vik. Well in mate
  15. nigewoodcock

    Thought of the Day pt.2

    Sales manager x