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  1. nigewoodcock

    Rod Shots

  2. nigewoodcock

    June catch reports

  3. nigewoodcock

    June catch reports

    Pushed it through, had another fish, cut it at the shank, then pushed the rest out!! Lol you can see in the first two pictures that I have two rods left out fishing and then in the last pic, the fish in the net!!! Weird playing one with a rig hanging out your finger!!!
  4. nigewoodcock

    June catch reports

    I did late Friday till Saturday morning and managed four carp and a finger!!!!
  5. nigewoodcock

    Bait floss.

    We do a supple hair braid mate. It’s brilliant for ‘tying’ baits. https://nashtackle.co.uk/products/view/hair-braid
  6. nigewoodcock

    Would you rather........

    The spodicopter. Bart and kev Hewitt did a feature on it around 10 years ago.
  7. nigewoodcock

    A line from tonight's rerrun of Old Tricks.

    It’s definitely a big part of my life mate!
  8. nigewoodcock


    Read Yonnys advice! Essential part of my kit! Tripods are 1000’s times better than a bank stick. I use up to 3 external flashes but only for really special fish. I am generally happy with one external mounted on the camera. The in built will also be ok
  9. nigewoodcock

    Dwarf 10 foot 3 lb (Mk 2)

    Go into your local store and they can order you one. We’ve been really busy with limited staff this last week due to junior carp camp.
  10. nigewoodcock


    Look for a second hand canon 70d
  11. nigewoodcock

    May catch reports................

    Mick had one first light but that’s it today mate. Two for mick, Adam and Keith one each and my two.
  12. nigewoodcock

    May catch reports................

    Bit of both I think mate. Looking back through the lakes insta page, it always has a drop on its belly. Saying that though, it did seem pretty full.
  13. nigewoodcock

    May catch reports................

    I’m down in reading for a couple of nights and then straight up to horseshoe tomorrow with work for the junior carp camp. Had two so far with hopefully another chance early doors before I pack up.
  14. nigewoodcock

    May catch reports................

    Lol thats most people! “Never had anything on zigs mate” but only ever chucked a token one out and left it! It’s a very active way of fishing.
  15. nigewoodcock

    May catch reports................

    If I saw them near the surface, backs out or just under, I would start from the top down. But the best thing about adjustables is that you can cover all depths with one cast! If you were fishing a spot that was 10ft deep and tied a rig to be an inch or two under the surface, the next cast could land in a divot or on a lump, meaning you could be 6inch down or up from where you thought you were, or even a foot or two out! How many swims do you fish that are a dead level bottom! When I do fish fixed zigs, I always start at the longest I think the fish are. It’s easier to cut down than add on! As I say though, when it’s critical to be just below the surface, an adjustable is the only way to go to be sure. Even in shallow lakes.