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  1. Not that it makes any difference when it was shot. I was thinking more of the grass, brambles and nettles in the swim! Lol looks like an early autumn shot with the trees on the far bank just starting to turn.
  2. Just heard off a mate who lives down there. Will text you what he said..... your gonna be very excited!!!!
  3. All I know mate is that it runs very close to the Severn at quedgeley. The floods of 2007 may be your friend????? Cant wait to get down to the house warming!! oh, you also have what is one of the best syndicate lakes in the country just up the road from you!!!!! If I lived that close, I would be doing all I could to get a ticket.
  4. I think you must be the longest serving member on here Ian. I'm in my 10th year but you have 3 years on me!!!! Nick joined in 2005, yourself 2004! I came along in 2007.
  5. There was a lot of green still about in February last year then nick!! Lol
  6. It wasn't the fish I was after! Lol My company manufactures products that might benefit the new owners
  7. I could have stayed at home! The conditions are bang on for a fish and I've had & seen naff all!!!! Will stay on till morning and re-evaluate things. Was going to be down here most of tomorrow anyway doing some jobs.
  8. I was going to do some jobs around our fields that I've been putting off all winter this weekend. Then I saw the weather conditions and other variables and can't not be on the bank. So I'm off at first light for the day but may stop the night if it's looking good for a take!
  9. Where was your lake mate? Sounds like I could do a bit of business with the owners!
  10. My job as bailiff on my syndicate is made easy with our list of rules. It reads like this: if you need a list of rules, this isn't the lake for you!!!!
  11. I'm still here!
  12. 4 turn water knot
  13. That's one of the best things about the update steve. No need to use Tapatalk when on the bank as the forum is optimised for browsing from a phone or tablet automatically
  14. I can honestly say, after a season of use on the syndicate, they are the best hooks I've used. The holds you get are immense! I know a lot of that is down to rig machanics in the first place but seeing as I use the same 3 rigs for the majority of my angling (one of them a zig), this hasn't been a variable in my results.
  15. Lol. I'm not that far behind you!!!