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  1. What is your newest purchase

    Then a 25% discount on other items such as pellets, liquids, pop ups etc
  2. What is your newest purchase

    If anyone is after a bait deal today, ring up essential baits. Phone orders only. Boilies at £5.50 per kg. Awesome bait for an awesome price
  3. Thought for the day.

    Lol. You hero xx
  4. A lovely video to pass the time....

    I really enjoyed this video.
  5. Thought for the day.

    That answers non of my questions steve. Your going to have to spell it out for me. Monitoring the oxygen levels in a lake and reacting to them is one of the most important tasks on a lake. If you think that it’s only overstocked commercial waters that can suffer from depleted oxygen and know no other reason why the levels can crash in a lake, then this really shows you for what you truly are..... clueless!!!!!
  6. Thought for the day.

    Comical again steve! Lol so whats the stocking level in my lake then? And what’s the size of it? What other fish are present? What are the ‘oxygenating bubblers installed for? Tou really do have no idea. You talk about stirring and trying to get a reaction..... in the last few weeks, in almost every other post you have made, you have mentioned aerators being placed on overstocked, in natural venues. I know this was trying to get a reaction from me and I have resisted until now. i will make this statement again... the lake I run is older than any lake you have ever mentioned that you have fished. I can’t think of a more natural lake than one that was born in the ice age! Lol
  7. British Record

    Steve, it would really help if you quoted the posts you are replying to.
  8. British Record

    The bishop was full of spawn???
  9. Thought for the day.

    The latest carp cast with mark Bartlett, they confirm it on there too. Jamie even states that no one would believe him but they were just guessing and not doing any tests. Pretty much a replica of what went on during that last thread on here about it!! Lol
  10. The Cheating Thread

    Comical as always steve!
  11. The Cheating Thread

    As I’ve said a few times before steve, you can only live and fish in the era/times that you are born in. if all you look forward to in life is the past, you must lead a very sad one and I pitty you for that.
  12. Thought for the day.

    Apparently, the angler took a quick matt shot and returned it straight away. Its what I would have probably done in that situation. Then I started thinking about it and wonder if it should have been placed in a retainer and someone qualified in fish husbandary called to come out to see if anything could be done? What do you guys think, vik & yonny??
  13. Thought for the day.

    I’ve mentioned it before but will say it again... if you cast a marker float out and pop it up, again at say 20 wraps in 20ft (I use these figures because it’s what I tested it on) and then cast another marker float out, landing it bang on the first float; when you pop the second marker up, it will be around 7ft short of the first marker. This 7ft isn’t a guess from the bank either. I went out in the boat and looked at it side on, close up. the less distance you are fishing at, the more the effect of this seems to be. say you stood at the front of a swim with a 6ft deep margin straight off the bank. If you cast the lead out 6ft, how close to the bank would it be when it hit bottom???
  14. Thought for the day.

    If you cast your spod out and hit the marker float bang on, then clip up. When you count the wraps out, it will be less than the what the marker was clipped up at. The video proves this. So now let’s say you don’t use a marker rod. You clip your fishing rods up at say 20 wraps fishing in 12ft depth. If you clip your spod up to the same 20 wraps, you will be baiting up a good 4 or 5 ft past your rig. Again, the videos proves this, as when the marker and fishing rod are both clipped up the same, the fishing rod lead hits the water a good 6ft past where the lead ends up.
  15. Thought for the day.

    Of corse the lead is going to land at the same spot as the marker if you clip up the same. How can it not, other than the difference in materials, which is minimal. But if you clip up your spod to the same distance as the marker and the fishing rod, you will be baiting a fair way behind your hook bait. That’s what the discussion on here was about and that video proves it. You can clearly see the lead hitting the water a good 6ft past the marker. It then swings down and settles within the square. The video doesn’t disprove clipping up shorter for your spod, it ‘proves it’!