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  1. September Catch Reports

    Had a manic 2 hour spell this morning. Arrived at the lake late last night and got the rods out ready for the morning feed. Between 7 and 10am I had four out.
  2. Thought for the day.

    Few bubblers in the pads. I had two fish feeding in the margin down by the woods. By the time I got the rod and wound in the others, the rain and wind came and they did the off!!
  3. Thought for the day.

    My thoughts this morning are along the lines of..... the weather and conditions are bang on, the fish should be hanging themselves, why am I blanking!!!!!!! they certainly don't follow any rule book in here!
  4. Autumn come early?

    Been down in hay on wye all day today mate. Some cracking looking stretches and runs down there
  5. Autumn come early?

    I woke up to two foot of snow in march a few years back!!!
  6. Help for my young carper son, Matthew

    Playing devils advocate and admittedly having no experience or vast knowledge of these (I will use cybroxs term here because I quite like it) abilities. As a parent, are you setting yourself and or your child up for a fall by entering them in such a competition? If failure can cause such angst, to the point where 'he/she has to win', would it not be best to not enter in the first place? This is no dig or nasty comment on the original poster, just an honest question from someone, who like I say, has no real understanding of the 'abilities'. I dislike these sort of competitions too Jon. I once entered a photography one on Facebook - not fishing related. After posting the link asking for 'likes', I thought to myself "what the hell are you doing". I generally just scroll past them posts and there I was actually posting one!!! What a hypocrite!!! Sad thing is, I almost won it and with very little help from people who I had 'pushed' to like it!!!
  7. September Catch Reports

    Some cracking results on here lads. Well done to you all.
  8. September Catch Reports

    That dealership you went to doesn't employ jamie, alex and tom does it?????
  9. Thought for the day.

    I fished bank holiday weekend on my lake. I was the only one on!!!!
  10. Bailiffs

    I have two. Just don't do long enough sessions to use them. There is enough cover in the majority of swims for day sessions and a night.
  11. Bailiffs

    I would have had a quiet word if it was my lake. Then monitor the angler with a bit more of a beady eye! Min that situation, if the fish are close in as they do get on my lake, I would probably use a screen net to hide any bankside movement.
  12. Rod Shots

    Ha! Cheers matey. My technique is simple.... through enough poop and some will stick!!!
  13. View from your bivvy door.

    Shooting star from last night
  14. August Catch Reports

  15. August Catch Reports

    Managed to get more than a night in at the lake for the first time since may. Trapped my fingers in the car door, fell out of a tree watching some carp feed on a margin spot I've been baiting and almost snapped a rod on one of the 3 swim moves! All came good in the end though with 3 fish. I certainly had to work for them mind!