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  1. the best reel for a scope rod, Is a scope reel. In the case of a 6ft rod, the GT4000 is the perfect match.
  2. I’ve only just seen this too. Read back through but can’t see any posts? Perhaps they have been deleted?
  3. I had a busy lockdown period. Lots of building work at home, lots of work and maintenance down the lake and also tried getting to grips with filming and editing. Once lockdown ended, I managed to get out for a few short trips which gave me chance to flip the switch on the camera to video mode. Here’s the outcome of the two trips that I filmed.
  4. Have you priced up the difference between buying ready made helicopter leaders and buying the components separately? I’m sure I saw a mate post on Facebook that he was better off financially, buying the ready made kits when you pro rata the cost. He uses Korda ones.
  5. Shorter rods also have the bonus of being, well, shorter! Much easier to walk round a lake baiting a few spots and dropping in if the chance arises. I use 9fts in the main but love getting in right with my 6ft’s. They also take up less space on the barrow, in the boat and also the van/car. I like to keep my kit down to an absolute minimum. Most of my fishing is now done with 10ft rods. I’m good for up to the 100/110yards with them, maybe a touch more if I didn’t need to be as accurate. I haven’t used my 12ft torrix rods for around 18months now. That includes fish lakes such as horseshoe.
  6. I’m finally doing the ensuite and dressing room which has been bare block work for over two years!!!
  7. I’ve not posted any of my catches up for a while. One of the fish I really wanted from the lake.....
  8. Lead clips also allow you to switch to and from zigs very quickly.
  9. 3 times, as he done it with both rods, then rewrapped one again before he twigged I think!! 😂
  10. As long as you don’t drop the lead!!
  11. Are you going to the northern angling show mark? If so, pop over to our stand and I’ll talk you through all the benifits of the bushwhacker. It’s so different than anything else on the market and in my honest opinion, so much better.
  12. I’m not sure what jp use to sharpen but he does thousands of them so would make sense to use something mechanical? I very rarely use any other rig than a multi rig. A lot of this is down to presentation, but you get the added benefit of being able to change the hook quickly. The sharper the hook, the quicker it blunts, as you well know. Some of the hooks out of the packet now are crazily sharp. Kamakura’s and pinpoints for example. I can now give them a quick touch on the doctor if they come in not 100% and I’m away fishing again. I haven’t fished a session longer than 4 hours since Sept
  13. It’s way easier than to get consistent results with very little practice. You have much more control over hand movement as the ‘file’ is in a fixed position rather than in your other hand. The vice is designed so that you can just touch the hook onto the stone with great control. You don’t have to worry about keeping it on plane. A second on the back of the point is all that’s needed but you can touch up the two sides. The only real worry is overdoing it. Less is more and all that!
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