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  1. April catch reports.............

    Nicely done emmcee.
  2. April catch reports.............

    Haha! He said he wanted some antlers on in the photo!
  3. April catch reports.............

    8 bites, landing 5 of them in the last 24hours. That’s as many fish that the lake has done since November! Mega happy with that little session. Even managed to get one whilst the boy was with me for a couple of hours
  4. N Trap Semi Stiff

  5. N Trap Semi Stiff

    It will be hitting the shops imminently mate.
  6. N Trap Semi Stiff

    I know it might sound as if I am being biased but have a look at the new SkinLink from Nash. It’s the best coated braid I have ever used. My main two gripes with coated braids is that they are slightly buoyant and that the coating breaks when knotting or passing a loop through the eye of a hook of you use a multi rig like I do for all of my fishing except zigs. This is some serious stuff!

    That’s me also!
  8. Does hemp go off??

    Can’t sorry mate, got a cheese and wine to go to!!!!
  9. Rucksack what one?

    That’s the one I would go for. They also do a cube rucksack that also fits what you describe in your requirements.
  10. April catch reports.............

    Nicely done.
  11. Keep us updated frank. If the suspects who I think might be attending, it will be a right good week
  12. March catch reports.......................

    The very one crusian.
  13. March catch reports.......................

    Haha! Cheers.. I think!! 😃
  14. March catch reports.......................

    The lake has finally given up one of its residents!
  15. Bottom turning

    Just to add; the reason I fish those spots in Winter is that o have had good results from them the last two years. Something was amiss this winter though.