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  1. Managed to grab an overnighter last night. Had to be home for 8am this morning. So happy when this one came along at 5.30am. lost one on dark after an hour of getting the rods in, then had around 10 or 11 tench in between!!
  2. If that's the case, I would be asking to take a long lease on the lake and running it myself. No hassle for the estate and the grounds get kept in shape for them. All liability insurances taken out by the lease owners. Might be the proposistion he's looking for???
  3. If he is so caught up in health and safety, worrying of being hit financially if something went wrong; plant the idea in his head that one of those trees could have fallen on a member sitting under his brolly. Then add in the fact that it is documented that concerns have been raised to the estate previously. That should get his aris twitching enough to listen to suggestions of pollarding and preventing further falls. Whilst that works being done, it's as good a time as any to remove trees already fallen.
  4. There's a bait company posting it all over Facebook at the minute!! Lol
  5. Haha! *holds hands up!
  6. You get a tighter grip, which means more ingress, with forceps. But saying that, if you get thaumatin on your fingers, you can taste it for days later. A really intense sweet taste. Quite nice actually!!!
  7. Don't do too bad on it. I still coat with the liquid food and powder in the colder months but don't use the oil for obvious reasons. I add in a low oil pellet that's the same attractor package as the bait though, replacing halve of the boilie content. Had some really quick fish these last few winters doing that.
  8. I add hemp oil to my particle and my boilies before dosing them in liquid food, then powder. The reason I do this is that the oils can rise in the water column, taking with it the food signals from the liquids and powders. On a zig, I want the flavour/attraction to be more localised as I'm not trying to pull/entice them down to a big bed of bait. Soaking them works a treat. I forgot to mention that when I top them up with a spray, they are held in the forceps (pretty much the same as phil) and released once coated in spray to pull in the liquid.
  9. Have a look on the essential baits website. They now produce a thaumatin spray which is awesome on zigs. I used to make my own up with a watered down version of the neat product. I still keep all my foam and plastic baits in this solution and top up with the spray before every cast. I truely believe that it brings a quicker response rate than when fishing without. But the main thing to get right is the location and depth of where you're fishing the zig.
  10. Steve, your no more a serious angler than I am! I'm happy with my catch rate ta, through all seasons and not just the warmer months on a runs water. Keep chucking the little digs in mate, I'm not a sensitive soul. No wonder the forum is so quiet. I thought I would get involved in a discussion for the first time in a while and you turn it into a biggest rod competition as normal. You protray to be all this and all that but the fact is, a couple of new members have turned up on your lake and have had big hits off what they themselves admit is an easy lake. Yet you seem to always struggle on there???? Maybe it's you who should listen to the more serious angler!!! Lol
  11. Sometimes it will pay off to fish only one or the other. That's the best way to stay catching consistently, not being a one trick pony and being open minded about the approach!
  12. I've had a 4lb eel when fishing corn over groundbait and corn carpet feed whilst bream fishing on the meres around 25 years ago. I know your views on mixing boilie and particle steve but believe me, it really does work. That's on different waters too. Gravel pits like horseshoe, the massive shropshire meres (and the smaller ones), also on estate lakes. Had some decent winter results down the years fishing over boilie and corn but my preferred mix is hemp and boilie. Sometimes I will add a bit of pellet in with it too. A few of the lads know how I bait with boilies and have been doing so for around 5 or 6 years now (I've posted it on here a few times over the years). I saw a post on Facebook by a bait company the other day who were showing a very similar method saying it was a new edge!!
  13. I get it on my lake quite often steve. Sat there so frustrated with my baits right under the bubbles. Get a few liners and twitches every now and then. Eels has been the outcome a fair few times. When I think it is carp, I reckon that they are feeding right down in the silt on bloodworm or the like and getting a take on our baits when they are that pre occupied is always going to be a struggle. every day is different though!
  14. I can't remember the last time I used a bottom bait on the hook! Always a low pop up, be that over boilie, particle or a mix.