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  1. nigewoodcock

    Rotary (Lead systems)

    I’m still in France at the minute but I will try and get something together when I get back. If anyone else wants to continue it for now, go ahead x
  2. nigewoodcock

    Bait "sprays".......your thoughts???

    I use sprays on my hookbaits, namely pop ups. I keep topping them up and letting them dry in the pot before repeating. I fish silty meres mainly and I want the hookbaits to have absorbed all they can before going out. This should help them becoming tainted by the silt. My zig baits are kept in a solution of neat thaumatin b mixed with water, 50:50. These still have that sweet taste even after being out for over 24 hours. I dont beleive they are a gimmick, if used in a benificial way😘
  3. nigewoodcock

    Flavour of the Week - Shelters

    I know I will sound biased, but for £199, the Titan hide covers everything I want from a shelter. Lightweight (4.4kg), fast to put up (under a minute), super strong and solid as a rock, loads of room both height and ground space for such a small footprint, packs down to 44inch, no need for storm poles. Can add an overwrap, groundsheet, waterproof front or mozzie front. Its a brolly that thinks it’s a bivvy or if you’re the othe way, it’s a bivvy that thinks it’s a brolly!
  4. nigewoodcock

    Thought of the Day pt.2

    No mate. Just the s5R’s
  5. nigewoodcock

    July Catch Reports

    Get on yonny, get right on!!!!!! Great stuff mate
  6. nigewoodcock

    July Catch Reports

    Nice one @Gazlaaar
  7. nigewoodcock

    Fish condition / overall health

  8. nigewoodcock

    Which Boilie?

    And you get the bonus of free pop ups in every bag of the instant action range.
  9. nigewoodcock

    Which Boilie?

    From what you describe, go with the candy nut crush. It’s a very good instant bait. Exactly what it was formulated for! With the 3 for 2 offer, it’s a great buy and you can mix in another flavour to cover more bases. Strawberry crush and candy nut go brilliantly together. 2 candy to 1 strawberry
  10. nigewoodcock

    July Catch Reports

    Nicely done boys
  11. nigewoodcock

    July Catch Reports

    Three from a 12 hour ‘overnight’ session after the football on Saturday.
  12. nigewoodcock

    multi rig questions

    Did you pick them up from Widnes stevo?
  13. nigewoodcock

    How many

    Situation dependant, but my favourite ways of fishing is like I do at horseshoe. 3 rods all on one tightly baited spot.
  14. nigewoodcock

    Which rig?

    I use 2 rigs for 99% of my fishing. A multi rig for pop ups and a zig rig. I haven’t fished a bottom bait for years. The way I fish a multi is so that the hook is just turned up, with the eye pretty much on the deck. I will sometimes use a stiff hinge or chod if the situation requires it, but that’s quite rare at the moment. I have played about with a gyro rig just lately and had a few fish on it. It sits pretty much the same as my multi rig though.
  15. nigewoodcock

    Nash Fang Gyro

    And thus limiting the hook for use in that one way😉