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  1. nigewoodcock

    Your favourite capture

    Horrid mate.
  2. nigewoodcock

    January catch reports

    Haha. That’s what I was getting at but in a slightly less blunt way! Lol 😂
  3. nigewoodcock

    January catch reports

    Honestly??? That’s one hell of a day trip mate!!!
  4. nigewoodcock

    January catch reports

    It’s a canon 6d
  5. nigewoodcock

    January catch reports

    Best of luck with the new lake mate. It really does make a difference keeping in touch with the lake.
  6. nigewoodcock

    January catch reports

    No mate. I’ve not been able to fish much of late. This was only my second trip since the start of November, both being short day/morning sessions. I still try to visit the lake as often as possible, even when I don’t have time to fish, searching for them and keeping up with their movements. This allows me to put a bit of bait in places where I think the fish may be. It’s like I’m fishing without actually fishing. Then, when I do get an hour or two spare, I can try and time it with the time of day I’ve seen feeding activity, making more efficient use of the limited rod hours I get.
  7. nigewoodcock

    January catch reports

    Went out for a few hours this morning. The lake hasn’t done a bite since September 13th so was up against it with the little time I had available. The trip was really just to scratch the itch and get out the house for a bit and take advantage of these double figure temps. Looks like I’ve found their new Winter holding spot after the last area I was catching from had dried up!
  8. nigewoodcock

    What is your newest purchase

    The scopex squid syrup really compliments the candy nut crush. It has chopped bits of tigers in there too.
  9. nigewoodcock

    Your favourite capture

    Love it kev
  10. nigewoodcock

    Cork Handle Butt Grips

    The lads who have cork scopes use our butt locks. They are awesome for corks
  11. nigewoodcock

    Your favourite capture

    I think this one is the smallest I have had out of my lake but it is definitely one of my favourite pictures
  12. nigewoodcock

    Your favourite capture

    A few more
  13. nigewoodcock

    Your favourite capture

    So, when you book out churn pool, you can have the use of the lodge on the site. The lake is set out in a way that you can cover the whole lake from 4 swims. Each of which is close enough to the lodge to fish from safely. The lodge itself has two sets of sliding full glass doors looking out to the lake. When sat in there of an evening, we generally keep the doors open unless it’s really cold, with our receivers by the doors waiting to alert us of any action. Micks screamed off one evening and as he ran out at full pace, he slid the door, thinking he was opening it when in reality, he closed it on himself and smashed straight into the glass, nose first!!!!! phil and I were literally rolling around on the floor in uncontrollable laughter. It was one of those had to be there moments but I still wet myself when ever I think about it!!
  14. nigewoodcock

    Your favourite capture

    I know you weren’t matey.
  15. nigewoodcock

    Your favourite capture

    This fish was just the icing on the cake to the funniest thing I have ever seen whilst fishing.