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  1. Yep, you have a choice as you say. Now there is an option that you can choose, if you so wish, that allows you to buy from the same shop that you are in when purchasing the rest of your tackle. One that has been tweaked to suit the angler rather than the carpenter for various reasons like ergonomics in use, fitting in your tackle box, colour coded to tie in with the rest of your rig tools etc etc. Yet companies are taking the mickey out of anglers for offering this🤷‍♂️. People who will find use for items like the bore tool may buy one. Some people who might not have thought of using said tool may buy a similar item from a hardware store. Some people may have had one for years, like yourself, who might not have utilised it in their mounting of baits and now will. Some people may not see the need for one in their angling and not purchase one. And some people may have better things to do in their lives than carry on an argument over something so minuscule as a rig tool for the sake of trying to have the last word🤦‍♂️
  2. Nick, yes, I would rather pay the extra £1.50, for the reasons I have explained. Larger handle, larger torque, nothing to do with the size of the hand holding it!! You don’t see a screwdriver for use on say a watch or jewellery with a big handle like that on a large slotted driver you would use to screw in the screws on a door hinge. Or are you saying all jewellers have baby hands?
  3. Yes, I work for nash but I try to stay away from being biased on here, especially with my title of a moderator. The thoughts I have put down in this thread, and any others, are my own and would be the same if I worked for said company or not. As you will have read, it’s a general point I’m trying to get across, hence the aqua tray comments. that point being - yes, you can buy similar items to some products from outside of the tackle brands, but they probably haven’t been tinkered with, or developed for a nicer sounding word, to suit the angler. Handles on the bore tool, eva tray on the aqua product etc. Another thing to take into account when saying something is a pound cheaper (carp tax as some like to put it), a tool company like rolson (who are a budget brand by the way and coming from a construction background, I wouldn’t use their products), is that they would be buying/selling on a scale of probably 100,000 times more than a fishing manufacturer😉
  4. Never said you did mate. Should have quoted as to not imply that xx
  5. Honestly mate, the nash one. £1.50 for it to fit into my tackle box and have an ergonomic, smaller handle than the large rolson one. The rolson one is designed to cut into timber, hence the larger handle. The nash one, suited more for cutting into boilies.
  6. I don’t fish snowman rigs, 99% of my fishing is multi rigs or zigs. However, if I was to use a snowman, I would use this tool to house the pop up into the bottom bait. Especially if using bait screws. Neatness is a big part of my fishing and I am anal about how my rigs look. They have to be just right. Does it matter? Who knows but what it does give me is confidence, and that alone is worth the extra bit of care taken when tying rigs up.
  7. As for the claim that people are being scammed!!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂
  8. It makes a snowman really neat, without breaking the seal on the pop up by slicing the bottom off. It also allows the bait screw to go further into the pop up if using one, with less risk of it ‘rocking’ off due to it being housed in the bottom bait. yeah, you could go out and buy a countersink as suggested in the link previously on this thread. They are around the same price but the handles are bigger since won’t sit neatly in your box with the rest of your rig tools. Some people just like to trash a product, no matter what it is. Take the aqua tray for instance. Saying that you can buy one from Argos is a bit of a joke! The similar items you can get from there will not stand up to life on the bank. Yes, they might be from a similar concept, but they aren’t designed for use outdoors etc.
  9. I don’t think aqua have taken an Argos lap tray and just put a badge on it though???
  10. That’s the thing mate..... speak to someone who has actually used them and had experience of them😎
  11. Nike make trainers that sell for over £100. Primary sell trainers for a fiver. Buy what you want, or don’t. It’s that simple.
  12. You can buy inline lead inserts 😎
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