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  1. As you say, all forms of dropping leads on the lakes bed is irresponsible, this has gone on for far toooooooooooooo long. As for the price, I could NOT afford to eject any of my leads. Even if they are made from any other man made material, none of us know what will be the long time effect. I think I might invest in a set of divers equipment, then I could collect enough leads to finance my fishing for the foreseeable future, and some! I think I would have to do it in many stages as the collective weight would be massive. Perhaps I could take up underwater fishing! javascri
  2. Hold the fish away from your body, they always look a bit bigger! Get the camera below the fish if possible.
  3. It is only been a few years that we have had a unhooking mat at all! It was always best to find a nice piece of grass to unhook on. I'm not condoning it, just saying that for many, many years we unhooked our fish without mats, it can be done! I do have a very nice padded mat myself these days.
  4. Been checked about a half dozen times in forty years,............but I was checked last year when he caught 5 people with no licence, he stopped them fishing and reported them via a mobile phone instantly, then warned them that if they were caught again, they would have ALL their equipment confiscated. It no good saying its at home as they check the records via his mobile.
  5. I've never piled bait in, a few capfull of pellet/chopped/whole boilies, to begin with and after a catch! This perhaps comes from hand rolling in the old days, could/would not waste them after spending the severals hours rolling the evening before. I would use about a hundred hand rolled baits a day! When the particle's arrived, they were much cheaper and considerably smaller, so more would be used.
  6. Hi All, Just wondered if anyone has fished Abbey Lakes in France recently, if so what tips on bait etc. as my son is going in the next week or so, I think its on Heron Lake, so any help would be very useful indeed. Long way to go to experiment. Thanks in advance
  7. I prefer bankstick's as you can direct the rod straight towards the target area, but as you have all said, if the banks made of concrete or just like it there's no other way than to have a pod, (just got a Fox x-pod!), Secondly, I like to fish the margins with one rod to the right and one to the left of the swim, that makes using the pod difficult. But still, I'm now experimenting with slack lines, so maybe it will be ok. Any Thoughts!!!
  8. Fresh brewed Tea, nothing better, especially winter time. :p
  9. Hi to you Shugga, I think i have decided on the jrc. STi quick erection bivvy, it looks like the ticket for me, can get for £175 to £200, its all in, no extras to buy at all:cool: easy and quick to put up, dont know how much it weighs, perhaps someone call tell me! would like to see it in the shop, put up, can get a better idea if you see it erected.
  10. any idea what you are/would expect to pay 4 the jrc sti bivvy, it looks the business to me too. book cost ive seen is £199 for one man type.
  11. I require a shelter about now too, mine too heavy with a brolly and bivvy, I have been trying to decide which one to go for, as yet still not sure, 6 of one half dozen of other, my thoughts at the moment are Daiwa 2 person bivvy, 95 squids or fox easy dome 190 squids, not easy to find out the total weight of each. :confused:
  12. I am against sacking full stop, although there must be an occasion when you would like to sack, this must be a very very rare case that there is not someone you can get to help within a very short time, say 1hour
  13. I would prefer surface fishing if it was a bit more rewarding, they always take all the other baits except mine, and when they do its very rare to connect, anyone have some pointers, what kind of setup with some details. I have used controller and inline bubble, but not sure how to attach them correctly, size of hook, how to keep the line floating between contoller and hook etc. etc.
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