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  1. btw im not a complete muppet its just that i like float fishing...
  2. hi, i have a question, thats pretty basic...on monday i am gonna try ledgering for river carp (or barbel, tench - anything but them bloody roach) , trouble is my tackle is basic; ie. i have two 9 ft rods (not sea fishing rods but defifinate not "quiver tips!!), im gonna peg a couple of bells to the end of my rods as bite detectors. Hmmmm, youre thinking Anyway my first question is this: should i point my rod at the spot im fishing or keep a strong angle so the rod swings round? also, im in a little bit of confusion over another aspect of carp fishing with 3 or 4 rods... do you cast them all out to the same placeh, i cant tell from the pics whats happening there with the lines, or are you generally using one rod for the middle 1 for the margin, and baiting 3 or 4 different spots.... i dunno! appreciate any comments and help, thankyou.
  3. hi, common caught are caught there but in Denmark there are arent many Course or Carp fishermen, they prefer lures and fly fishing. And i think i saw a carp swim past the other evening. looked big too!
  4. hi im pre baiting with groundbait and sweetcorm too, about 1 kg a day, why every other day as appose to every day? also, is it ok to be bait the length of the margin of river or say, a couple of dustbin lid spots along the pegs stretch, ( baring in mind its unfished!!!) appreciate the help.
  5. hi, i want to make my first hair rig and home made boilies! ive found out how to tie the knots and make the boilies but im wondering what size hook to use for boilies that are approx 15 mmm... Also, the (almost) unfished river ive been fishing is 'infected with roach' (taking 5 pieces of corn on a size 8 hook all day, thats why i want to make boilies) should i stilll be prebaiting this area for carp? how many boilies do you use when prebaiting and do you use less on the day you fish? many thanks
  6. hi and thanks for the replies. i went back to the spot on the river y'evening and again caught big roach not stop until it got too dark again on size 8 hook and 5 pieces of corn, float fishing the water went smooth as it got darker and then i saw something that took my breath away. i saw 2 fins gliding effortlessly down the middle of the river. i froze!! im sure it was a big carp. it cruised with the drift of the current. i questioned, maybe it was a log or dead dog, but no, it took a sharp left turn to the bank just past the reeds (and myswim).... i got a shock and twisted my line and everything!!! im sure it was very big. it was like when jaws circles the boat for me. it was eary, almost frightening... i realised just from seeing this that i had waisted the last 15 years of my life by not fishing. i hadnt even caught it. powerfull creatures! the biggest fish i caught was an 8lb carp. small by todays standards but i was a kid.
  7. hi, im wondering if im wasting my time float fishing the for river carp.( its on The Guden River, Denmark )- theres so many features i dont know where to start... ive seen fish movement on the top but i dont know if its carp... ive pre baited for 3days with a half kg sweetcorn and breadcrumb groundbait ... theres canoes but its generally very quiet river and no course fisherman about... The fish arent hook shy. Im using size 8 hook with 5 pieces of corn and am catching roach all day-which isnt what im there for!!! shall i upsize to 6 hook and use more corn I dont have much gear yet as im getting back into fishing after 15 years and i like float fishing... basically, am i flogging a dead horse do you think??? cheers
  8. hi, Im new the forum and have recently moved to denmark, im hoping to find afew decent little places to fish both in lakes and on the river (Guden River fx). I live in the Aarhus - Randers area if it rings any bells After a quick glance at the forum i never noticed anything about carp fishing in denmark, is there a reason!!! im not even sure if coarse fishing is popular, tackle shops are like sea front gift shops, hehe cheers.
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