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  1. OK, so I'm coveting 3 used Daiwa Tournament Entoh 5500 with spare spools and look in great condition. Priced at £350 ono Should I, shouldn't I?????? Yes I'm well aware these are not Wychwood's and considerably more than what I was looking at paying, but I've wasted enough time on trying to find some reels that I need to make a decision as it's probably costing me more in wasted time!!!
  2. Thanks guys, looks a little more promising for the Exorcists.
  3. Thanks Newmarket (see I did thank you lol) So there are mixed views on the Wychwoods, damn it, why is nothing ever straight forward! I'm OK with used, provided they are mint condition. I'm a bit OCD like that and take care of my stuff (you wouldn't think my 20+ year old GT 6010's were anything but new). Trouble is, when you are looking at used, there is a massive array of reels to consider and everyone seems to have a different view on which ones, bit of a nightmare really. I've seen the QD conversion video (spring removal) and whilst I would prefer baitrunners/freespool etc, I guess I could live without it for the right quality reels. What is your recommendation Newmarket? Cheers.
  4. OK, that's interesting as I'd not come across complaints of that nature in the reviews I'd seen. Are yours older versions, as apparently there is a marked difference between newer Wychwood's and one of a couple years ago? Cheers.
  5. Hi, not being super wealthy or a complete tackle tart, I'm looking for some big pit's with freespool/baitrunner and the Wychwood Riots/Exorcist's seem to have some pretty decent reviews and at £55 ea are very reasonable. I don't care for big names for the sake of it, I'm fishing not in a fashion show, but believe in buying decent quality; buy once and the right tool for the job if you catch my drift. So am I likely to regret getting three of these?
  6. Ahem, I also confess to getting two TF Gear Power Spod Reels on the same order, cough, cough! Actually, they seem fine. On close inspection you can tell that they are budget and see where they have saved some money, but it doesn't appear to be in the places that matter! On first impressions I'm actually quite impressed! I'll have to update this or do a review of the rods and reels, when I've actually used them. Soon I hope!
  7. I have no doubt that most retailers use devious and sharp means to make their wares appear more attractive. However, when you have two competing lines, pitched at different price points, you can fairly deduce that, whilst the RRP's might not reflect a true worth, the price points are correct and that the higher priced item is so due to a higher wholesale/manufacture cost, which generally reflects a higher quality product. I opted for the Delta XS in the end, having read a number of reviews stating that they were very good and well worth the money. I also notice that some e-tailers are still selling them at the, or close to, the full RRP. At £30 a piece, I'm confident I've got a bargain! But time will tell. (They also come with a lifetime guarantee oh and did I mention they are only £30 each lol) Also, I'm happy to take recommendations from Dave Lane & Matt Hayes. Having said that, I cursed a TF Gear Force 2 Man Bivvy the first Season that I used it, as I never found it as easy to erect as the viseo suggested, but then I found out how to do it properly and it was dead easy lol. Anyway, my Delta XS have jus arrived and I'm eager to get into them. I will certainly give my view on them once I've had a pop at them.
  8. Fair play, but they are out of the same stable as the Banshee's the RRP for the Banshee was £59.99 before they did the BOGOF at £69.99. The Delta XS £99.99 RRP down to £29.99 Now I know that RRP's are bull, but you would assume that TF Gear were pricing them in their respective price brackets respectively? Well you would think so!?! Yup, definitely confused now I'm never going to make my mind up arrggghhhhhhhh!
  9. Now then, I've just spotted the very nice looking Delta XS Spod at £29.99, surely these have to be the bargain of the century! Save £70 each! Very tempted to get two of these unless there is a good reason not to?!?!?
  10. Ahhh, I can see now, Banshee spod 4.75 & marker 3.5 Yeah, 3.5lb might be a tad soft for distance on the marker. Mind you, I'm not planning on fishing any very large waters this year. But I think I would like 4.75 - 5lb TC on the Marker. So maybe get two spods and put my own 1ft/2ft marks on!
  11. Thanks blanksalot, great info. The used Chub ones aren't looking so good now lol
  12. blanksalot, I take it TF Gear Project X's are considered better than the Banshee's then?
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