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  1. Your question is a bit vague mate. What properties are you looking for? What is it you think the best coated braid offers?
  2. zander1

    poly bags

    I think Gnorty is Karl Pilkington in disguise
  3. Good observation, I thought Chris had untangled it a bit to take the photo, I never even thought But still, that lead is never coming off that clip
  4. Yet another tethered fish on the lead clip- safest way of fishing They are my least favorite way of mounting a lead. Some of you guys say its down to education, I don’t think it is. I think it’s because people want to use the clip but they don’t want to loose the lead when they catch. They know how it’s meant to work but then "adapt" it to suit them If you don’t want to loose the lead don’t use a lead clip!!!!
  5. I have had the original cyfish + since its release and for the price I can not fault it. It isn’t quite the same as a top end, vented, Aqua bivvy but it is damn good value for money. Its rock solid, very adaptable to different situations, it even makes a good day shelter if you remove the zip off sections and don’t bother taking the ground sheet. Go for it lad
  6. Awesome I have done a fair bit of snag fishing myself, however nothing quite like that. Rig wise; do you mind loosing the lead every time you get a run?? If you do not, I would seriously advise a lead dumping setup, especially based upon those photos. But... (now I know I am going to get frowned upon for saying this) I find inline leads to be more suitable when snag fishing if you want to retain the lead and avoid the snags. I have several reasons for this, the main one being the fact that I got snagged up less with inline leads in comparison to swivel style leads. In clear water though, I use a swivel lead set-up nearly 100% of the time. I can only assume that this was because the lead was not able to catch snags as easily due to it being constantly in line of the mainline. There were very few ways in which the lead could get caught in a snag whilst playing the fish so more often than not I could drag fish out of snags without getting the rig jammed. To give the lead more chance of coming off the leader in the event of break, I removed the insert and used a rubber bead to just about grip the lead by the hook link swivel. This also has many advantages in just general hooking terms when you think about it and I used this as standard when ever using inline leads. Obviously its game over if the line gets caught up in the snags but that is when 15lb Daiwa sensor and heavy duty leaders come into their own. I also find that fluorocarbon is more resistant to damage than people give it credit for. Tackle wise, I used my 2.75lb tc Fox rangers for doing so as opposed to by Chub vantages of the same test due to the rod being of a more forgiving nature allowing me to give the carp far less line. Although the Vantage has the stiffer action allowing more pressure to be more readily applied to the fish in the fight it would inevitably lead to more hook pulls in a "hit and hold" situation. I also fished as near to locked up as possible and at as shorter range I could get away with. Pretty basic commonsense really. I did not however fish tight lines. This may seem bizarre but I find that on a tight line the carp will often ark after feeling the drag of the line as it runs after initially being hooked, more often than not finding a snag before the rod has really had chance to rattle off. Using a slacker line (obviously not fully slack as that would be close on insane) I found the carp would not arc as soon, possibly because it could not as instantly feel the direction of which the mainline is and therefore would not be able to arc away from the pressure as quickly, giving a more obvious run and a second or so more to connect with the fish. Does that make sense or am I talking drivel?? Hope something in there gives you an idea, Good luck fella!
  7. Id rather be cold or wet than blank tbh
  8. Personally, the hook and hook link material dictate wether I need to use shrink tubing.
  9. I will never use a rig tied by anyone or anything else. In my opinion you cant buy a rig that’s perfectly suited to your fishing unless you change your fishing to suit the shop brought rig- that to me isn’t an option - its pretty lazy. I do however understand that some people need to use shop brought rigs and im not having a dig at those of you that do In some cases shop brought rigs are better due to personal rig tying ability (i.e eye sight, illness, etc).
  10. Mate, it’s just something to talk about And if you hadn’t noticed some of my original post was in jest, however people are entitled to fish they like. As for being worried, other than taking pride in my persons appearance and cleanliness, I’m not that bothered tbh. Now I must go buy a chub rucksack as my camouflage one doesn’t match my gear- and I absolutely must spend over £100 on it to make sure it will catch me more fish Oh, and sorry about spelling a word wrong, us uni students are terrible Edit: Sorry- Just read your last post, it seemed like a personal dig at me but if it wasn’t then I apologize for my retort. Zed's
  11. zander1

    Strong Hooks

    Good hooks- £1 toooo expensive for me tho I got them out of the bargain bucket of my local tackle shop...£1 a pack Result. Quality! another good reason to use big hooks
  12. I agree Cobleyn. Problem is there are just so many variables; nothing can really be right or wrong everywhere 100% time. How often do you take what the mags say as gospel anyway??? I bet the mags do subliminally affect your fishing though
  13. zander1

    Strong Hooks

    Good hooks- £1 toooo expensive for me tho
  14. zander1

    gravel rigs

    Get a feel for the lake bed by leading about or by using a marker mate. You could find more weed and silt than there is gravel- you never know If the water is gin clear and im fishing over gravel I tend to tie a fluro combi rig up with a beaked point hook, but tbh im using coated braids for pretty much all my fishing again now. One less knot in the setup is better than absolute invisibility in my eyes just as long as its all pinned down nicely. Of late ive been using suffix camfusion pretty much everywhere as im that confident with the stuff. people get put off by how dark it looks but don’t be, it blends in pretty much everywhere. Obviously its perfect in the silty areas but it doesn’t look half bad on clay or gravel. It often blends in better than my "gravel brown" hooklinks Have a look at the suffix camfusion, sheath skin or heavy skin mate. Very reliable and won’t break the bank Hope I could help mate
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