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  1. sucks to be you poms:P its been over 23degrees everyday
  2. in front of me out of frame
  3. naa no flow its a lake we believe it has just spawned and lost a bit of weight we thought in spawn it could have been 18lb annd with the shoulders on it it is capable of getting over 20
  4. the weather wasnt that great to start with very windy and choppy before it got to bad we got the baitboat out there it was like for about 4hrs then it just backed off and the sun came out then had one lil bleep then a screaming run
  5. Went fishing with carpkernel and caught my fist big carp 16lb 3oz common. It went well and made several hard runs but after a 10-20min fight she came over the net. i was stoked it was as we put away all the smaller stuff all we had was chairs, pod and rods great day on teh water tight lines people
  6. hey guys has twotone been caught lately? cheers MarkD
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