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  1. 5 grains of normal corn on the hair topped with a bouyant one.... i use boilies and corn but have allways had superb results with corn, 3 in half an hour on the same rod last sunday too, and they were spawning!
  2. Just to add interest to the issue i did a test. fox warrior 2 and three qtr test rod and diawa sensor mono. i used fox digi scales, the maximim pressure i could put on the line... 7lb ! that was giving it my all into the rod, any more and the rod would have bust!
  3. i went in the woods this weekend.... poo'd down a fox hole.
  4. just had three days off between jobs this week, and wasnt allowed to go , i did get last fri-sat-sunday though... champing at the bit to get up there friday.
  5. Henry gilbey drives me up the wall along with paul young. john wilsons ok, matt hayes so so.... mick brown i like, seems a nice genuine bloke. like watching chris yates and bob james and thier antics like trying to cast from a tree and getting a fish on then having to leap out the tree to land it.
  6. start a new job tomorrow for a new company, frankly i couldnt care less as im more excited about going fishing friday night instead....
  7. itll be full in no time seriously this is happening all over the country in some cases youll not hear about cos some people will feel stupid ie bloke six foot eight built like a brick outhouse gets his gear nicked by 4 kids with bats and machetes goes in pub his mates ask you not fishing he says............................................... nah given it up it happens .what needs to happen is for some fisheries to make a stand and protect there investment .... the angler, without them they aint got a buisness..all it takes is for a few fisheries to do this and it will take away alot of money from the bad fisheries forcing them to take heed and follow .... now back to the real world well, if i was planning an over nighter, or sending my son fishing somewhere id sure like to know if there was any such things happening on the banks of the place
  8. on a serious note can we have a section on the site that reports such incidents, thefts, violence etc? for the safety of everyone.
  9. which bit mate, the guy at tiddenfoot they started on is a total headcase loon (mentioning no names), they picked the wrong one that night but apparently there was more than 8 of em, he new it would get taken in the melle so he just wrecked the lot and chucked stuff in, i saw his bivvy the next day had gashes all over it, he just blamed them and claimed... at the end of the day he got into a scrap that he would have gotten into anyway, but they got no gear out of him, he just went mental and wrecked the lot, they couldnt beleive it watching all thier il gained profits dissapear in front of em.
  10. Is it me? seems strange that a serious post has turned into comedy yet again. can i just remind you that someones had a kicking and had thier gear taken!
  11. heard of this happening a few times, anglers being forced to load thier own gear into a van or get a hiding, car keys and mobiles being taken or thrown in to the lake, being very security concious there is a few steps i take. everyone has a drawer full of old mobiles and keys, so i now take an old phone and old set of keys and keep them on me, and hide my keys and mobile somewhere nearby, then when they take the keys and phone just give em the dummy ones. ok, it wont stop you gear getting taken, but at least you got imediate contact and a vehicle at hand. i fish a secluded lake, but pikey worries are allways at the back of my mind. on a water near my home (tiddenfoot) a guy i know fishes it and had pikeys/chavs try and take his gear, he knew he was gona get a hidding anyway so litterally smashed his gear up in front of them and threw his own stuff in
  12. The finish on Fox pods comes up a lot better with AutoGlym and a good cutting compound, finish it of with some miguars panel glaze compound and buff it right back
  13. Now, what would be great is a water that has zero tolerence to isiots, we have the forum but unfortuantly there is no water i know of that has a zero tolerence policy towards rule benders and numptys...
  14. Problem solved... i made a sounder box, ok it dont tell me which rod has the take, its job is just to wake me which it does very well, total cost a tenner
  15. wasnt quite happy with the orange peel finish on my fox pod, so spend a few hours t cutting, and finaly used a bit of glaze to bring it back up, all the orange peel is out now and the finish is perfect
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