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  1. If you ever get the chance to come to Spain anywhere near Tarragona message me on here and I'll take you for the day.
  2. As long as you are casting straight and consistently hitting roughly the same area on every cast you will be fine. You might hear people saying they are baiting and fishing a spot the size of a dustbin lid at a range of 100yds but in truth they are not! Even if they actually were, do you think the bait would fall through the water and land on the lake bed in such a tight space? Of course we should aim to put the bait where we want to, but don't get hung up on the mechanics of it. Just remember the other book/dvd where the 'experts' are saying 'a good widespread of bait' as the way to get
  3. If there is one thing I miss from the UK, it's my fishing, that may sound crazy considering where I do fish now, but trust me it's true. Nothing, in my book, beats springtime on the bank in England, those misty mornings, the feeling of dusk approaching when the small fish start to dimple the lake surface. Even the dew covering the brolly or bivvy all paint a picture of the perfect english carp pool. Then move through summer and into autumn, the changing of the seasons, the trees changing colour, the birdsong, waterfowl. Compare that to here in Spain, blistering heat morning noon an
  4. Sounds like a piece of French heaven and a very good reason to fish abroad.
  5. Are you being serious? I have no need nor desire to show off, I responded to the post made by yonny as quoted ending with ''What drives you to fish these far away location?''
  6. Circumstances really, I have been spending most of the summer in Spain for the last 13 yrs, so my 'local' could be classed as the river Ebro, I don't really fish the super well known areas that everyone knows, more the out of the way areas. Although these areas do not produce fish as big as some, every fish just will not give up and when you are fishing in awkward/uncomfortable spots it makes the prize even better. There are a couple of large reservoirs within 1 hours drive where the water level can drop by 100ft and still be 100acres plus in size. I can drive to the French border wi
  7. Well, some surprising replies there, I wasn't just referring to fishing commercial waters abroad, however I can see why the connection has been made, I was pointing out if it was just big fish then they were available in the UK commercial big fish waters. I too like fishing for English fish, but that's in England of course, however catching Spanish carp in Spain, Dutch carp in Holland, French carp in France and Swedish carp in Sweden or American carp in the States is also great. I could go on with other countries but not having yet caught carp in Italy, Germany, Belgium, Austria,
  8. Is it purely for big fish? Let's face it, these days there are plenty of high cost commercial venues (exclusive bookings or not) that have very large carp including 40's and 50's and in some cases bigger, or do we go abroad for the experience rather than just big fish. When we add up the cost of a trip abroad, including extra vehicle insurance, fuel, tolls, ferry/shuttle, overnight stops, licences or in some cases flights it does work out expensive, much more expensive than staying put in the UK. So why do we do it?
  9. I like these type of threads, my first carp was caught from the old ballast pit, Tonbridge 1972, bait was floating crust on a 3pce match rod after seeing the carp feeding by some lily pads. The next week I bought a 2pce fibre glass carp rod blank and 'made' my first carp rod. A carp angler was born. My first double came from the same water, at 10lb 4 oz seasons later.
  10. Totally agree with all the above, however it's not a new thing, it's always gone on in tackle shops. It doesn't have to be just carp anglers either, most of the time they are harmless, but it seems the more popular the tackle shop is the worse it can be, even years ago at the old Tackle Box, which was a very small shop, there was always the 'few' hanging around the counter lol. Talking about going into shops to handle items then buying online, if we carry on pulling strokes like this there won't be any tackle shops left. I know if I want to make a large purchase I will always give the tac
  11. I would not suggest putting in large amounts of tobacco or petrol in a bait, but the OP was really suggesting the smell of such. As we all know the carriers of flavours used in carp fishing flavours aint that good for fish or humans if used in large quantities. Just to give you an example, a particular lake in Kent that held lot's of carp many years ago, suffered a fish kill (mostly silver fish) from creosote that leaked from a tank that was used for dipping fence panels etc. The leak was small and seeped through the soil into the lake over a good few years. The controlling club le
  12. Funny you should say that, (reply to OP) I too had an email.... I was sure I posted a few times back then lol, it also seems weird being a new member since 2007 I'm sure I will take more of an active part now, it all looks good here and a nice layout too. Well done all Hi thecarpangler, We notice you haven’t visited carp.com since 12/04/07 prior to our recent Carp Fishing Forum upgrade. The upgrade has brought consistency across all devices, and the site is now fully mobile, tablet and desktop compatible and supports direct post image uploading. T
  13. Do smells from smoking or petrol really put carp off, if so why? For many years we have added 'smell' to our baits which are alien to fish, I'm sure they would never encounter pineapple, coconut or plum and that's just some fruits, when you get to things like curry, scopex and salmon, well who knows why they like it. Perhaps 'old holborn' '98 octaine' 'Castrol gtx' are the flavours of the future?
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