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  1. I'm no expert on lead making but I'll think you'll find that they aren't made from lead anymore
  2. There should be plenty of people out there who can review it as fox don't have any stock left
  3. Guessing no one used the search http://www.carp.com/carp-forum/viewtopic.php?t=29078&highlight=lac++paix
  4. Not my sort of place, want somewhere nice and quite, you'll lovely Laroussi. Say Hi to Medhi for me
  5. Five of us had over 1500lb topped with a new lake record mirror 49lb 2oz. There are much bigger fish in Laroussi!!! Probably not going to go back to Old Oaks has we have done 2 years there now, so time to move on, which is why we looked at Laroussi, but its not for us. PS, don't forget to wear your seat belt, got caught coming off the last toll booth and slapped with an 80 euro fine.
  6. If it's line deep on the spool that hasn't been in the water, is it all the way through the line? It could be faulty line, but is more likely to have been damaged when you spooled up. Check the eyes on your rod, the spool itself and the bail arm ball for any rough edges or damage
  7. Medhi the owner is spot on, you maybe better off on the AL website, that way you can chat with Medhi direct about the lake, etc. He normally responds within a day and will give you all the info you want. I walked round the place in April when I was fishing Old Oaks (across the road), really nice place, only thing for my group is that the swims are a far distance apart so not great if you are going for a bit of a social. But well looked after. Just for FYI, non of the shops open on a Sunday there. There are local shops in the next village Spay. Turn right out of the lake, follow the road into the village (5mins) until you get to a roundabout with a bar on it, which will be in front of you to the right, turn left here and then first right, which will take you into a small car park and you will find a small supermarket and a bakers. You'll get basics here, Medhi can give you direction to a bigger supermarket on the edge of Le Mans itself Hope that helps
  8. Don't know if this is the place but may help http://www.fishingholidays.travel/destinations/italy.php
  9. What would you know, you southern carrot cruncher PS If this isn't Kev. Sorry
  10. Hi Fella Just interested to know if there are any decent places to fish around Loughborough/Coalville areas Thanks Ice
  11. £4 for the first rod and then £1 per extra rod. It tends to get busy at the weekends so you probably won't be able to just walk around stalking, if you want that you're better going during the week. Will PM you a contact number
  12. Nr Hull? If its sunny then off the top is a def or long zig, its up to 16ft in the centre. There are loads of carp in there so double figures should be easy (weather depending)
  13. Excellent line, just returned from France and used the 15lb Olive for the week and was very impressed. Sinks well, good abrasive. Had new PB for 49lb on it so definately gets my vote and for £10 good value as well. If I was you I'd get some and try it for yourself, think you could spend a tenner in a tackle shop and get a lot less quality gear
  14. Also helps if you wet the braid before you start and keep it wet
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