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  1. But what if I only have 1oz leads ? 😉
  2. Thought I’d bump this one up to the top again as it’s how I’ll be approaching my reintroduction to Carping this coming spring . seems appropriate as float fishing , like most of us , is how I fell in love with fishing in the first place . it’ll be a quill or waggler straight through on the lift method , a couple of Swans 4-5” from the hook and Bob’s your Auntie’s , Rod dependant on what’s still in one piece once I’ve emptied the loft . I used to use the Avon type one I floater fished with so if it’s in good nick I’ll probably start there . looking forward to it .
  3. Blimey , you’ve got a good memory 😊 He’s fine mate , off to secondary school in September, and he’s been progressing so well that my Mrs has been able to go back to work full time . We have a few small childcare issues but as I’m on a rotating shift pattern myself we are working around it nicely though it does mean there won’t be any weekday fishing trips outside the school holidays ( wifey works in a school). His nagging me to take him fishing is one of the reasons my interest in this lark has been rekindled somewhat . Im looking forward to introducing him to the art of bleak bashing and maggot drowning . it’ll be a family day though as he currently has the attention span of about 10 minutes unless it features an Xbox . Oh and bait boats are cheating 🤣🤣🤣🤣
  4. Tying ANY sort of knot will be interesting lol
  5. Yeah I spent most of my late teens/early 20’s working the circuit . It was a lot better than working at the time and made a lot of contacts ensuring I didn’t need to . Happy days at the time but yes you are quite correct . The peace tranquility and alone time was the initial appeal of going fishing all those years ago and will be once again hopefully. I don’t think I ever went fishing with the intention of catching big fish . If that happened it was always a bonus and always will be . im too long in the tooth now to ever take anything too seriously.
  6. Thanks for chipping in son 👍🏻 Im sure there’s a joke in your first paragraph 😊 im still in touch with Cm and Cyborx , albeit infrequently. Both Salts of the Earth yet not having the best of times albeit for different reasons . Horses ? I’ve retired. Or at least I was made to 🤣
  7. Thankfully, keep it simple and all that , but what in gods name is a “Ronny” ??? and copolymer ???? Never heard of that till yesterday 🤷🏻‍♂️ Another thing I’ve noticed is that a lot of the day ticket lakes that I used to frequent have changed to membership and club waters , even syndicates . not good from my perspective, I’ll be having to do my homework I think so no change there I spose . I see you’re still piking this time of year mate . And doing very well too . Good stuff 👍🏻
  8. Stranger things have happened mate . Though not often thankfully lol
  9. Likewise Nick . my personal circumstances have changed quite a bit for the better since I last posted and I reckon I’ll be able to get out on the bank once again this year with a little luck . as I said above I’ve honestly forgotten a lot of the stuff we used to chat about and I’ve been studying your pinned Rig tying stickies & pics . I reckon I’m going to have a few problems initially as though my dodgy shoulder always inhibited my casting , the last few years have seen the onset of arthritis in my fingers & forearm so tying rigs will be interesting. This , I think , will change me into a fair weather fisherman . so at the moment I’m just talking about it 🤣
  10. Ahhh I’m so glad you’re still about mate , THE most helpful man alive and a credit to this institution. use to love your Stour and Avon stories (at least I think it was you mate 😊).
  11. You’ll be able to point me in the right direction then cos I’ve forgotten most of this fishing lark 😊
  12. Nice to see your still around too young man , I’ve been reading some of your contributions. very nice 👌
  13. HaHa , unfortunately no mate not any more . The garden has now been taken by a couple of Greenhouses and a nice little pond . Not as easy to maintain but looks a lot nicer . The Carp & Tinca’s are growing on nicely 👍🏻
  14. Greetings it’s been a while , such a while that I thought I’d post in this section . who’s about these days ? Nick ? Nige ? Ian still about Gaz maybe ? Anyway after a seriously long sabbatical I’m considering picking up a rod again this year and be nice to catch up 😘
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