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    Deepest ,darkest,Grays...a quiet little hamlet , nestling on the banks of the Thames .NOT.
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  1. Last time I heard , there are some huge lumps in one of the lakes but it's very very hard .
  2. newmarket


    Morning fellas . Does anyone keep or have kept Ducks ? If so can they pm me please as I'm after some advice . Thanks
  3. Picked this up in Asda yesterday , gawd bless em all ... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Me ? I'm not sure I'm the one you should be asking as I don't get out on the bank much anymore , and of course it depends what your using em for , but I've never had any problems with Gardner Muggas , anything Gamakatsu or more recently the Fox Ss range
  5. No worries mate it was supposed to be a joke anyway .But for your information ..... Since TFG got rid of Matt Hayes a few years ago the quality of their gear has improved ten fold and are clearly trying to rid themselves of their 'budget' reputation . Ok it IS cheaper than your Foxes and Nashes and Trakkers but at the end of the day there are dodgy batches of all tackle by all brands that slip through the net undetected . The TFG pod that I own is identical in build and quality to a few others that have "trendy" brand names and I don't think Dave Lane , for one , would associate himself with rubbish . As a side note (and without trying to stir up another anti-Korda pot) , I avoided Korda hooks for years cos they were blunt but they may well have improved over the years , I don't know cos mud sticks doesn't it ? And Korda have NEVER been cheap.
  6. Ok . Uninformed opinion . Fair enough . But as Adam says above , you are head of the Embryo. What's your next step ?
  7. Sorry Rob I've only ever heard it discussed in relation to its cats . Famous for em .
  8. Hello mate I can't help you much with the match side of things . I think Dayvid fishes a few matches so hopefully he will see this . I'm sure he'll be able to advise you
  9. Thing is Gal , it only rewards fishery owners that have dug deep already to protect their fisheries from the furry ''kers in an effort equals reward kind of thing. What about the Angling clubs that can't afford to fence their lakes in ? They are still powerless . And Uncle Danny gets another pat on the back.
  10. Boasting about your shiny top end tackle you heartless gloater :)
  11. So if the fishery has spent thousands on fencing and the damned Otters STILL get in then the fishery owners are allowed to remove them ? That's jolly big of them Dal .
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