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  1. All the contents were loose in the box . Luckily it seems to be ok . Nick , when you get time can you remember what is supposed to be in the box as I want to make sure I have all the correct bits before I have another moan up . If it’s all there I’ll be happy but I’m not happy with TFT for this whole pigs ear situation and they won’t be getting decent feedback OR my custom again . Ramshackle company . This is definitely a return somebody else didn’t want but you know what ? I just can’t be arsed to complain again , this has gone on long enough . Grumpy of Grays.
  2. Latest in the saga of the missing brolly extension. Two months and 3 days after purchase it was delivered today at the second attempt by Parcelforce who had ALSO delivered it to the wrong address initially. After a lot of faffing about by Total Fishing Tackle and Yodel interviewing drivers , carrying out investigations , filling out claim forms both physically and actual paper forms , they seem to think everyone has the ability to download and print off digital forms , and trying to offer me a refund when I still actually wanted the damned thing , I actually have it in front of me . It looks as if it’s been in the post for 2 months ffs ….
  3. Love the Cork 👍🏻 Actual Actual Grass . What I wouldn’t give for a patch of Grass 🤣
  4. Wonderful looking fish Elmo , remarkably similar to Kev’s capture last month . congrats matey 👍🏻
  5. I did actually consider some Carpy green sticks by Taska (£10 a pop) but in the end decided to buy twice instead of 3 times 🙄
  6. Oh and I’ve just taken receipt of some of those New Direction magnetic butt rests . They may turn out to be utter cack but they have me intrigued and were very reasonably priced imo . Very small very very magnetic . Whether I’ll get used to having half of it permanently clamped round my Cork handles remains to be seen.
  7. Going back further than most I’d say but when I was a kid it was always a dream of mine to own a Mitchell reel . They was always considered to be the pinnacle . First weeks wages after leaving school ? Mitchell 300 closely followed by a Mitchell match if memory serves . Not sure if either helped me catch more fish than my trusty Intrepid Black Prince though 😂
  8. Some Fox QR banksticks 3x12” & 3x18”. some more ESP rig sleeves , Helicopter booms and size 9 Quick link swivels for my Running Rigs . I have plenty already but I don’t see em very often so I buy em up when I see em 😊 Oh and I’ve just taken receipt of some of those New Direction magnetic butt rests . They may turn out to be utter cack but they have me intrigued and were very reasonably priced imo . Time will tell I spose .
  9. Ok thanks for all your replies suggestions and insights. cost is not Really an issue though of course nobody likes to spend more than they have to to get the job done . I narrowed it down to 3 and as I really want some Black ones so choices were limited that I could find . The ones I found that had no horrendous reviews ( even the Century Neville’s) were… Matrix Blackouts Fox quick release sticks and the Jag Prolites . Rightly or wrongly Ive plumped for the fox QR’s . I took into account the (massive) little add ons like stage stands , stabilisers etc that I’ll want eventually and found Fox to be most cost effective plus there’s a Tommy bar type thing concealed in each stick . Also as somebody has suggested a second hand drill might come in handy 😊 Time will tell …
  10. That’s how I see the goal posts , buzz bars etc , might as well use a pod … I like the rod tip pointing at the bait if possible too for indication purposes. Always try to be practical rather than tarty .
  11. I would say absolutely nothing 🤣
  12. Hey you lot , I have a question . What possible practical advantage can you get (and I say you cos I won’t be doing it) by using sticks & buzzbars as opposed to a pod ?
  13. Meaning it as a compliment Steve I would consider you quite Old Skool when it comes to this fishing lark so I have a lot of respect for any suggestions or info you come up with ( despite your choice of football team 😊). Which Sticks do you employ ? I bet you’ve had em for Donkeys …
  14. Hi fellas, there are surprisingly few threads on here about Banksticks so thought it ok to start a fresh one … can’t stand Pods , for a number of reasons , and it’s single sticks all the way for me . I recently bought some new ones made by a company called Lidsters that I found on EBay but they’re really skinny lightweight and not up to the job especially on the gravelly swims at my new lake , probably down to my decrepit arms and hands as much as anything but they were cheap so I gave em a go and to be honest were not even as good as the cheapo silver Dinsmore sticks that I bought decades ago . Therefore I’m looking to invest . I found some half decent looking sticks made by a company called Taska that look a definite upgrade at a tenner a piece ( and I need 6) . Has anybody had any experience of these or indeed any Taska stuff to give me an idea on quality ? Or is it a case here of you get what you pay for with Banksticks ? Im not a fan of anything stainless really and I prefer Black/Dark colours and came across the pro lite carbon sticks by JAG which look the business but costing about £180 which would hurt for about ten minutes but at the end of the day is it worth shelling out for better ? Or is it a case of not really mattering about the quality of the sticks and more to do with getting a grip on a way of getting the damned things in the ground ? I’ve noticed Jag and Century amongst others do twisty things to help screw your sticks into the ground and some companies sell stabilisers to help keep the sticks in place along with screwy stands for use on wooden platforms but they APPEAR to be for their sticks as opposed to for universal generic sticks … I’ve even seen diggers to pre-make holes to slide your sticks into . Do these things work ? I’d have thought if you have trouble with getting sticks in the ground , stabilisers won’t be any easier ? Does the quality and cost matter or is it just me being Carp at it ? 😊 Discussion and recommendations if you please Gentlemen . And the first person to mention a Pod , I’ll get Nick to ban ‘em 🤣🤣🤣🤣
  15. It’s like they’ve literally reproduced an advertisement off of a Chinese website such as Alibaba or AliExpress. I doubt Anybody , even complete novices will be sucked in by that surely ? Even a reputable tackle companies lead clips can be and are death rigs in the wrong hands anyway . Just my sixpence worth 😊
  16. Very nice mate , good luck with it 👍🏻
  17. That’s quite a decision Phil , I bet you’re excited , I would be . Barbel on the agenda ?
  18. I had one last weekend, not as big of course , that jumped out of the net a lot quicker than I got it in there . I quickly looked around to see if anyone had seen 😳😊. Congrats Ouchy , sounds like a fine fish 👍🏻
  19. 20kg of fresh Essential B5 (reluctantly but I’ll get the same rate I previously got for 10kg)in a mixture of 16 & 20 mil so there’ll be a lot of air drying going on . Boosted hard hookers (20mm) in both B5 and Black Snail . Also some paste in both flavours with which to roll my big boy baits . Those Mainline scoffers won’t know what’s hit ‘em 😊
  20. The only reason that Bivvy will be going up first is so it can . If last week is a guide those little cypri-tornado’s won’t give me any peace and if the weathers a bit iffy next time then I wanna make sure I can get the wrap on before the heavens open 🙄
  21. Hi Nick mate. Ya know , I literally never got time to have a play with the brolly . setting my rods up first to get fishing really bit me on the bum . Next time I’ll be setting up “camp” first 😊. Time on the lake will hopefully teach me about any particular big-Ger fish locations , the owner appears to be quite transparent and forthcoming with info like that as is his trusty Bailiff so I’ll be working on it , but ya know mate , I’m not one of these people that expect all the work done for them . You probably haven’t read this phrase on here for a while but I’m quite content to do my apprenticeship on this little lake and learn as I go . I’m just so happy to be out of the Essex day ticket rat race . It’s small it’s quiet and it’s local , and I don’t have to dump in a carrier bag .🤣I really couldn’t ask for more at the moment . I contacted Mike Wilmott who advised me to not only try large double hookbaits , slicing off flat spots and mounting two baits together , but also make my own big 40millers using paste . Its the identical paste the B5/Black Snail boilies are rolled from , I just need a bit of guidance when the time comes as to boiling times for such huge baits . I’ll want em hard but not too hard that I can’t hair rig em . You lot have always been a huge help to me in my fishing and I take everything on board and I’ll be trying all suggestions . But as I say , I’m in no rush . Even if I only fish with one rod . With such an empty lake the stalking opportunities will be endless . So far I’ve met one other Carp Angler and 2 pole fishermen in a whole weekend . And I’m told that was busy .
  22. Bream ? 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣
  23. I’d never heard of it till I read your post this morning , looks a useful bit of kit . That Danny’s always finding new opportunities to rinse us of our hard earnt.
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