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  1. Blimey , you’ve got a good memory 😊 He’s fine mate , off to secondary school in September, and he’s been progressing so well that my Mrs has been able to go back to work full time . We have a few small childcare issues but as I’m on a rotating shift pattern myself we are working around it nicely though it does mean there won’t be any weekday fishing trips outside the school holidays ( wifey works in a school). His nagging me to take him fishing is one of the reasons my interest in this lark has been rekindled somewhat . Im looking forward to introducing him to the art of bleak bashing and maggot drowning . it’ll be a family day though as he currently has the attention span of about 10 minutes unless it features an Xbox . Oh and bait boats are cheating 🤣🤣🤣🤣
  2. Tying ANY sort of knot will be interesting lol
  3. Yeah I spent most of my late teens/early 20’s working the circuit . It was a lot better than working at the time and made a lot of contacts ensuring I didn’t need to . Happy days at the time but yes you are quite correct . The peace tranquility and alone time was the initial appeal of going fishing all those years ago and will be once again hopefully. I don’t think I ever went fishing with the intention of catching big fish . If that happened it was always a bonus and always will be . im too long in the tooth now to ever take anything too seriously.
  4. Thanks for chipping in son 👍🏻 Im sure there’s a joke in your first paragraph 😊 im still in touch with Cm and Cyborx , albeit infrequently. Both Salts of the Earth yet not having the best of times albeit for different reasons . Horses ? I’ve retired. Or at least I was made to 🤣
  5. Thankfully, keep it simple and all that , but what in gods name is a “Ronny” ??? and copolymer ???? Never heard of that till yesterday 🤷🏻‍♂️ Another thing I’ve noticed is that a lot of the day ticket lakes that I used to frequent have changed to membership and club waters , even syndicates . not good from my perspective, I’ll be having to do my homework I think so no change there I spose . I see you’re still piking this time of year mate . And doing very well too . Good stuff 👍🏻
  6. Stranger things have happened mate . Though not often thankfully lol
  7. Likewise Nick . my personal circumstances have changed quite a bit for the better since I last posted and I reckon I’ll be able to get out on the bank once again this year with a little luck . as I said above I’ve honestly forgotten a lot of the stuff we used to chat about and I’ve been studying your pinned Rig tying stickies & pics . I reckon I’m going to have a few problems initially as though my dodgy shoulder always inhibited my casting , the last few years have seen the onset of arthritis in my fingers & forearm so tying rigs will be interesting. This , I think , will change me into a fair weather fisherman . so at the moment I’m just talking about it 🤣
  8. Ahhh I’m so glad you’re still about mate , THE most helpful man alive and a credit to this institution. use to love your Stour and Avon stories (at least I think it was you mate 😊).
  9. You’ll be able to point me in the right direction then cos I’ve forgotten most of this fishing lark 😊
  10. Nice to see your still around too young man , I’ve been reading some of your contributions. very nice 👌
  11. HaHa , unfortunately no mate not any more . The garden has now been taken by a couple of Greenhouses and a nice little pond . Not as easy to maintain but looks a lot nicer . The Carp & Tinca’s are growing on nicely 👍🏻
  12. Greetings it’s been a while , such a while that I thought I’d post in this section . who’s about these days ? Nick ? Nige ? Ian still about Gaz maybe ? Anyway after a seriously long sabbatical I’m considering picking up a rod again this year and be nice to catch up 😘
  13. Last time I heard , there are some huge lumps in one of the lakes but it's very very hard .
  14. newmarket


    Morning fellas . Does anyone keep or have kept Ducks ? If so can they pm me please as I'm after some advice . Thanks
  15. Picked this up in Asda yesterday , gawd bless em all ... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  16. Me ? I'm not sure I'm the one you should be asking as I don't get out on the bank much anymore , and of course it depends what your using em for , but I've never had any problems with Gardner Muggas , anything Gamakatsu or more recently the Fox Ss range
  17. No worries mate it was supposed to be a joke anyway .But for your information ..... Since TFG got rid of Matt Hayes a few years ago the quality of their gear has improved ten fold and are clearly trying to rid themselves of their 'budget' reputation . Ok it IS cheaper than your Foxes and Nashes and Trakkers but at the end of the day there are dodgy batches of all tackle by all brands that slip through the net undetected . The TFG pod that I own is identical in build and quality to a few others that have "trendy" brand names and I don't think Dave Lane , for one , would associate himself with rubbish . As a side note (and without trying to stir up another anti-Korda pot) , I avoided Korda hooks for years cos they were blunt but they may well have improved over the years , I don't know cos mud sticks doesn't it ? And Korda have NEVER been cheap.
  18. Ok . Uninformed opinion . Fair enough . But as Adam says above , you are head of the Embryo. What's your next step ?
  19. Sorry Rob I've only ever heard it discussed in relation to its cats . Famous for em .
  20. Hello mate I can't help you much with the match side of things . I think Dayvid fishes a few matches so hopefully he will see this . I'm sure he'll be able to advise you
  21. Thing is Gal , it only rewards fishery owners that have dug deep already to protect their fisheries from the furry ''kers in an effort equals reward kind of thing. What about the Angling clubs that can't afford to fence their lakes in ? They are still powerless . And Uncle Danny gets another pat on the back.
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