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  1. my mate joining diggle angling club, 60 quid for the year with 2 rods. they have got tanners dam and royal george. has carp to 25lb so iv heard. might be worth a look. no night fishing tho.
  2. Haha yeh kno wot mean, some BIG cats and carp in there, im hoping to get 1 off the commons, would be nice, 28lb common wot steve had on 1 of the vids is a cracking fish, reckon mite scrape 40lb if it had a belly on it, like a torpedo. yeh il let u kno for sure how we get on. Theres 2 of us goin down and my mate using a different boilie to me so il let u kno which 1 of us comes out on top. Think it might be me
  3. Im in the same boat as you m8, only info iv got of the place is of thecarpcatcher vids. im booked on next sunday till the wednesday, coming all the way from manchester so never fished it before. What im taking bait wise I just got my 5kg of cell, chilly hemp and maize. Think my tactics gonna fish two rods, (1 on pop up n 1 bottom bait) over a big scattering of boilies and one rod over the spod mix n just see which 1 goes first. You wouldn't mind lettin us know how you got on would u pal when u get back? good luck
  4. Has anyone got any info like address/phone number for this lake? having trouble getting any info. only thing i find out it use to be syndicate but has now turned into a day ticket water apparently.
  5. spen4leeds was u fishing abbots swim at the time?? if so im the guy who moved into your swim after u left. i was fishing kiddies. i wouldn't believe wot the syndicate lads were saying, the lake just wasn't fishing well, dont think the weather helped cos at night temperature really dropped, really bad chill. but saying that the sunday i was leaving the peg i swapped for yours this lad had 2 carp in the space of 2 hours. 1 was 18lb. gutted. theres defiantly carp in there. i also fished it june last year n had 2 carp to 15lb on gordons kennel peg n most of the anglers caught then. im goin again next thursday till sunday. im taking my spod rod with me this time and sum particles n see how it goes. if i was you, give it another go in june/july when its warmer then see wot you think. il let u no if i catch out.
  6. Anyone fished there recently? heard its alot better now its got new owners. would u recommend this lake to get my first 20? any info would be great
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