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  1. Hi Rod, Thank you for your response, but I have already sorted the sturgeon fishing, 3 days in Chilliwack, but I am still researching the carp in and around Penticton. Regards Cloin
  2. Hi Gents, thanks for the welcome and buzzbomb thank you for the link. I will most definitely contact them. I am allowed to fish, but not usually when we both are on holiday. Over the last few years I have managed to get to Spain 3 times and have booked another week in May, as well as a week in France and last year a week on the St Lawrence with Paul Hunt, Canadian Carpin. In the words of the Bard "it was awesome!" My wife doesn't mind me fishing, as long as she does not have to accompany me. It all goes back to 1982, when we went to Salou and I took my wife and baby daughter to Amposta, to fish the Ebro and it was an unmitigating disaster and I have never since taken my rods.
  3. Hi carpgourmandes, I have been a couple of times, both with guides, but one place I can recommend is by the road bridge in Mequinenza. I fished with my rods pointing right at the castle on top of the hill. First fish 29lb 12oz. Biggest 37lb. I had a fantastic week with 39 fish, the bulk 20lb+. I will try and drop a couple of photo's, if I can figure out how to. Have you seen the Wilson trip to Maquinenza? He fished from the last section of the paved area, before the Bavarian camp site and he had lots of carp. From where Wilson fished, look to the right and you will see the bridge. Drive across and there is a path into an orchard and that is where I fished. Maybe a few hundred yards from the bridge. Both my trips were in the summer and so, I think was Wilsons. Hope this helps.
  4. Whoops! Forgot it is now 2008. I went September 2007. It is an age thing!
  5. Must agreewith JLT, Canadian Carpin is first class. I went in September 2006 and had fish to 30lb. I have never had sport like it. The runs were unbeleiveable and I will probably be booking again for later this year. Check the site and see the accommodation.
  6. Hi, I am new to the forum, but have already enjoyed the various threads re BC and Okanogan Lake, which is why I starting a new thread. I am travelling to Penticton in June, this year, and would be extremely pleased if I could gather enough information to allow me to have a successful few days carping. Under normal circumstances my beautiful wife would not let me fish, but on this occassion I can have a few days carping, whilst in Penticton and I am also going to Chilliwack for 3 days Sturgeon fishing. Lucky or what? Any recommendations for guides / hotels around Chilliwack? I look forward to any and all feedback.
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