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  1. absolute hippo you mention old girl, does make you wonder just how old ..being a naturally fed carp ( apart from the odd particles and bread that might happen to pop by ) also the other thing that makes this such a great capture chris is the fact that 99% of australian carp caught do meet with a rather nasty end as we are all aware so im pretty much guessing that it is possible that this particular fish has never seen the bank before..atleast no in the last 35 pounds or so! many questions, and a fish of a lifetime ! congrats once again mate john edit= cant get ov
  2. ok thanks , yes all looks "normal" other than the few blotches on the surface and has its regular ( stinky smell ) ill just have to keep a eye on it.. maybe give it a good wash out before its used for the next lot. cheers for quick repsonse john
  3. hello all just a quick one i have a batch of maize ( roughly) 10 kilos in a large air tight container probably about 40 litres in capacity it has been only in there for about 2 weeks. but when i went to take a couple of kilos out for tommorows session, i noticed a few green ( i think ) what is mould blotches on the surface there is a layer of about 4 inches of water between the mouldy bits and the bait and when slightly stirred just has its normal milky texture, i have used this container before but have never noticed the mould.. so to cut a long story short is this suitable to use st
  4. have seen this beauty b4 somewhere but what a amazing fish totally mindblowing colours its amazing how 1 photo can get that familiar itch to fish going again n1 chris regards john
  5. Australian carping as it should be. 2 words ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT !
  6. hello all long time reader of these forums and first time poster. let me start by saying i wasnt born in australia but i did come out to our great land at a very young age ( 7 ) luckily for me. i unlike steve never fished for carp.. properly anyway untill a few years ago and before then had always fished from jetty or boat for salt water species having lived in NSW and now SA i have been pretty lucky in catching some great fish over the years from the sea. i cant really pinpoint what got me so much into fishing and for that matter completely enjoying chasing our beloved carp !
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