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  1. I've been following its progress for the last couple of years and they do appear to have made a good job of things .They seem a friendly bunch as well. I like that they're making a real effort to cater for all interests and my 6 year old was VERY interested in the castle they're building. Decent tackle shop as well, carrying some well priced and good quality gear. It will be interesting to see how it develops but it's a good thing for the Island and I'll certainly be down there every chance I get. Hopefully get the lad into it as well.
  2. I pulled all my old carp gear out of the loft yesterday and got to the fishery before realising half my rod pod was missing. So a new rod pod
  3. Well its been a while since I was last here....hello all Today was the first time I dusted off the carp gear for about 4 years. No carp fishing on the Isle of Man you see. Until today that is. Felt good to be sat in the Chub recliner again, staring intently at my alarms, willing them to ping into action. No such luck unfortunately, I blanked but then so did everybody else. What I did find interesting though is that the fishery provides it own nets, unhooking mats and slings. You're not allowed to bring your own. Seems a good idea for disease prevention Is this a common thing in the UK now? PS For sale. 1 new unhooking matt
  4. Family, work, then hobbies - of which fishing is my favourite.
  5. Have to agree, Okuma quality is spot on. When I got back into the sport about 8 years ago I was given a pair of Interceptors. I use these for sea fishing now, casting 4-5oz of lead over rough ground and they are still going strong. I also have a couple of their boat rods. Brilliant bits of kit. If they'd had Daiwa or Shimano written on them they'd have cost twice as much.
  6. A direction that I've often thought Carp fishing might go in, is fisheries that allow people to take fish for the table. ,
  7. Just bought an ABU Soron STX 60 to pair up with a stalker rod.
  8. Been using one of these for a couple of years now. Never had to buy gas, petrol etc since. Bloomin' marvelous http://www.raymears.com/Bushcraft_Product/733-The-Honey-Stove/
  9. Penn are one of Pure Fishing's 'brands'. Along with Abu Garcia, Mitchell, JRC, Berkley and more recently Greys. Mostly all made in China now but I've had no issues with the quality of any of these makes.( I've Abu multipliers/rods, Penn fixed spool/multipliers/rods, JRC stuff and loads of Berkley braid) I'd pick a Penn multi over it's Shimano/Daiwa equivalent any day.
  10. All my sea reels are Penn and they're bloomin' brilliant! Very good customer service too.
  11. You think you lot have it bad? 2 months ago I went boat fishing (sea) for the first time since moving to the Channel Islands. Afterwards I decided I needed my own reel - after all, as I explained to my wife, I'm left handed, and the charter boat's are all right handed. Next came the rod (I might as well get everything rigged up before I go). Then another reel. Then another rod. Then the 'boat rucksack', terminal tackle, leads, knives etc. Then an uptiding rod, which needed an 'uptiding' reel (which is exactly the same as the two new boat reels I already have but you use it for, well you get the picture). New waterproofs. Another rod (for the wrecks)...... and yet another bleedin reel. My last purchase? A boat! :shock:
  12. It must be an idiosyncrasy of carp angling. When I buy sea fishing gear I don't look at brands or colours etc I just buy what is the right tool for the job and often fish with different length rods, fixed spool reels and multis. My tackle box is an old ice cream tub and luggage is a £20 rucksack from Sportsdirect When carping I use three identical rods and reels and everything has to match (greens and browns). Tackle is neatly organised in a green tackle box and luggage is always fishing brand stuff Living where I do now, I go carp fishing much less than sea fishing but would still spend more on a new rod/reel for carping than I would for sea fishing. Help me.
  13. JS is not averse to a bit intimidation when he can hide on the internet is he Nick? His PMs to me were actually quite funny but is a tragic sort of way. They indicated a man with some serious anger issues. That and how proud he was of his Mercedes Benz van! Which he paid cash for. Apparently
  14. A couple of years ago I posted a reply to a thread, on another forum, about how many novice anglers go straight into carp fishing without any understanding about water craft etc. My comment was something along the lines of too many anglers using 3.5lb TC rods, big pits and 20lb line on small lakes just because they've seen that sort of tackle used on a Danny Fairbass DVD or Jim Shelly on you tube. JS jumped onto the thread and started abusing me even though other members pointed out I wasn't having a go at him. I also tried to explain what I meant by my post and that it wasn't a slight on him (or Danny) but he was having none of it. In the end my last post said something like there's no point arguing with somebody who simply ignores the facts and I left it at that. You should have seen the abusive, rambling and frankly unhinged emails he sent me after that. Jim Shelly, a man keeping it real
  15. Last weekend I went shore fishing. Had a nice dover sole and a couple of bass. Tried for a mullet on the fly, but no joy. Next weekend it's an overnighter on a local water with carp to 30lb (allegedly) I couldn't commit to just carp fishing and miss all the other fun.
  16. I eat what I catch, usually bass, bream and mackerel these days, but I've enjoyed trout and salmon in the past. I've also eaten carp on a few occasions, at restaurants, in England and I know of at least two carp farms in the UK where they are bred for food. I've said it before, I can see carp fisheries cropping up in the future and being run on a similar basis to trout fisheries i.e. a day ticket permits the taking off two or three fish for the table - for those so inclined. It might even help reduce poaching.
  17. Is it just me or is there a touch of xenophobia in the OP? We as anglers need to be vigilant of poachers - there some British ones as well as those pesky Eastern Europeans. From Rome. TBH it all sounds a bit implausible. Italian poachers, carp served up with chips, to the unsuspecting inhabitants of Beaumont Leys? I'm surprised the Daily Mail aren't beating your door down for the scoop as I type Clearly you were outraged. Did that come after the fifth or sixth time time you watched it happen?
  18. Just having time on the bank is success enough for me. I'd be very happy catching 4 x 20lbers though. Trouble is down here. It would just be the same fish, four times.
  19. Off topic I know for a carp forum, but I thought some of you might find a piece of hot 'fishing news' down here amusing/interesting. Last weekend was the Guernsey Bass Festival - or, more officially, the 'Bailiwick Bass Competition.' Basically a competition to the land the largest bass off Guernsey with set separate classifications for shore, boat and kayak caught specimens, as well as the overall winning prize of £800. One chap, allegedly, decided to sleep in the local aquarium overnight, steal the biggest fish from the bass tank and roll up at the weigh-in on the last day, with his 13-13 monster to claim first prize. Luckily the fish was recognised by another local angler (life can get pretty slow down here sometimes) who visited the aquarium the next day and noted that the fish was missing http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-guernsey-18812224 Guernsey is a small place and there are already loads of stories flying around at work, pubs and local forums as to how he managed to catch and sneak the fish out. My favourite is that he caught it on a lure and his defence shall rely on the lack of competition rules as to exactly what constitutes a 'caught' fish
  20. Have a look at the Pflueger Infusion (7640SS) - around £50.00. Very popular with the bass anglers down here and I've used for carp to 20lb with no problems at all
  21. From what is now called Wharf Pool in Stanford-le-Hope, Essex I was about 14/15 years old. It was during the summer hols and me and my best mate had just done an all nighter under our brollies, we'd caught about 14 tench between us but no carp. Shortly after first light we saw this fish jumping about, 30 yards out and so tossed a hopeful cube of luncheon meat towards it. 10 mins later I had what was called, back in the day, a 'reel churner' and 5 mins after that, had landed my first ever carp. Just shy of a double at 9 1.2lbs I can remember it like it was yesterday....fibre glass rods......washing up liquid bottle tops for bobbins........jumpers for goalposts.....happy days....<>
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