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  1. Agree with Cobelyn. I rarely feel the need to spod or throw loads of bait out. On the odd occasion that I have, I have found particle mixes such as hemp, chick peas etc very effective and cheap. I've fished next to people that think nothing of using 5-10Kg of bait on a 24 hour session and it seems to be no more effective than my method of small pva mesh bags containing a few crushed boilies and some stick mix or ground bait and a few pellets - A 1kg bag each of boilies and stick mix will easily see me through 48 hours or 2 x 24 sessions. That said I do fish small waters down here but the same applied when I was in the UK - it's not how much bait you use. It's where you put it.
  2. FWIW I'd go with the 2.75lb Test Curves. Plenty versatile enough for any fishing you'd do in the UK. Then again, there's nothing to stop you buying one of each - or indeed two
  3. No problems here either. Had mine for almost 2 years and they've seen plenty of rain
  4. Had mine for a couple of years and it has stood up to abuse well. Including one (scary) night with proper storm force winds. No leaks ever and the vent at the back makes a big difference in the summer. If you go on the chub website there is a video of somebody putting one up. It takes me about 20 mins to put mine up. I got the extreme canopy with mine and it makes the thing simply mahoosive! Not that I've actually used it while fishing - just in the garden.
  5. You probably saved yourself a frustrating session Nick. Down here I'm told 'if you can see the mullet, you can't catch 'em' Henry Gilbey was on Guernsey a few years ago and spent a very frustrating afternoon trying to catch mullet on floating bread crust out of the harbour.
  6. Can't say I do, but I've only just started so maybe our paths will cross, I do know all the carp fishermen in Guernsey. All six of them. New spinning rod and reel is on it's way, plus a new bass rod to pair up with an old Arlex, that's been retired from marker rod duties, for a bit of bottom fishing. I've also booked the services of a local guide to show me a few marks around the island this Thursday evening. New rigs, new tactics...can't wait to get stuck in.
  7. I'd love a go at some cod. They tend not visit us down here though. I believe the winter fish of choice is conger, mullet and pollack.
  8. I know there is another thread on this but it's in a forum nobody ever visits... So, anybody else partake? After 3 years living in Guernsey I finally decided to see what all the fuss was about and went spinning for bass a couple of weeks ago. WOW!!!...what have I been missing all this time? Fantastic sport and boy doesn't a 6lb bass put up a fight? Standing on rocks, sea crashing all about you, suddenly the rod bends... Great fun! I'm beginning to see this small island in an entirely different light!
  9. Well the Baitrunner D is known as the 'saltwater' baitrunner, I use that for spinning with heavy lures for sea bass. The Saragosa is definitely saltwater proof. I don't see many people using big pit type reels unless they're beach casting and a multiplier is better for that.
  10. I've started sea fishing - well living in Guernsey I was bound to. I have a Baitrunner D that I use for light beach casting and I recommend it highly. They go up 12000 size but start getting seriously heavy. I also use a Saragosa for spinning. Again these go up to 12000 and are a seriously heavy duty saltwater reel
  11. OK that is true. But it did get quite windy down there sometimes. One time, I even got a piece of grit in my eye. Curse you Happyhammer
  12. Pah! Call that hard? When I were a lad I'd fish for 3 weeks non stop in a t-shirt, in the snow. With a rod I'd made myself from silver birch and horse hair. 600 acre water and 1 carp in it. Kids today. Don't know they're born.
  13. Army surplus stuff for me. Durable, functional & cheap.
  14. Interesting thread. Here in Guernsey we have lots of disused quarries and old small monastery lakes that date back as far as the 17th century. There are no commercial carp fisheries and in fact there is very little carp fishing. In the 3 years since I've lived here I've only ever seen half a dozen or so carp anglers and they mostly fish just two venues. I have spent many a weekend getting ripped to shreds looking up old, overgrown, un-fished and forgotten waters and reckon I've spotted two fish that could challenge the Island record of 33lb. Unfortunately one is in a water that cannot be fished, I shouldn't even have been looking, but the other is feasible and I've not even told my wife where it is. I've seen it a few times now, even as recently as last night.The water was flat calm after a hot day and it was taking flies off the top. A single, dark, solitary beast patrolling it's water like a nuclear submarine. I've decided I don't need to catch it and to leave things as they are
  15. You wouldn't believe the number of times I've been asked to buy something in Guernsey to take back to the UK, or friends have asked me to order stuff online (minus VAT) for them to collect and take back after a visit. Not that I ever would of course
  16. If you could only fish a 12 hour session what would you choose? The excitement of putting your baits out at dusk, being woken by a screaming run and not knowing what you've hooked into until it's landed? Or Being able to see everything that's happening when your playing the fish...not to mention stalking.
  17. I've had a set of 3 Txi plus and receiver for 18 months with no problems at all- including the battery cover fitting perfectly. I've used them on a 48 hour session where it rained constantly - and I mean it rained for 48 hours. Non stop. No problems. I have even dropped one in the lake and it still works fine. Down here we don't pay VAT so I got my set, plus the night light hangers for under £400. I don't know if that is is good value for money or not. I'll let you know in 10 years
  18. +1 for the Daiwa loads of the sea anglers round here use it Also, if you can find one, the Shimano Twinpower 4000 XT RB with fighting drag. I have one on my 7ft stalker and recommend it highly.
  19. It was just a bad day. We all get them. It sounds like you live close by to some waters, why not just go out for a walk round your local and try to spot a few. Put a stalking set up in the back of the car, just in case.
  20. £7.50? Are they as much as that now? That must include being loaded with line yes?
  21. I can recommend the Greys Spod plus...but then again, it's the only one I've ever used.
  22. A 76lb conger eel off the coast of Newquay when I was 18 which made the local press as fish of the month. It was supposed to be a 'pulling' holiday with a group of mates so I hadn't taken any clothes suitable for a says sea fishing and turned up wearing a jumper like HH's, baggy jeans, suede shoes and a leather box jacket (it was the 80's and I was from Essex) The other guys in the trip were taking the mickey all the way out to the wreck we were fishing - but were strangely and satisfyingly quiet on the way back.
  23. Agreed - I've never been able to find a red lantern though, only head torches and cycle LEDs
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