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  1. I think he might mean postcodes. As in some of us mark our tackle with a pen that can only be viewed under UV light
  2. About 25 years but with a couple of years off here and there. Started on the river Nene when I was a kid, graduated to what is now known as Wharfe Pool when I a teenager (probably bumped into Happyhammer without realising it) Then did quite a bit of fly fishing and pike angling when I moved back to Peterborough before getting back into Carp. Living in the Channel Islands currently and and go on my first wreck fishing trip this weekend.
  3. I use a Shimano Aerlex myself, but any old reel will do, so long as it can cast to where you are fishing. Not worth spending loads of money on IMO. In fact, I have an Okuma baitrunner reel you can have for free. EDIT - Especially as you're a fellow Peterborian
  4. I must admit I'm anxious about returning the UK next year and being able to find a suitable water. Here I'm spoilt. The waters aren't huge and even a mid double is a rare catch but I nearly always have the lake to myself and that's what makes it more enjoyable. I packed up early on Sunday when a load of numptys turned up and started fishing across my lines. Not to mention the radio blaring and then spodding 10kg of bait into the lake. Errmm I do have a rod pod though
  5. Easily explained by the 'Perpetual Law of Want'. Mathematically expressed as E = N + 1 E is the amount of tackle you need. N is the amount of tackle you have. It's just science. You can't fight it.
  6. Millets do one by Eurohike - their own brand. They're only about a fiver and it does exactly what it says on the er...mug
  7. One of the Shimano fighting drag reels. The Super GT RC seems good value at around £60.00
  8. I have caught carp on the fly from my local reservoir and used a fly on a floating set up to take one off the top at my local water. It's good fun playing a carp by hand rather than on the reel. The only bother I've had, is finding swims with enough room for the back cast
  9. I think they're all pretty much the same. Some seem better at certain tackle items than others. I'm a big fan of Shimano for their reels (and cycling groupsets) but I wouldn't touch their rods with...erm..a shimano rod. PB Products stuff seems to be a notch or two above the rest though.
  10. From the NSW Industry and Investment website (think agriculture and fisheries) Common carp are one of Australia’s most despised introduced freshwater fish and have been implicated in the degradation of inland river systems. Although present in Australia for ~150 years, carp did not become a recognised pest until the appearance of the European Boolarra strain in the 1960s. Following colonisation of the Murray River, and aided by widespread flooding in 1974, carp populations rapidly spread throughout the Murray-Darling Basin and established populations in all states except the Northern Territory. Although commercial, anecdotal and some scientific data suggest that carp populations have since declined in many areas, the species continues to spread and invade new waterways. Numerous forums and workshops have been held to develop and progress potential carp control solutions. However, most assessments of potential control alternatives have failed to provide an effective means of managing the problem. These have included assessments of over-harvest, trapping, poisoning, exclusion, bio-controls, biotechnologies and habitat manipulation. Over the last few years, at least four initiatives have begun to show some promise. These are: the Tasmanian Carp Management Program based on physical removal activities, carp separation devices which can remove carp as they migrate through fishways, a novel molecular genetic approach, ‘Daughterless Carp Gene Technology’, designed to integrate an inheritable gene into the population that limits the abundance of the highly fecund females, and the identification of discrete and finite carp breeding hot-spots within river systems to aid targeted control activities. The methods used to identify breeding hot-spots will be outlined and a project to trial the effectiveness of a control strategy based on targeting spawning/recruitment hotspots for catchment-wide carp control will be described.
  11. What's the difference between a fly fishing reel and centre pin reel? Will either do both jobs?
  12. I've heard this said before. What's the big deal then? Why should I buy one?
  13. The Shimano GTE-C is an excellent reel and although discontinued you can still find them for around £75.00 each, or less, if you spend some time on Google. I have 3 and can't recommend them highly enough.
  14. When I lived in the UK I was spoilt for choice, Bluebell Lakes was only about 20 minutes away and I was also a member of a water just 1 mile up the road that was difficult to fish but had a nice head of carp. The river Nene was also nearby and always worth a day or two in the summer and I suppose I could have tried the A1 pits, being only an hour away. So many waters, alas, so little time Everything in Guernsey is only, at most, 20 minutes away from everywhere else, so again not much travelling required to visit the local quarries, which hold plenty of doubles. Course, there is also plenty of sea. Have I ever mentioned I only live 2 minutes from the beach.
  15. What should I be looking at/for in a marker reel? I'm treating myself after passing some exams and have already decided on Greys Spod/Marker rods and an Emblem spod reel. Which leaves just the marker reel to choose I've had a look through previous threads but would still like some advice. E.g. Big Pit style for easier retrieves or baitrunner for easier depth finding? I was just going to use an old Okuma reel I've got lying around- but like I say, I've decided to treat myself. Happy to spend up to £100 (another Emblem maybe?) or am I just being daft spending that much?
  16. I like my baitrunners, but my favourite reel is the Twinpower XT-RB 4000 on my stalking rod. Fantastic reel
  17. Just like HH I cut my teeth on The Warren in Stanford-le-Hope and also across the road on the Leisure Sports lake during the early 80's Reel churners, silver foil doilies, coins and pie dishes...jumpers for goalposts. Happy days
  18. Picture taken with a phone - probably doesn't do it justice :wink Remember where I am though, only a few small quarry holes to fish in -I like when every now and then, they throw up something different.
  19. Not the biggest I've ever caught but probably the prettiest. Just a smidge under 10lbs
  20. I know I'm resurrecting an old thread but I wondered how this February was working out for people. Spring seems to be in the air down here so I'm off to test the theory tomorrow
  21. Wow, small world. It would have been around 1982 - 1984 for me. It was Pete Murray's rod that went off - a reel churner - when I caught the carp I was talking about. I don't know the other guys but probably met them without realising it, I was a couple of years younger than them. Another lad that I knew quite well back then was John Hardy he was big mates with Pete as I remember. I left SLH when I was 18 and didn't go back until about 10 years later. The Kings Head was still there but sadly the 'Bait Box' was a Chinese restaurant. I'd love to do a session on Wharfe Pool again, just for old times sake. - I was at St Cleres by the way
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