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  1. Flippin heck! Some of you lot are bonkers I love my fishing and I spend far more than I need to on tackle (two new reels yesterday) but I have other interests (shooting, cycling) work and exams , and I wouldn't say I'm addicted, I know when to draw the line and like to think I keep a sensible balance. My (new!) wife never complains when I disappear for a few days either so after reading some of the other posts I guess I'm lucky there. The other day she even bought me a camo jacket because she 'thought it would be good for fishing' You can have too much of a good thing you know.
  2. Just starting to pick up a bit down here and I'm confident ahead of a session this weekend. Luckily we didn't have anything like the winter that was had by the UK
  3. Quality posts crayonhussey. I ducked out of this debate when it degenerated into comments like Nice
  4. On my local water there is a small bay that invariably produces bites around midday and midnight. So far none of the other members have sussed it and I rarely see anybody in that particular swim. It's got to the point that even if I have caught and somebody arrives to ask how I've gotten on, I always say I've caught from another part of the lake. I should add that there are only 6 members
  5. OK an opinion then. 1. I don't see how a non native species that has cross bred with other non native strains (koi is an obvious example to make my point) can be said to have 'evolved' into an English strain. There simply is no such thing. 2. Whether you, I or any body else like it, importation will continue whilst our sport grows in popularity - though as a previous post points out, the rules are so strict now that I expect that legal importation will decrease. Unfortunately I also expect that illegal importation will continue to rise as a result and this increases the risk of disease being unwittingly imported. So banning legal importation, as per your original post, will not work and in fact puts 'our' stocks at risk. 3. What is so wrong about (disease free) foreign fish anyway? There is a counter argument that introducing foreign strains improves the gene pool of current stocks. I have never felt comfortable fishing commercial waters stocked with artificially large fish, whether those are foreign or bred in the UK (and I know of at least one UK breeder, breeding from foreign strains). Fortunately living where I now do, I longer have to have that battle with my conscience. Now, I don't know Pavyotts Mill so correct me if I am wrong, but I presume from your OP that they have legally imported large carp and advertised that fact in the angling press. They have not broken the law and are satisfying customer demand and you want then banned, either from importing or advertising their business (or both). Hmm very reasonable. Is that what you call a quality post?
  6. What is an English carp? Where do you think 'our' carp came from in the first place?
  7. Or even here www.fisheries4sale.com Google is your friend.
  8. Not sure about carp but have caught loads of trout on bloodworm, for me it seems to be most effective in the early part of the year, when there are less competitive hatches about.
  9. Thanks guys. That was the running joke of the day, but she did buy me a set of Delkims for Xmas so I think I got the right girl!
  10. Fantastic day here yesterday, which was great because I got married. Today it's all storm warnings and floods
  11. Many thanks guys, I'll give it try.
  12. Do you need to strip both ends then? One end for the hair and the other to tie to the swivel
  13. I've never used it, so sorry in advance if this seems a stupid question. I've just been reading some of the rig tying threads and it got me thinking I should have more versatility in my rig wallet What advantages does coated braid offer and when should I use it instead of my usual fluorocarbon or braid hook links?
  14. I have fished there once, as the guest of a member, about 2 years ago. I blanked but he landed a low thirties. It's just off the A35 between Dorchester & Poole. It's £475 a year to join. You could just actually click on the link you know and see all this for yourself. Here it is again http://pallingtonlakes.com/index.html
  15. http://pallingtonlakes.com/ Members only now though
  16. It was all rubbish and, I suspect, probably stolen in the first place. I did keep their bivvy bag though Oh, and a chair
  17. ^^Reminds me of a time when a load of lads bivvied up in the swim next to mine and spent the night smoking weed and drinking lager. I woke in the night to the sound of a fight breaking out between them and one falling into the water. Don't like to be a grass but I had a word with the bailiff the next day (ex army) who gave them literally 2 minutes to get in their van and clear off. They didn't even bother to reel their rods in and left all their gear behind!
  18. Chick peas and maize for me lately. I really don't know why but boilies seem to be dead on my local water at the moment.
  19. I'm just being facetious. Down here we've not seen a flake of snow and when I visited the UK a couple of weeks ago I was genuinely shocked at how cold it was.
  20. Cold weather during winter shocker
  21. February does seem to throw up the odd day or two where it is unseasonably warm and I'm sure I remember reading something years ago about Valentine's day marking a 'false spring' where animals are fooled into coming out of hibernation early. Maybe there is something in it, but I know what would happen if I tried to test the theory and go fishing on that 'special' day
  22. See here for a good explanation of Test Curves and reasons why it is flawed measurement. http://www.harrisonrods.co.uk/Testcurve.htm
  23. That's a Viz Top Tip surely?
  24. It's a spot on article and is what stopped me fly fishing at my local water in the UK. The final straw was watching a group of so called 'anglers' follow the owner to the water's edge, rods in hand & grinning inanely, whilst he stocked a new lake record. Then seeing them run round the lake to try and get in front of the fish and stick a fly on it's nose. It was caught (and killed) within 24hrs. Luckily freshwater fishing down here is still about unknown waters and mysterious fish, none of them are commercially stocked - not enough of us carp anglers to make it worthwhile. Just full of what some people call wild carp, but that I call commons, and the odd big koi/ghostie that have found their way into local waters over the years! There is talk of a 'monster' in an old and overgrown quarry water near me but there's not really much chance of catching anything over 20 here. But then that's not really the point is it?
  25. Ah! I have to admit that I've been guilty of all of that in the past. When I started carp fishing again, about 3 years ago, it was the first time I had used alarms and it simply didn't occur to me until after a month or two how it impacted on other anglers. It wasn't until I noticed other anglers doing it as I started to fish commercial waters that I realised how annoying it can be. So I APOLOGISE if I have inadvertently annoyed anybody on this forum with my OCD tendencies of having bobbins at exactly the right height, reels lined up etc, before switching the alarms off. I just couldn't help myself. I don't do it any more.
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