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  1. I've just moved to Guernsey and fished a small quarry water last week. I pulled a nice looking 7-8lb common onto the bank but was told by a local angler that it was a 'wildie' I didn't think were any wildies left and even if there were, 5lb would be a specimen fish let alone 8lb Looked like a common to me, albeit a slimmer version, more like the river carp I used to catch in the Nene. He wouldn't have it though and was so insistent I'm doubting myself.
  2. Yeah you're right. It's been almost twenty years! I used to use a similar rig but with no stop knot, so basically a free running rig. If the line broke then the fish would just pull the hook length through the stop bead. Oh well, off to find how to tie that stop knot now. Thanks for taking the trouble to reply
  3. Erm actually, can somebody help me with that 'Stiff paternoster Rig' set up on the Rig Thread - and sorry if this is a really stupid question The diagram that's posted appears to show the lead line is fixed between the hooklink swivel and Dracon stop knot. Is this not dangerous? If the line was to breakthe fish would be dragging the lead around? Also is the fish not likely to drop the bait when he feels some resistance? Or have I missed something obvious?
  4. Got it. Just what I was looking for. Thanks
  5. Hi There. I'm new to the forum having just returned to the sport after a long abscence. Having blanked at my local water since starting I'm trying to think of some better ways of presenting my bait. The lake itself is very silty and weedy and I'm still not too clued up on the best sort of rigs for fishing this type of water. Any advice?
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