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  1. 10 cups millet 16oz light corn syrup 2 cups wheat bran 2 cups all purpose flour 1 tbs flavoring of choice ( optional ) Place all the dry ingrediants in a large bowl or bucket. Heat the syrup about 30 seconds in the microwave ( this makes it easier to mix ). Pour the syrup in with the other ingrediants and add flavoring if you want to. Mix together well, put it in a bucket with a lid on it, and let it set over night. It will last a long time as long as you keep the lid on it when your not using it. Breaks in about 1 1/2 minutes. I've been catching a lot of fish on this bait. Sometimes plain will work just as well as flavored. You can also reduce the amount of flavoring to weaken the flavor. Water temp. and clarity have a lot to do with what the carp want.
  2. I've heard from several people that grits are a good pac bait for river fishing here in NC, but I can't seem to figure out how to make them work. They either don't hold together or they never break apart. Does anyone have a recipe that works?
  3. You can add some molasses, mix it up good, and let it set out in the sun for a day. If it's going to work this should do it. Be careful not to add to much molasses at a time.
  4. I'm not real sure what to tell you on the black bait. What I've used was made by my friend in greer and I haven't actually tried making any myself. I can tell you that what I have is pretty dry but it packs like a rock. It's hard to through though because it breaks easily.
  5. I have a friend that fishes those same lakes with a lot of sucess. It may be your bait that's not doing the job. I know he has luck with berry flavors. I live in NC and use cherry strawberry and rasberry with a lot of sucsess so you might want to give one of them a try.
  6. First off chow and black bait are two entirely different baits. Black bait is made with horse or chicken feed and black strap molasses. Chow is made with ground chow and usually corn or water. If you want to keep it for a while use water because corn will sour. You can mix about one can of corn or water to three pounds of chow. If it's to dry to pack add more wetter if it gets to wet add more chow. Be careful because there's a fine line between it not packing, breaking just right, and not breaking. The best thing to do is get it to where you can pack it in a ball and then pack a small ball of it around a corn puff. Drop it in the water and time it to see how long it takes for the puff to float up. That amount of time is known as your break time. For a beginner about a minute and a half is good. If it's not on that you can adust by adding wetter or drier. The wetter it is the longer the break time will be.
  7. Yeah, I live about ten minutes from there. That's also very close to one of the paylakes I fish. Next time your up this way you need to check out Creekside Lakes. It's a hard lake to fish but they run some pretty good derbys and most of the folks that fish there are freindly and willing to help you out a little.
  8. Minute rice, ketchup or cream corn, and flavoring. Butternut works best with ketchup. Strawberry works well with corn. If your fishing at night throw in a little ground chow. This works well but don't mix it until your ready to fish and don't mix a lot at a time because it dries out quick. I've have a friend in Inman who used penut butter in something but I'm not sure what so you may want to chech that out as well. As for millet there's a recipe on that works great. I've been using it and like it a lot.
  9. I use 8 cups (3 lb.) of millet or finch food. 1 1/2 cups of wheat bran. 1 1/2 cups of all flour ( not self rising). 16 oz. bottle of light corn syrup. 1-2 cap fulls of flavoring. Mix it all together and your ready to go. If it's to wet add flour and if to dry add syrup. You can get wheat bran at feed stores or you can buy wheat bran cereal and put in your blender. Be sure the cereal is made with wheat bran instead of wheat flour. Put 2-3 corn pops on your hook and pack a ball of the millet around it. It will break apart about two minutes after it hits the water and when the fish start to eat it they will go for the pops because they're the biggest thing there to eat. Basically the millet is just used to draw the fish in. Kinda like a little ball of chum.
  10. I've found that 7 - 7 1/2 ft medium-light or medium bass rods work very well. For comfort on big fish we wrap our rod handles with the padded tape they use on tennis rackets. This will really same your hands.
  11. I fish in paylakes and I use Abu Garcia reels on 7 1/2' medium/light bass rods. 17 to 20 lb. line. This is the same setup most of the people I fish with use. If you are looking for some good reel at a reasonable price, you can't beat the CatMaxx from Bass Pro Shops. I use them for catfishing and as a backup set of carp reels. No need to spend a lot on rods. some of the people I know use $75 - $100 rods. Mine cost $20 and work just as well as theirs do. I also agree on the retie after a big fish. I usually remove about three feet of line after a 15+ lb. fish and after each trip. Hope this info will help ya out.
  12. I'm from NC but I used to have some friends in WV and they used millet or rice pack bait with corn pops. I talked with some people from that area a few weeks ago and there were buying grape millet to take back with them. A rice recipe that used to work up there is minute rice, ketchup, and butternut flavoring. We have two brands of concentrated flavoring down here. Don't know if you guys have it or not. If not you can use vanilla and it should work nearly as well.
  13. Forest City is about an hour away from Vale. The one lake is located on Hwy 27 and the other is near there but a bit harder to get to.
  14. I'm from the Vale area and we have two lakes near by. They are Creekside Lakes a Taylor Lake. I fish Creekside and the action pretty good. The derbys are a little higher but so are the payouts.
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