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  1. thanks guys. not all 6 will be fishing but im hoping to get the missus having a go!
  2. Hi all, im planning a holiday for the family which consists of 6 adults and two children under 5 for a weeks carping in france. Now obviously not everyone will be fishing. idealy i am looking for a lake with good accomodation for the family and ideally lake exclusitivity for this week. has anyone heard of or been to any where they can reccommend?
  3. hi im trying to pursuade my family to go on a carping holiday. im looking at options in the uk. does anyone know of any lakes that will cater for around 10-12 people with the option to hire out a whole lake for the week
  4. tell me about it. you see halloween stuff and christmas stuff at the same time now! atill its a time to splash out and get the missues to get you a nice bit of kit
  5. Yes its just round the corner.so whats everyone thinking of getting? im after a bivvy for the winter, any suggestions?
  6. looks great, thanks. just gotta pursuade the family now!!
  7. hi guys, im hoping to arrange a fishing trip to france next year for my family. im just wondering what information is avalible so i can make the right choice. As i said its a family trip with a range of children from 4 to 10 going. any help or resource would be apprieciated. i should also mention it will be a party of around 15 people
  8. any 1 know of any carp lake around the kissimmee area in florida?
  9. ive seen kent particles advertising 10kg boilies with a tub of matching pop-ups, tub of dip, ½ kg of paste & FREE Delivery for £54.99. just wondering if anyone has used them and which flavour to try.
  10. do u have to use a specialised rod?
  11. what set up were you using for the surface fishing
  12. whats henleaze like? might get down their one day with the lads. what kind of bottom is the lake? gravel, silty etc.
  13. at my local lake i often fish distances of only 10-20 meters.these areas that i fish are fished from board which leaves my rod tips at least a meter above the surface.im worried that my line wont be concealed enough and spook the carp. what would be an ideal setup?
  14. any1 know of a good carp shop in the orlando area? preferably around the international drive area.
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