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  1. try the handset mate might be a dodgey connection on the aerial point
  2. if you get in touch with grande slam mate they will take the boat in for a service(i think the admin charge is 30 quid,thats picked up and brought back) they will then contact you and let you know what the problem is and whether you want it repairing and cost,saying that if its still less than 12 months old you should be covered by the warranty.hope this helps
  3. i've come up against the secret squirell brigade a couple of times my self!! when i first started to get into carping,i was and still am very eager to learn and improve my fishing where ever possible,there is a local water down by me which i hit hard for a good while(blanking everytime might i add) but i was determined to catch out of there,most of the lads i spoke to just didnt want to know,i wasnt pecking for this that and the other just wanted a push in the right direction it wasnt until i met jules007 and his friend martin that i found out not all people are secret agents,they gave me a little help on my rig presentation and a couple of areas to try a line.this resulted in me banking a 14lb 7oz mirror which i was over joyed at!! these lads just taking a little time out to help me along the way has spurned me on to the level i'm at today.just goes to show not all anglers are the same,there are some descent lads out there you just got to find them and if anybody ever asked me for help i'd happily oblige because i know first hand what its like to be treated differently because in "their" eyes i dont deserve the help
  4. cant beat the rush of belting out of the bivvy in middle of night gets my adrenaline screaming love it!! nights for me!!
  5. cheers lads will look into the rigmarole aswell
  6. i'm wanting to experiment with one of my rods (i use 3) using a fluro hooklink,i've picked up a spool of esp ghost and was wondering how to straighten it out when making the hook length never used it before but the appeal of it been almost invisible and stiffer than my normal braid appeals to me any help appreciated lads thanks
  7. but to people who know you jules your a teddy bear really
  8. totally agree a guy i fish with waited 5 years to get his membership(i met him my 1st session on this water) on my club water i fished it 3 times and was offered mine straight away
  9. one springs to mind the grandeslam shuttle bait boat small compact holds 2kg bait and is 400 brand new or theres the tfg patriot bait boat you can probably get one for 250 new but its hit and miss on the reviews for these.or the viper boat simmilar to shuttle can get a new one around same price hope this helps mate
  10. carpersmithy

    June begins

    thats a first
  11. carpersmithy

    June begins

    yeah oaklands water goole,going back in 2 weeks seen a bigger ghosty in there think last time it was caught it weighed in around 24lb mark thats my target
  12. carpersmithy

    June begins

    it was a mental weekend jules i swear mate tryed out some new rigs i'd done and some new bait and boom took lake apart mate well happy
  13. pics in june catch reports yay!!!
  14. carpersmithy

    June begins

    a few from last weekend 10lb 12oz mirror 15lb common right little lump 18lb mirror new pb mirror aswell 20lb 1oz ghosty new pb over the moon with this one 13lb 11oz not bad for a weekends fishing had a couple more out besides an 18lb plus common and a 15lb 4oz mirror.
  15. on one particular night me and my mate were bivvied up,the wind and rain starting coming hard and fast just before dark.obviously were all sitting in our mini homes when i heard a shout from my mate.poked my head out of my bivvy to see his in the tree above him the wind had been that strong it just tore his pegs out of the ground slinging everything into the tree i couldnt help but laugh also in the ruckus the force had literally thrown his terminal tackle box straight into the lake i asked him what had happened he says i was laying on my bed and the next thing i'm getting wet and can see stars
  16. there going up as soon as my mate sends them to me jules i've done really well out of there to say i've only done 4 weekends in total
  17. well the mcpot has done it again went back to oaklands this weekend,what a session i had got there friday afternoon bivvied up and put my baits out where i thought the fish might be lurking 2 to the margins and one on a small island point just inside my swim...1 hour later 2nd margin rod takes off and bang am into a lovely 18lb 7 oz common belting way to start the session i thought back out it goes and around 30 mins later the island rod takes off.2nd fish 13lb 11oz miror back out it goes,about 7pm same rod goes again but i hit the rod too fast(was stood next to the pod having a brew saw back lead suddenly shoot,should of left it a couple of more seconds to get the hook in ) missed the fish,out again 10pm just as its coming dark same rod screams off,and a new pb was to come my way a lovely 20lb ghost carp that was my special fish it was beautiful,never will i top this!!! out again for the night and settles down again with another brew!! quiet night follows. 7am saturday closest margin rod takes off and a nice lump of 15lb 4oz mirror graces my net followed by a quiet day....around 5pm island rod goes again this ends in a 18lb mirror another new pb again a quiet night. after breakfast sunday sat again having brew and island rod goes again lost the mirror at the net out again same rod goes again around 1hour later 15lb common out it goes again and just as bivvy was coming down around lunch another small common to end the session 10lb 12oz.to say i'm ecstatic is an understatement,7 fish out 2 lost and 2 new pbs yay for me pics to follow soon
  18. i got a jrc twin skin 2 man of julesoo7,fantastic bivvy,and its huge inside
  19. digital reubons for me banging little things and easier to read imo
  20. i'm with jules here esp crystal mono,me and this line just gel but saying that i have the sensor line on my match reel in 4lb breaking strain not really gave it a bash yet tho.
  21. its a hard complex mate good luck,its been years since i fished up there tho
  22. thats the funniest thing i've read all day!!! pmsl pure genius well in happyhammer
  23. what i wanna know is if these people are saying our sport is harming fish and there calling us evil why the hell are they doing pain studies on fish and injecting them with wasp venom??? how can this be compared to the feeling of a hook?? big difference if you ask me,there just as bad as us if thats what they think and also cracking thread this,just read from start to finish,some strong views here
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