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  1. Orchid Lakes, Marsh Pratley

    oh dear not good news at all.
  2. School fishing club

    I work at a school and take some of the students fishing every once in a while. Due to the nature of the students I can only ever take two at a time. I am lucky as I have a small fishery 10 mins drive away that allows me to teach the kids for a few hours. I also have a small pet and angling shop a short walk from the school who help me out with bait requests at short notice and stuff. So as Nick has already said you will need a friendly venue and if you can get any help then all the better. The school will have to cover all the Risk Assessments and you will need to ensure that any help you get need to be CRB checked before contact with your kids. Years ago at a different school I would take a small class of lads for an after school fishing club and if the weather was rubbish then we used to watch videos and discuss tactics. All aspects of the angling disciplines were covered and the lads got quite good at tying their own rigs. Casting lessons can be given on the school field and I even took them through a full 48 hr session set up lesson on the field once which they found really useful. If you get enough interest then you should check out Les Webbers Angling Projects down near Wraysbury. They have a fully functioning lake and lodge that is all enclosed and the kit can be supplied by them too. All you need is transport, food, bait and adult helpers. PM me if you need any specific help.
  3. Catching other species

    Danny please tell me you are not going to specifically target Pike in the summer?
  4. So What is sheer luck

    I might have to pop up and recce the venues myself then one weekend.
  5. So What is sheer luck

    but not everyone can fish Grendon midweek can they ? I was thinking more the social aspect with the restaurant the booze etc. Take your other halfs, blokes go fishing during the day the chicks can go into Northampton shoe shopping or summit.
  6. So What is sheer luck

    Is Billing a good venue for a social then? It has a hotel next to it, it has camping and it has a bar and restaurant. Whats the fishing like?
  7. A Bit Of Interactive Bank Chat

    I was at Naseby yesterday Pike fishing and there were five other anglers all fishing for carp still. The guy who came down to check the water levels also told me that Drayton was free on Christmas day. I used to work at Daventry and would pass the resi entrance on my way to and from work. It is always packed with anglers. I still haven't fished there. It just doesn't hold any interest for me to be honest.
  8. A Bit Of Interactive Bank Chat

    It does seem unseasonally warm at the minute so im going to take advantage and get out as much as I can. I normally Pike fish at this time of the year but Ive packed a small bag with carp bits and bait just in case I spot any activity. I might even end up fishing on Christmas day itself.
  9. Dropping leads and it's impacts

    Ive got a few broken toasters at school, they should be ok for margin fishing ? If I use bread crumb as an attractor the whole lot shouldn't look out of place. What do you think ?
  10. Any Ex Forces out there........?

    I was in for a while. The scoff will be fine, just sort them out in date order and eat them. They will be fine.
  11. wow fork handles ! I have a very similar contraption but made with smaller pots and a single citronella candle. I leave it on for as long as one candle lasts approx. 2 hrs. The citronella keeps the mossies away and the flickering light keeps the rats away, it doesn't get hot enough to burn through the groundsheet and doesn't produce enough carbon dioxide to kill me (I never sleep with the bivvy zipped up). It might and only might just provide enough heat to provide some placebo heat. I like it on, it pleases me.
  12. New to the forum

    Ban Kermit ? why what has the slightly annoying but cute little froggy done now lol. welcome to the forum Banky
  13. The Corn Ball was not meant to be :(

    Polenta is made from maize. You can buy blocks of polenta from the supermarket. cut it into cubes and then if you wish roll it into balls and boil.
  14. did you get it untangled?
  15. PVA bag fishing

    you can cut the top three inches of a small pop bottle which can then be used as a funnel to load items into your bag. If you use a junior hacksaw and cut a slit into the funnel lengthways you can even slip a small inline lead and baited hook into the bag too.