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  1. go to the nearest tackle shop to the venue you intend to fish and see what is on the shelves (or in the freezer) bait wise. It stands to reason that if they sell a lot of brand X bait then the venue will be seeing brand X.
  2. one of the lakes near me got hit with Golden Algae because all the conditions were right for it. Lost all 760 of his fish.
  3. No I mean put your bedchair on first (upside down) then open out the legs of the bedchair which will then become the sides.
  4. regarding the loading. Put your bed chair on first and then open the legs out to give yourself some sides. Put the heavier stuff over the wheel and anything light towards the handles.
  5. I think that when a Carp pops its head and shoulders out it is simply looking to see what my set up is. Most of the time I envisage a small shoal of carp sitting just under the water laughing their fins off....
  6. very crafty. Ive done the same with some landing net replacements I had lying in the shed.
  7. I use the 3 in 1 coffee sticks all the time. They do a stronger version in a green packet that are even better.
  8. Ive used a 3 ft hooklength under a mini spod on Clattercoat years ago. Then I changed to a sinking method feeder float and fished down and up in the feed cloud. Nowadays its more acceptable to zig fish in a cloud of sloppy bait.
  9. If you are both using different baits then you will probably end up competing against each other. Either that or one bait will start taking fish and then if you share it you might run out of it and have to wait until something else works. Fishing with a partner can be quite frustrating at times but i'm sure after a week together you will have found a happy medium. Its a holiday and not a competition so just enjoy learning stuff from each other in the first place. and take lots of pellet.
  10. I still go to venues where you can see wheelbarrows chained to the trees near the car park. I used one for two years.
  11. nothing ventured nothing gained eh. I might have just found myself a new hobby.
  12. Ive just typed euro swinger into google............. OMG
  13. just over £20 worth of metal and plastic bits of end tackle from Bank Tackle. Paid for it this morning and its in the post already.
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