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  1. bigtrev

    Would you rather........

    Ive used a 3 ft hooklength under a mini spod on Clattercoat years ago. Then I changed to a sinking method feeder float and fished down and up in the feed cloud. Nowadays its more acceptable to zig fish in a cloud of sloppy bait.
  2. bigtrev

    Fishing a double peg as a team

    If you are both using different baits then you will probably end up competing against each other. Either that or one bait will start taking fish and then if you share it you might run out of it and have to wait until something else works. Fishing with a partner can be quite frustrating at times but i'm sure after a week together you will have found a happy medium. Its a holiday and not a competition so just enjoy learning stuff from each other in the first place. and take lots of pellet.
  3. bigtrev

    Small now wheel trolly.

    I still go to venues where you can see wheelbarrows chained to the trees near the car park. I used one for two years.
  4. bigtrev

    Hello From Plymouth

    Welcome Shaun.
  5. bigtrev

    Just thought i'd say hi

    welcome buddy...
  6. bigtrev

    Euroswinger help !!!

    nothing ventured nothing gained eh. I might have just found myself a new hobby.
  7. bigtrev

    Euroswinger help !!!

    Ive just typed euro swinger into google............. OMG
  8. bigtrev

    What is your newest purchase

    just over £20 worth of metal and plastic bits of end tackle from Bank Tackle. Paid for it this morning and its in the post already.
  9. bigtrev

    Poseidon Ground Tester

    im sure someone can do the same with a sweetcorn can. Cast out let it sink, the quickly lift the rod tip and wind in like mad. What does it tell us ? the ground in front is silty and muddy or weedy and gravelly. The same as a lead already tells us but with out digging out little scoops of lake bed. Do they do one in green? I'll have two.
  10. bigtrev

    Margin rig?

    nope only 12 ft s I find lowering a bait 13ft out from the margins is too far........
  11. bigtrev

    Margin rig?

    I like the margins. I can cast to them accurately.......
  12. bigtrev

    Orchid Lakes, Marsh Pratley

    oh dear not good news at all.
  13. bigtrev

    School fishing club

    I work at a school and take some of the students fishing every once in a while. Due to the nature of the students I can only ever take two at a time. I am lucky as I have a small fishery 10 mins drive away that allows me to teach the kids for a few hours. I also have a small pet and angling shop a short walk from the school who help me out with bait requests at short notice and stuff. So as Nick has already said you will need a friendly venue and if you can get any help then all the better. The school will have to cover all the Risk Assessments and you will need to ensure that any help you get need to be CRB checked before contact with your kids. Years ago at a different school I would take a small class of lads for an after school fishing club and if the weather was rubbish then we used to watch videos and discuss tactics. All aspects of the angling disciplines were covered and the lads got quite good at tying their own rigs. Casting lessons can be given on the school field and I even took them through a full 48 hr session set up lesson on the field once which they found really useful. If you get enough interest then you should check out Les Webbers Angling Projects down near Wraysbury. They have a fully functioning lake and lodge that is all enclosed and the kit can be supplied by them too. All you need is transport, food, bait and adult helpers. PM me if you need any specific help.
  14. bigtrev

    Catching other species

    Danny please tell me you are not going to specifically target Pike in the summer?
  15. bigtrev

    A Bit Of Interactive Bank Chat

    I was at Naseby yesterday Pike fishing and there were five other anglers all fishing for carp still. The guy who came down to check the water levels also told me that Drayton was free on Christmas day. I used to work at Daventry and would pass the resi entrance on my way to and from work. It is always packed with anglers. I still haven't fished there. It just doesn't hold any interest for me to be honest.