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  1. but what is next after the wheel? c'mon guys get yer thinking caps on and invent the hover car of the carp fishing world. we already have camouflaged rigs and advanced bait delivery systems. we have underwater surveillance equipment but what haven't we got yet?
  2. I've only recently found that little gem and I love it.
  3. Hopsford by any chance?
  4. any group really.
  5. cant you take a bit out of both situations? I like travelling around fishing different day ticket venues around the UK as I find that more of a challenge but I always have a couple of lakes close to home that I go to every once in a while just for a reality check. one trip local next trip somewhere new. Keep an eye out for socials as you can learn lots from watching and chatting to others and it will nearly always be a venue that you haven't been to before.
  6. this is what I do if I need to cast a decent distance and im using bacon grill as bait. I get a packet of beef hula hoops and carefully push a baiting needle through one of the hoops sideways (not through the big hole in the middle). then I will cut a slice of grill the same thickness as the hula hoops, lay the grill on a hard surface and push the hula hoops into the grill slice so that it fills the big hole in the middle. Hair rig the meat filled hoop through the two holes already made in it. The whole lot will withstand a decent cast and the bait will act like a wafter. after an hour or so the hoop will be totally soft but the meat will still be on the hair.
  7. ive just spent a week at the Woburn Centre Parcs. I felt trapped, no signal to my phone unless I walked past the car park and the trees (im sure they have some sort of jamming device) My daughter got a signal once she logged into the CP wifi but even that was sporadic. Everything was so blinking expensive too. £5.55 for a pint of Guinness as an example. There was a lake in the park but no fish. Hope you managed to catch a few in the short time you had.
  8. well for gods sake you need to label them as fishing bait. I had a fish pie last year that my missus made with fish from the freezer. Only trouble was it was fish from one of my un labelled pike fishing day session packs. Mmmm Mackerel,Smelt and Roach pie.
  9. most of the parents round here use horses
  10. I'm at Discovery Academy in Nuneaton it's part of Macintyre Academies.
  11. I think most of us can be guilty of fishing too heavy for the most part. Look at the match anglers using fine line and small hooks with single corn or a small pellet as bait. Ive had 20lb plus carp in the summer whilst fishing for Bream on carrot and 10mm xxx boilies. The 2.5 tc rods and 8 lb mainline did me proud and the fight was fantastic. Zigs are normally on smaller hooks and the line diameter is also thin and possibly pre stretched as well.
  12. yes you are.
  13. don't you dare worry about looking like a noddy because you want to use a float. The carp don't care what you look like they only care about swimming around and eating then they swim a bit more and then they eat a bit more . I bet if you started catching on float fished worm the other guys would soon follow your example.
  14. they are in fact spacers to stop the buckets from jamming together on the pallets.
  15. give Sean the owner a call closer to the date and he will give you all the goss. I haven't fished it for over a year and my weekend was pretty dire with a big fat zero, however your story could be different.