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  1. wow fork handles ! I have a very similar contraption but made with smaller pots and a single citronella candle. I leave it on for as long as one candle lasts approx. 2 hrs. The citronella keeps the mossies away and the flickering light keeps the rats away, it doesn't get hot enough to burn through the groundsheet and doesn't produce enough carbon dioxide to kill me (I never sleep with the bivvy zipped up). It might and only might just provide enough heat to provide some placebo heat. I like it on, it pleases me.
  2. New to the forum

    Ban Kermit ? why what has the slightly annoying but cute little froggy done now lol. welcome to the forum Banky
  3. The Corn Ball was not meant to be :(

    Polenta is made from maize. You can buy blocks of polenta from the supermarket. cut it into cubes and then if you wish roll it into balls and boil.
  4. did you get it untangled?
  5. PVA bag fishing

    you can cut the top three inches of a small pop bottle which can then be used as a funnel to load items into your bag. If you use a junior hacksaw and cut a slit into the funnel lengthways you can even slip a small inline lead and baited hook into the bag too.
  6. supersize frying pan

    all my noodles stay in the same pot. I just add water and stir. The pots don't need a posh case to hold them in, a simple carrier bag does the job.
  7. What's your Job

    I work at a school for SEN. 85 autistic kids and a shedload of young TA's keeps me busy but I wouldn't change it for anything lol. I get plenty of time off for fishing but unfortunately the six week holiday is one of my really busy periods.
  8. Dreams.

    I doubt very much if there are many sizeable Pike left in Sywell. I fished it four times earlier this year and every time there were dozens of non English persons with spinning kits thrashing the margins to a foam in order to fill their already smoking BBQ's. I caught and saw nothing during my four trips. That said I might just be rubbish at fishing.....
  9. How to fish this water

    fish for the carp in the margins and near to weed beds. Use bigger boilies double 20mm is a start and keep the freebies in a tight pile, stringers or pva bags with five or six boilies in. Bream prefer the open areas away from ambush points (think sheep in a field) and will happily graze over lots of smaller baits so things like pellets and corn should be avoided if possible.
  10. Surface fishing

    I use rice crispies, pop corn, sugar puffs, cat biscuits and dog biscuits and sometimes other cereals too. I can get them all to go the same distance. The different flavours and shapes and densities all help to confuse the fish and keep them guessing. How do I get them all the same distance? Mix them all in a bag or bucket and then pop a handful into a pva mesh bag. Bait your hook first then slip on a bag and cast it all out. Bag melts and the baits spread out with your hookbait in amongst it all. It can be cast a decent distance too.
  11. Somethig to make you laugh

    two parrots on a perch. one turns to the other and says "ere can you smell fish"?
  12. What is your newest purchase

    then too lol
  13. What is your newest purchase

    yeah that's correct size 14s. A pair of those sit nicely in a sprat deadbait and all of it including a lead sit neatly inside a large pva bag. I use them early season if I need to cast a fair distance.
  14. Hopsford hall

    Ive fished there a few times and its a nice little venue. Make sure you call Nicola and book in if you intend to do overnights at the weekend as they only allow so many on overnight. Ive had a mid twenty from the deeper area at the far end from the car park and all the other carp have been low to mid teens. There are plenty of bream in there too so you might need to adapt your tactics to target only carp (good luck).
  15. What is your newest purchase

    Ive just impulse purchased some size 14 trebles in preparation for the forthcoming winter pike season.