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  1. Ahoj

    I am trying to obtain a fishing license, I travel to presov two/three times a year and have a house in a nearby village. I would like to fish but i am really struggling to find out how and where to obtain the permit. I was wondering if you could help me please. 

    1. pali


      Hi, if you plan fishing on regular basis I suggest this:

      1. At local municipality (obecný úrad) buy fishing ticket (rybársky lístok), it is valid one or three years, the longer one is also cheaper per annum. 

      2. Find the local Slovak angling association office (Slovenský rybársky zväz) and they can sell you either fishing license for a week or a year. Annual license can be valid for local waters + so called association waters (all larger lakes and rivers) or as local waters permit only. The first one costs a bit more than 100€ a year. Address is Plzenská 2829/6 Prešov.


      If I remember right license should be cheaper for association members, then:

      3. Apply for membership which costs some initial fee and from there on you pay the membership stamps every year. 

      I am not 100% certain about citizens from abroad but this is roughly the outline. You can buy only a week license if you are not a member but I am not sure. If you go to their office they will tell you what to do. Just make sure you have fishing ticket mentioned in 1. above because they can't sell a license if you don't have it. 

      I hope this helps. 

  2. They put signs after stocking carp. Some people say that you could go fishing and nobody can say anything unless you put a carp in your net but I wouldn't risk it. You could be accused for poaching and that is a criminal offence here. I would go to the spot which is not very reachable and nobody is catching there and cast not far from dense snags - carp usually runs to the snag but not into it. Use simple concept, on such a place I would use 0.5 - 0.6mm fluoro mainline with no leader whatsoever and simple running rig with rather small detachable lead; forget the lead core it will make things much worse. Simple hair rig with size 5 hook, half dozen freebies on PVA with halibut pellets will do the thing. Good luck!
  3. Hi Ed, the difference is this: in Slovakia we have 2 types of water - local and nationwide. E.g. all big rivers, dams are national waters and you can go fishing only with national license there. This is valid for Kralova dam. Then there are local chapters of Slovak anglers association (SRZ = Slovensky rybarsky zvaz) and they sell local license which is cheaper and is valid for the local waters like the horseshoe lake you mentioned. https://goo.gl/maps/m5pbQ This license is cheaper but you can't go to Kralova which would be a sort of strange. If you would be expat resident in e.g. Soporna, you could join the local SRZ chapter and with nationwide license you would have automatically right to go for all local lakes including the one we talk about. If you are only a guest you can purchase local license: http://www.srzsered.sk/web/ceny-povoleniek It is 17€ per day or 70€ per week and 170€ a year. The lake should hold some big carp but it is known for tough snags. Far from them you catch nothing interesting - close to them you have hard time to land the fish.
  4. Well, Slovakia is a country with stunning landscapes and rich history... Castle Bojnice and winter fog:
  5. Strečno is partly preserved but Starhrad is slowly deteriorating. Many castles were destroyed by imperial army during Hungarian uprisings against Habsburgs in 17th century to remove possible fortified strongholds.
  6. It is Strečno castle and you can find it here: http://mapy.hiking.sk/?x=18.86239&y=49.17448 On the other photo you can see Starhrad (Old castle): http://mapy.hiking.sk/?x=18.89144&y=49.17787 Such fortifications were built mostly after invasion of Mongols in 1241. This 2 castles also protected the northern frontier in wars with Poland.
  7. Though there was a castle named Biely Kamen, it is just a ruin today: http://mapy.hiking.sk/?x=17.19591&y=48.261 My photo shows a castle not so far from Orava, you would need to go SW direction. There are actually 2 of them close to each other. The older one is in the front here, the original castle in question can be seen behind the ridge:
  8. Who knows where is this castle? Some legends say it was one of few places where Templar knights were active in Slovakia:
  9. You are right. Photo was taken from Charles's bridge and on the top right you can see the Prague castle.
  10. No, Old square would be rather behind my back.
  11. And the most important tourist site, who knows what is it?
  12. No problem Frank, here is some picture from the very heart of Prague:
  13. Are you sure? The old town in Prague is one of the largest in the world and I visited both but Prague historical centre seemed to be 3 times bigger.
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