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  1. no ones mentioned that the bloke bloody weighed it!!
  2. thats not true. there is a scientifically proven correlation between how much your fishing gear cost / how much of it - you is cammo compared to fish on the bank. theyre discerning creatures. no fish wants to be seen on a shoddy carp mat.
  3. yes, to a certain extent, depending on the constituents of the bait. activ8 works better once turning white due to the enzymes within the bait. other baits are better completely fresh. hence my asking.
  4. personally its the last place in france i would fish. its the magaluf of the carp fishing world.
  5. i know my old activ8 is fine to use, if not better, when it gets a bit furry. i have 5k of my grange which has started to turn due to moving house, anyone know what this bait is like when its like that? no opinions please, just if you know. thanks.
  6. ive had a few 14lb bream, didnt take any pics though, slimy things.
  7. firstly, dont ask fishermen...
  8. it should be mentioned that you should NOT, under any circumstances, tie the lead to the rig/mainline with a knot.
  9. 100yds without a shockleader and 12lb line is more than achievable.
  10. i did the same, i kind of gave it up between 18 and 23. my dad and his mates used to say to me i would and i never thought i would. women, hard house music and london put pay to any fishing aspirations i had.
  11. its just under half an acre. if its a circle (which it isnt) it is 1719 sq metres. an acre is 4046 sq metres. and that my maths lesson for today.
  12. you can pace it and there is a formula to work it out from that. my dad knows it. when i spk to him later ill ask him.
  13. aye, back lead clip. although we have a mould for back leads which we used to make then drill a hole in them and use the lead out of lead core to attach it to the line. any resistance and its off.
  14. do they have rings on? kind of narrow but tapered? bendy? theyre mine.
  15. think of the tackle thefts!
  16. why dont you try a multibionta, if the carp are after nutrients then this will be a winner.... im not sure a carp could see a piece of orange peel and instantly recognise the NV. generally it would be after a period of eating that bait that the carp would realise (in a very basic sense) that it had something they were lacking. furthermore, if the carp are blowing it back out, it indicates to me that they are not accepting it as a food source! im not sure they would suck it and recieve any nutrients!! a piece of orange peel is bright and im sure that on the right day carp come to the top and put all sorts of rubbish in their mouthes, the stuff they eat is generally the best stuff to use.
  17. exactly, but having a nice through action rod and braid defeats the object of having it 90% of the time. long distance = 3lb + tc rod, and braid. this equates to a horrible and tense fight most of the time. if i had to use it to catch carp, i would, but it takes some of the pleasure out of it for me. carpingod, of course people can achieve good distances with lighter set ups, but give a 2.5lb rod to someone who can cast properly and wait and see what happens. big casting has nothing to do with size and everything to do with technique.
  18. the thing about braid is that it is best used as a distance tool (imo) and that means high test curve rods. all very well, but playing fish, especially under the rod tip with broom handles and braid is frankly rank. my dad bought 4 miles of the stuff at some show in holland, and im happy just to have it on my market rod.
  19. could these still be considered complete food sources depending, obviously, on the mix I choose? there is a tiger nut ban on a lake im fishing this year & im thinking of giving a certain companies tiger nut basemix a whirl with some shell in it in a really small size – 8/10 mm as it was fishing well on them previous to the ban I can get the actual basemix at a good price too, viable to use as a groundbait if I wish, so I can afford to put a lot in relatively for someone on a baiting campaign by themselves. ive only ever used fishmeal boilies in any quantity before (if anyone says they have blown ill shoot them, some of them just don’t imo) and im concerned that a nut based mix is not going to be viable over long periods and is going to work in a similar way to nuts themselves (small amounts, hectic feeding) rather than a bait you should try and get the fish on. what are other peoples experience of nut based boilies? what is the longevity like? does anyone know whether the bait companies look for HNV as well as the nut content?
  20. in all honesty, ive never really had many problems but ive never blamed anything on my tackle. Ive never had a hook straighten, and Ive never had a knot go since ive been a carp fisherman. I put this down to good teaching and applying the correct method at the right times. I only use three or four different rigs, and slight variations of them (length / hook size) none are complicated and each has a specific hook, or style of hook that i use religiously on them. i saw someone play a fish recently and the knot went on the swivel. i asked what knot he was using and it was truly elaborate. something out of a fox manual i think. apart from leader knots. the only knots i need are a no knot, and a simple over over etc and through strangulation knot on swivel (or loop) with regards to tc. my rods, especially since the last time they were rebuilt & are like broom handles, ive still never really lost fish apart from one offs. i suppose it is a combination of decent hook hold and not bullying fish. there is very little tackle out there which you can blame for losing fish. people have landed 30's on poles, 4lb line and size 14 hooks for crying out loud so with a bit of nouse these things shouldnt happen. if tackle is applied correctly, and it still keeps going wrong, it certainly isnt an inherent problem with the gear.
  21. no problem with using fake corn.
  22. glad you all had a good week. hope the van didnt blow up on the way home![/quot ] youre joking!! what a gutter. check your oil before filling it up is the lesson of the day!!
  23. heard about the 30 on the float rod. good angling.
  24. glad you all had a good week. hope the van didnt blow up on the way home!
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