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  1. I personally haven't use a keepnet for over 20 years and probably never will again I don't think you should put any fish in a keepnet that can't turn around in it.
  2. the tinterweb (what my mum calls it) is the greatest source of knowledge known to man firstly id pick a venue to learn on, somewhere not to big (10 acres max) as you probably don't want to be casting 120 yards on your first time out and with plenty of fish(I picked a hard water to learn on and trust me its not nice going home without having caught anything on your first 5 or 6 trips) , then ask the local tackle shop for info on the lake so if you find out its mainly silt on the bottom you've got a starting point for research, that way you don't have to learn every conceivable method of carp fishing and can keep it simple. secondly is get a marker rod and learn to use it properly, there are thousands of tutorials online (youtube like dayvid mentioned)
  3. yonny have you found their baits break up easier when using the throwing stick at distances over 70 yards. in 2018 I had no problems reaching a certain swim at 70ish yards but last year the majority of baits broke up mid flight which is the main reason I went over to rolling my own. I was using the liver specials and wondered if they made a base mix change during that time.
  4. gonna use my 6 foot landing net pole to whack anyone who comes within swinging range (good way to enforce social distancing)
  5. I played around with different coloured tubing and hook lengths over silt a few years and found lighter colours slightly caught more. Only did it over a few sessions on a runs water so might have a different outcome on harder waters were fish haven't got as much competition
  6. Lol that takes me right back to the first boilies I ever rolled, monster crab stinking up the gaff and it totally wiped out my sense of smell for ages. My missus moans about the liver boilies i make now lol, might have to do some mc 1s and give her something to moan about
  7. if it was me in your position id ask the bailiff or local tackle shops rather than anglers on the bank as most of them will lie. reminds me of a syndicate I fish years ago and my first walk round I spoke to about 10 anglers and every one of them claimed to be new on the water and were very reluctant to even talk to me until I was the only personto catch over next 24 hours and all of a sudden everyones extremely friendly and wanting to know what bait I was using, don't think ive ever told so many people to f off in 1 day in my life but when I start on a new water I stick to what worked on previous waters and would only change it that wasn't working. im kind of lucky as in I wasn't going to do much carping this year and focus on barbel fishing so hopefully itll be winding down come mid june 🤞
  8. But it's not the fault of the police, their hands are tied by severely limited resorces and endless red tape
  9. he got 2 months for that when my mates 70 year old mum had her car broken into outside her house and when she went out they punched her in the face knocking her out for 5 minutes. all this was caught on camera and even tho their faces are clear and my mate knew who they were the police took 5 days to respond and took no further action. she should have said she was a polish otter they would have sent the sas out lol
  10. Yea But the chair says Preston on it so I put Preston
  11. Avid sleeping bag, avid bivvy,avid coolbag, avid unhooking Matt, avid rucksack, avid waterproofs Sonik rods, sonik retention sling, daiwa reels, delkims,matrix buzz bars, nash bedchair, Preston chair, trakker bivvy
  12. if you think that a bullet slows almost to a stop over a few feet on impact with water (films were you see people being shot while under water are BS so dont say you saw it on saving private ryanso it must be true) a boilie will drop straight down from the point it entered the water (undertow besides)
  13. As it happens I'm a design engineer for a furniture company and what I would look at is the weight and strength you need to achieve. Spruce ply is lighter than birch ply and what thickness could you reduce it to without compromising strength, do the sides and back need to be a solid sheet or could you cut 3 or 4 squares out to create a frame.
  14. I can remember when I was a nipper my dad made us a seat box out of some old kitchen worktop Good job the canal was at the bottom of the back garden cos carrying it was a 3 man job
  15. carp rods are taking a back seat this year and cracking out the river rods for a spot of barbel bashing on the trent and soar.
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