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  1. harpz_31


    total legend wouldn't be fishing today if it wasn't for him, the influence he had on my generation was truly awesome. cant even express how gutted I am
  2. ive already got a fox warrior so ill probably just get a new mesh and float for that but was looking to get a second net, the chub outkast looks good and was impressed with the rods so thought id give it a look. never thought of having to transport the cradle about so will have to weigh up pros and cons on that one. as for the sling I like the sonic sling ive got so probably get another one of those. I see what you saying but im the sort of person that checks i've locked to door 20 times before I can leave the house (im one of life's worriers) so id rather take a hit for a few hundred quid and give myself and the next fishery I visit piece of mind. ill be replacing my line before fishing anywhere else glad you mention the stink net
  3. as ive mentioned previously im currently fishing a venue that's got KHV, ive now decided that its time to move on and find a few new waters so I am replacing any items of tackle that are likely to spread the disease. anybody got any recommendations on any of the above (or any other tackle you think I should be replacing) was looking at a matt with legs as the beanie matt im using atm isn't that good on uneven ground and am thinking of doing some time on the river trent and the banks aren't that great.
  4. like most are saying I change no less than twice a year and the I tend to strip about 20 yards off every few months as I found that gets the most damage. the amount of money I pay for bait, season tickets, terminal tackle and time skimping on something as important as line is madness you'll be lucky to find a line that will last 3 years. if I wanted to make £20 worth of line last me 3 years id use daiwa sensor and fill all spools and when its looking a bit naff turn the line round and use the line on the inside of the spool.
  5. harpz_31

    Bedchair recommendation

  6. harpz_31

    Bedchair recommendation

    im 6'4" tall and 18 stone and suffer bad backs a lot and the best thing I did was get a wideboy bedchair and tighten the cords up as much as possible. coupled with a 5 season bag with a zip out inner core im as snug as I am at home. the only problem ive got now is I don't want to get out the hit a run. bedchair = nash zbed sleepingbag = avid benchmark x
  7. I'm with you Brutus and find a little and often approach works best for me. The amount of times I've seen people filling it in and end up killing not only their swim but all those around them as well.
  8. harpz_31

    Pre bait costs

    plus other food sources tend to dry up in cold weather (insects bugs and the likes) so they must find different food sources.
  9. harpz_31

    Pre bait costs

    as there are massive shoals of bream in the trent im steering clear of pellet and sticking to the same methods as I do in lakes and using boilies. the lake im fishing atm has large shoals of bream and ive not had a single 1 all year and with the carp stocks being lowing in the river I haven't got to put as much bait in
  10. harpz_31

    River fishing

    glad you've asked this question carl because I'm looking at doing a season on the trent next year. from what I've read river carp can very nomadic so fishing likely looking swims wont cut it but looking in certain places like slow deep swims for signs of carp will cut down bank time. what people say on pre-baiting seems contradictory so its a personal choice but one ill be looking at.
  11. harpz_31

    Bad fishing days....

    Think we've got a new winner lol
  12. harpz_31

    Bad fishing days....

    I got sciatica about 5 years ago from sleeping on a naff bedchair then had to pack up and barrow back to the car in agony.
  13. yea totally agree but it is less, you can never be 100% accurate its a compromise between keeping my hook bait as close to a freebie as possible but surprising the hell out of them when they pick it up but if your rigs good and your hooks sharp its to late
  14. but then its got stick mix or chopped boilie around it, and a pop up would react differently to a standard bottom bait. I know its seems nit picky and over the top a bit but I never saw the point in getting a fish to be confident eating free offerings and presenting something different on the hook on underwater footage of fish approaching hook baits ive seen it doesn't take much to spook them off
  15. harpz_31

    October Catch Reports

    yea I was taking the micky out of another tread smufter