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  1. harpz_31

    Lifting the fish in the net.

    I don't get why some people say its wrong to lift fish out in the net ive heard some say the hook can get caught in the mesh but in over 30 years of fishing ive never had this happen
  2. harpz_31

    Lifting the fish in the net.

    how did he know they had lifted the fish in the net ????? was it damaged some how ?
  3. harpz_31

    Shelf life boilies

    the only shelf life boilie I ever used was quest baits pineapple crush those things were rock hard and felt a bit waxy but the fish loved them, never really looked at break down times tho
  4. harpz_31

    Flavour of the Week - Bait

    liver boilies all the way
  5. harpz_31


    There are so many things that can foul up presentation, even a fish turning over the top of your rig and churning the debris up and mask the hook point But I do time when i cast as not to do it during "bite times"
  6. harpz_31


    Me personally I'm in favour of regular recasting (every 3 or 4 hours) especially if i think I've got fish in my swim Call it paranoia but I worry about my rig not resetting proper after being moved and woken ive up in the morning to a baitless hook more than a few times. I started doing this on a very hard water where 20 fish a year is major result and did see an increase in runs I'd rather risk spooking a few fish on a recast than sitting on rods that have no chance of getting a run at all
  7. harpz_31

    Fishmeal or birdfood

    I think hes referring to the bait taking on the smell of the silt try soaking your baits in lake water before putting it out that way its already absorbed as much water as it can and wont suck up the silty smell
  8. harpz_31


    I used to use maize years ago and found absolutely no difference in catch rate when I swapped to plastic corn (I still caught sod all) plus its easier to critically balance plastic corn
  9. harpz_31


    I always use a shock leader with 10lb mainline to aid casting distance
  10. harpz_31

    Bite Alarm Batteries

    I usually take mine out in January cos like you I don't do winter fishing and replace with new Duracell batteries when I start again in march
  11. harpz_31

    Bait for different species

    yea id agree my pb for both common and mirror is exactly the same and the water im fishing atm 3 out of 4 of the biggest fish are commons yet mirrors out number them 3 to 1
  12. harpz_31

    Bait for different species

    but mirror carp tend to be larger than commons so there must be a difference in feeding habits or metabolic rates or food preference
  13. harpz_31

    Bait for different species

    mirror carp were bred from common carp for ease of descaling for the table so the only difference from commons and mirrors should be scales how would a mirror carp know its a mirror carp ?
  14. harpz_31


    was looking at willesley myself but from what ive heard its way over priced have you looked at swarkstone syndicate, £450 according to the web site but it looks like its not been updated in a while or probably right on the end of your traveling distance is ajs fisheries who have a few syndicates out towards grantham or goosedale fisheries is where im on atm, £275 but they had an outbreak of khv about 4/5 years ago. about 200 fish in a 16 acre lake or manor floods in Ilkeston, not sure on the price as I haven't fished it in about 5 years but had a good head of 20s and about 6 30s in a 6 acre water, very weedy tho
  15. I use the aukey 2000mah any1 got 1 on the ridge monkey power banks ? they seem ridiculously expensive or do you get something extra for the £140 price tag ?