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  1. kent particles, anyone used?

    Used to buy ther own brand pineapple boilies years ago and was quite happy with them Also had cell off them in the past and was equally as happy If they still sold the pineapple boilies I'd probably have some but each to their own I spoz
  2. Don't laugh

    tfg do 1 called red mist which I believe lee Jackson uses or used like others have said it a gimmick, if it truly did disappear underwater all lines would be red your best bet is to stick to a tried and test line (I use gardner gt hd) and pin it down when possible
  3. Hemp seed.

    whats the longest you can store dry hemp ? a match fishing mate of mine said hes had some for 3 years and still uses it
  4. Hemp seed.

    the place where I get my boilies from stopped selling uncooked hemp because the quality was stinky winky for the price and that was about 2 years ago when I went online to order my first boilie batch of the year I noticed he's started selling hemp again so im gonna ask him if the quality is better or if he's stopped giving a rats bottom about his customers
  5. Carp care

    out of the 80ish fish I had last year only 2 were over 20lb+which is way I put its rare I use a sling but I weigh and photo all fish for records
  6. Carp care

    its very rare I take a fish out of the net I think its easier for me and the fish I weigh it in the net and transfer it back to the water in the net ive never really timed it but id say its less that a minute out of the water and is it just me or does anyone else hate it on fishing shows when they say "lets get it straight back" when it looks like they've had it out for ages while rattling to the camera and taking hundreds of pictures
  7. A good first bivvy?

    just got a avid basecamper for £168 from angling direct and am well pleased with my first look at it not quite a 2man but bigger than a 1man and fits my wideboy bedchair loads better than my old armo v3 (worst bivvy ive ever had) not sure if it a good first bivvy unless your over 6 foot like me best bivvy ive ever had is a tfg brolly that I got for about £100 and ive had for years, not the comfiest but spot on for a day sesh or quick overnighter
  8. Aqua

    you ever tried wobbling a peg around a stone that 2/3" across only to finds theres 3 more just like it further down all you end up with is a massive hole that your pegs don't stay in have you ever seen the road stone they use as a base material for driveways well its that with and inch of bark on top luckily I don't fish at that venue anymore
  9. Aqua

    once they slide down the wings nipped into the metal stop them sliding back up im sure some1 said it was rubber and not hard plastic a rubber mallet if I could push them in id have no problem but when theres fist sized bit of stone and pebbles that make up about 60% of the swim ud need arm like thor to push a peg in
  10. Aqua

    ive had the "metal goes all the way through" pegs and the plastic ends up sliding down the shaft ive had the cheapo nasty 50p pegs and gone through 20 in less than a year not all swims have soft ground and pegs need to be hammered in ive probably gone though 40 pegs in 3 years at a cost of over the £32 for the aqua pegs so if they are a better quality peg that would last a fair few years id be quids in
  11. Aqua

    £32 might not be too bad I know ive broke god knows how many of the cheaper hard plastic peg and had to buy new ones so if the soft plastic ones don't break as quick it might actually be a bargain
  12. Plagiarism

    I work in a design and development team for a furniture manufacturer and we have the means to make a prototype from idea to finished produce ready for manufacture we couldn't take a sofa from dfs and stick our label on it or they'd have us in court so fast but if dfs outsourced it to a 3rd party to design and only paid for the manufacture and didn't pay for the design process that design would belong to the 3rd part and they could sell it to any1 they choose I very much doubt that's whats happened to wychwood and aqua but it would explain why some1 can sell their exact product without feeling the wrath of the lawyers
  13. Bed chair advise.

    Im 6' 4" n ive got a zedbed wideboy with a avid benchmark x sleepingbag n it fits me fine But id imagine most wideboy bedchairs would fit u ok
  14. Throwing stick..

    im not going for accuracy or id use the catapult, I just use the same arm swing as I would for firing them out 70 yards but slow I right down and anything under 15 yards I throw out btw yea it slows the spin on the bait but at reduced distance works on the same principle as a golf ball, its the spin that gives it lift, less spin = less lift = more effort to achieve the same distance
  15. Throwing stick..

    When u put them in the throwing stick they need to sit on top of each other or you'll find they'll all wedge up in the base because there side by side