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  1. Pigeon Conditioner

    I put extra water in my hemp when I boil it and tip it straight into the bucket with bird seed, seal the bucket and leave it over night to soak up the extra liquid
  2. Fishing after a match?

    I know on commercials its always a good thing to fish the margins after a match cos of all the bait they dump in after the match don't know if its the same after a carp match
  3. Spod rod and reel

    the first spod rod i bought was a chub outcast and I still use it was tempted to change it when I changed my main rods but its a good rod and does what I want so I kept using it
  4. autumn and spring fishing are my favourite times to fish so the wind, rain, cold and long dark nights don't bother me but the 1 thing that bothers me is nothing ever dries out properly, the ground always stays muddy even if its not rained for a few days and your bivvy ends up smelling a bit wiffy cos its been packed away damp
  5. Frozen Boilies

    like Gordon I never refreeze bait but ill use it the next night towards prebaiting a swim so it never goes to waste I usually take mine out the freezer 2 hours before pour them into an airdrying bag and hang them up in my shed this way I don't get nasty boilie juice on my boot carpet and don't worry if when you take them out the freezer and they've gone all mottled and a patchy in colour as this will fade and got back to a normal colour after a short while
  6. I found the gardner nuggets a bit big and the nylon zip always busts on me so now I use the taska nuggets
  7. How to fish this water

    to get back to the original question im fishing a lake that's stocked with plenty of tench and bream and so far ive had over 60 carp 2 tench and 1 roach and zero bream not sure if its bait or baiting method or both but its worked well for me on a few waters over the last 6/7 years when I changed from mainly spodding to out and out boilie fishing I use liver boilies over large baiting area and use a little and often approach and very rarely catch anything other than my targeted species
  8. have you tried earl of Harrington in derby, not fished it personally but they have a dedicated carp water then there is pride of derby with the main carp lakes (pride lake and olvers lake) needing a premium ticket and the waiting list is 3 or 4 years long a1 pits stinks of poo literally, you can see the bog roll hanging from the trees but at £15 for 24 hours its cheap ncb area 5 in Ilkeston has a few lakes main 1 being manor floods (where I cut my teeth many moons ago)and needs a separate syndicate ticket or you can fish the famous mapperley res and theres trent view a newish day ticket water the other side of Nottingham from you moore green syndicate but at £600 its a bit on the steep side ajs fisheries has a few syndicate lakes and is well worth a look
  9. Avoiding KHV........

    The lake im fishing atm has khv and if you look on the government website at the numbers of venues infected its probably doubling every year its not just fishery managment that need to take action but anglers as well but I think its going to spread to most places within 15/20 years and places like linear are at huge risk I'm not fishing any other venue until ive finished on this 1 and then im getting new nets slings sacks and matts To answer your question I think khv is spread through direct contact with infected fish and water from affected venues so your bucket idea is a must really Of and I know quite a few match anglers who say the net dips dont work and only drying your gear in direct sunlight kills the virus
  10. How much bait to use on a day session?

    if it was me fishing this venue id have a walk round at first light I usually find this is 1 of the best times to see signs of feeding fish when ive found the best spots on a few pegs id try and fish 2 different spots and bait about 60 baits per spot and if 1 spot gets more runs then move all rods to that spot if im fishing into silt id start off with a 9" braid hook link and if the fish are a bit riggy id use a kd rig with a drilled out bait with a no6 shot wrapped in putty about 40mm from the hook as for how much bait id put it throughout the day it would depend on what activity I was getting in the swim but regardless id put in 30 baits in every 3/4 hours at this time of year most people have a different baiting approach but ive always found match style little and often works well as they say once its in you cant take it out again
  11. New bivvy

    Money isnt really an issue as long as u can see where your cash is going Ive bought a few avid bits over the last few months and im quite impressed so might have a look at their bivvies
  12. New bivvy

    Im in the market for a new bivvy and wouldnt mind a few suggestions Ive got a wideboy bedchair so its gotta fit that Ive currently got a armo v3 and its sucks, probably the worst bit of gear ive bought, 3 pegging points have ripped a chain in the poles has snapped the pole joints have split and had to replace the pegs within a year
  13. Would you "experiment"?????????

    Had to check I was on carp.com when I saw the header for this topic and not some how found my way onto grinder
  14. 2.75 or 3lb TC?

    if it was me I go for the heavier rod I think the benefits from a higher tc outweigh the drawbacks
  15. Women and Fishing

    my missus hates fishing and visiting me fishing and in 17 years has only been to see me fishing twice (twice to many) but loves it when I sod off for 2/3 days at a time so she can have some peace n quiet or as I suspect some other chap round but who cares im fishing best relationship EVER