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  1. Plagiarism

    I work in a design and development team for a furniture manufacturer and we have the means to make a prototype from idea to finished produce ready for manufacture we couldn't take a sofa from dfs and stick our label on it or they'd have us in court so fast but if dfs outsourced it to a 3rd party to design and only paid for the manufacture and didn't pay for the design process that design would belong to the 3rd part and they could sell it to any1 they choose I very much doubt that's whats happened to wychwood and aqua but it would explain why some1 can sell their exact product without feeling the wrath of the lawyers
  2. Bed chair advise.

    Im 6' 4" n ive got a zedbed wideboy with a avid benchmark x sleepingbag n it fits me fine But id imagine most wideboy bedchairs would fit u ok
  3. Throwing stick..

    im not going for accuracy or id use the catapult, I just use the same arm swing as I would for firing them out 70 yards but slow I right down and anything under 15 yards I throw out btw yea it slows the spin on the bait but at reduced distance works on the same principle as a golf ball, its the spin that gives it lift, less spin = less lift = more effort to achieve the same distance
  4. Throwing stick..

    When u put them in the throwing stick they need to sit on top of each other or you'll find they'll all wedge up in the base because there side by side
  5. Throwing stick..

    Or use a throwing stick which is quicker
  6. Throwing stick..

    I use my throwing stick all the time Even at 15 yards Hate the way catapults put bait in tight groups
  7. Throwing stick..

    Im sure some1s already said this but if i try to hit anything past 80 yards i risk the bait ripping apart mid air I normally spomb baits out if its further than 100 yards but this method dumps lots of bait in 1 place and id rather have them more spread out
  8. Catching other species

    theres another side to the meaning of nuisance fish I know this thread is about catching other species but the syndicate im on is swamped in silvers and no predatory fish so what natural food there is in the lake gets hammered leaving the carp to survive on anglers baits to big to be had by the smaller fish
  9. Catching other species

    spoz like most people when im targeting carp i don't like being woke up at 2am for a 2lb tench but love fishing for barbel, chub, tench and bream
  10. Favourite fishing tv programme

    most fishing shows are ok but my all time fav has got to be go fishing with the legend that is john wilson just fishing is awesome just for the theme tune and I want it for my phone ring tone thinking tackle has got to be the best shows for beginners to pick up a few tips and I learnt something from the underwater films that increased my catch rate by 30-40% carp crew was good but the presenters didn't fair to well, its like the show was cursed and screaming reels..........wtf was all that about
  11. Pigeon Conditioner

    I put extra water in my hemp when I boil it and tip it straight into the bucket with bird seed, seal the bucket and leave it over night to soak up the extra liquid
  12. Fishing after a match?

    I know on commercials its always a good thing to fish the margins after a match cos of all the bait they dump in after the match don't know if its the same after a carp match
  13. Spod rod and reel

    the first spod rod i bought was a chub outcast and I still use it was tempted to change it when I changed my main rods but its a good rod and does what I want so I kept using it
  14. autumn and spring fishing are my favourite times to fish so the wind, rain, cold and long dark nights don't bother me but the 1 thing that bothers me is nothing ever dries out properly, the ground always stays muddy even if its not rained for a few days and your bivvy ends up smelling a bit wiffy cos its been packed away damp