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  1. Money isnt really an issue as long as u can see where your cash is going Ive bought a few avid bits over the last few months and im quite impressed so might have a look at their bivvies
  2. Im in the market for a new bivvy and wouldnt mind a few suggestions Ive got a wideboy bedchair so its gotta fit that Ive currently got a armo v3 and its sucks, probably the worst bit of gear ive bought, 3 pegging points have ripped a chain in the poles has snapped the pole joints have split and had to replace the pegs within a year
  3. Had to check I was on when I saw the header for this topic and not some how found my way onto grinder
  4. if it was me I go for the heavier rod I think the benefits from a higher tc outweigh the drawbacks
  5. my missus hates fishing and visiting me fishing and in 17 years has only been to see me fishing twice (twice to many) but loves it when I sod off for 2/3 days at a time so she can have some peace n quiet or as I suspect some other chap round but who cares im fishing best relationship EVER
  6. Ive never used the kd rig as a pop up rig, I always used it critically balanced with fake corn but had the hair finishing at the bend of the hook which is usually 10mm to the bottom of the bait to the hook My all time favourite rig and wouldn't use anything else for fishing over particles
  7. Absolutely awesome rig Always use a curve shank hook in any brand you've got faith in I personally use korda hooks and nash bullit braid
  8. happened on a lake I used to fish manor floods in Ilkeston, the club added a premium ticket fee to the lake of £100 on top of the season ticket fee but theres 4 or 5 30s and loads of 20s and a 2 year waiting list so as long as theres people willing to pay clubs and land owners will hike up prices im on the syndicate im on because its a stunning venue and its off limits to the public so for me that alone is worth the £300 ticket price
  9. I think you've got to use some common sense and use appropriate line for the style of fishing your doing so to minimise loosing fishing when using barbed hooks I don't know about everyone else but I go fishing to catch fish so the slight increase in lip damage is worth it to fish on the bank ratio the nature of fishing is damaging to a fish both physically and mentally so if it bothers you that much maybe flog up and get some golf clubs
  10. im 6'4" and 18 stone and used to use it when I took my nephew fishing and got 2 bed chairs in easily but it was about 7 years ago maybe my memory isn't as good as I think it is or maybe my definition of easily isn't the same as yours but got all my gear and 2 bed chairs and room in between the 2 for getting in and out
  11. I had a jrc sti 2 man and it was awesome loads of room inside for 2 bedchairs and lasted me years
  12. don't just limit your self to the carp brands (fox, esp, wychwood) have a look at the fly fishing brands
  13. I always fish both but if I had to pick I'd go boilies
  14. Chair came today and my initial thoughts are very positive The seat is wide and deep and the back is quite high so when it's fully reclined your head is well supported and can see me taking just this chair to sleep on on quick overnighters The padding is thick and comfy but there's no padding on the arms If I was being picky I'd say the arms are a little high and there's no lumbar support but sat it in for an hour and wasn't uncomfortable in any way Build quality seems ok but only time will tell The missus sat in it and got the thumbs up which is a first for any fishing tackle I've brought
  15. I know its not what you asked but if I was fishing a highly pressured venue and people are piling boilies in I'd try a completely different method