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  1. amen brother absolutely no excuse for not having 1 my mate got caught a few years back and made every excuse under the sun and moaned about how unfair it was but how unfair is it to those who have paid their do's
  2. probably only had his gear seized because he was poaching so any1 whos got 4 grands worth of tackle wont be fishing for his dinner, would be cheaper to go mcdonalds, but only just
  3. Agree with the wychwood riots but I'd go for sonik or chub outcast rods
  4. used to use bait screws when I was barbell fishing, made my own from paper clips cos the 1s off the shelve were to small but I don't think it would withstand a big cast might have to don the white lab coat n do some experimenting
  5. but what if the fish eat the straw ?
  6. I used to fish luncheon meat years ago and had quite good results on it, but that was hooking it straight onto the hook and using a float I need to be able to cast it 80 yards and it be left out for 3/4 hours with being knocked off by roach n skimmers ive seen some enterprise tackle stops but they have a plastic tube pushed through the middle of the meat but this looks a bit dangerous to me any1 used them or got any alternatives ?
  7. Yea I've given up making my own bait, easier on the manhood
  8. I was worried about the switch but its really easy mate and I've not struck yet and lines flew of the spool cos I've forgot to tighten the clutch up
  9. Lol made some monster crab boilies in the kitchen years ago, had to check under the girlfriend's pillow for knifes that night (john wayne bobbit style) and slept with 1 eye open
  10. I had to do this after changing my rods to get used to them (didn't want to look a noddy on the bank)
  11. Can't you fry them to give them a tougher skin ?
  12. Yea I'd use 1 real shrimp 1 plastic on the hair (plastic 1 last so your stop has a better hold)
  13. I've got some wychwood riots on my spod and marker rods and they seem fine but never really used them on my main rods
  14. don't know if any1 has mentioned but don't forget your finger stall if your casting long distances
  15. I switched from shimano gte baitrunners to daiwa entoh big pits and so glad I did and wouldn't go back Was abit worried about not having a baitrunner feature but front drag is loads better imho Quick drag is standard on some pit reels but wasn't on my entoh's but found you don't really need it What reels you looking at getting ?