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  1. its ok to have a swivel at the rig end but not the main line end of your leader as it would stop the clip or lead from sliding free of the leader in the event of being snapped. personally I only use lead core if ive absolutely got to and use tubing for 99% of my fishing.
  2. Ive never felt the need to "fill it in" and found a little and often approach suits me fine and get through the year on 50kg a year taking about a kilo per 24 hours and only use all that if its kickin off.
  3. Yea elmos been bangin on about um for ages so thought I'd get 1 to shut him up 😉 Seriously tho elmo cheers for the recommend mate top bit of kit, am well happy(for once)
  4. Lol Got 1 this morning Absolutely awesome bit of kit
  5. Gardner sausage gun for sale only used 3 times Anyone recommend a gun please
  6. Just got my new gardner rolaball bait master and I've got to say I'm not impressed, I've not used it to roll yet but it doesn't slide very smoothly and catches because the 3 sections you have to screw together are slightly misaligned. The way that the sections are attached (on the bottom only)means the middle bows up so the only way to get it flat it to screw it down It's obvious that when it was designed the main focus was making it as cheaply as possible and a quality product was way down on the list.
  7. just make them au natural and if you want to add a splash of colour just top your hook bait with some pop up corn which also serves to balance your bait out.
  8. Like I keep telling the missus "size isn't everything"
  9. Couldn't agree more In the last 3 years I've had a few 30s out of my syndicate but last October I caught a scrappy 17lb'er that gave me the fight of my life and I'd rather catch 1 of them than 10 30+ carp that come in like a bream
  10. i think its more method than equipment that will save me most time like they say "don't work hard work smart"
  11. done a few sessions now with my own made boilies and have had very good results so im looking to upgrade my rolling gear to cut down prep and rolling time (taking about hour per kilo atm) theres a few different tables and guns out there ranging in price and wondered what peoples view are. I don't mind the price (obviously not going pro so nothing to expensive) as long as the quality is good.
  12. I'd only use barbless in a snaggy swim where I'm more at risk of losing a baited rig or a fish snaps me in some snags. And when I fishing over silkweed as it tends to get caught up on barbed hooks more. I'd never use zigs in the above situations so barbless hooks aren't necessary
  13. And on the fight. If the hook comes out mid battle it pulls across the fish and cuts into the flank. It's why barbless are banned on some waters and why I only use them in select situations.
  14. Like I said I've never had it happen on any other hook but 3 out of the 5 nash hooks bent and not just a bit. Mouth damage was minimal, the hook came out in the net.
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