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  1. the only thing scumbags need to thrive is for good men to do nothing
  2. couldn't agree more mate must take a lot to up sticks and move to a country that stereo types you as a scrounger and its something I wouldn't have to guts to do so hats off to um don't care who's in this country as long as they work and follow this countries laws instead of bitching about foreign scroungers we should be more concerned about the home grown ones who think its their god given right to take what they want without giving anything back apart from anti social behaviour
  3. I love this country but it sucks balls we always call the French cowards but at least they stand up for what they believe in unlike us, we just bend over and take it up the wrong un
  4. leaky shed and its all melted. ive got 4 sizes of pva bag that ive not used in 5 years and 6 tubs of pop ups and ive not fished a pop up in probably the same amount of time ive got between 30 and 40 leads and 12 back leads and 3 captive back leads. but I know if I take any of it out ill need it the very next session
  5. harpz_31


    one of my pet hates, there's just no need for it and anyone caught should be fined extremely harshly (£5000) and made to do community service every weekend for a year picking litter up
  6. I save old rig tubing and cut it into small 5mm lengths to use on hooks to hold the hair in place on certain rigs
  7. CHUBby checker ROACHford inspiral CARPets
  8. Cheers mate I'll get some ordered for the weekend
  9. Is there any tackle shops selling these hooks ?
  10. thanks guys i will get both and see how they fair
  11. Cheers mate Might have to test them out
  12. I found this hook in a swim I was fishing and its by far the sharpest hook I've ever come across and wondered if anybody knows what brand it is.
  13. ive seen people use an old pair of tights a bit like a pva stick but obviously it doesn't melt
  14. didn't know until recently you can die from whiplash
  15. I buy a bivvy based on comfort more than anything else. the time it takes to set up is irrelevant, if im fishing for 48 hours putting a bivvy up for 10 minutes is nothing, I mean its not like I catch anything as for weight I try and keep everything else to a minimum but never compromise on my bivvy and bed chair.
  16. I've had the super slinky bank stinks but they kept jamming up so ended up getting the wychwood wide alu for a fraction of the price and so far they've done an awesome job. I'd rather do research into a product and use something thats upto the job regardless of price or celebrity endorsements
  17. Made some wafters and did well off them and it brought back memories of making my own baits years ago. A lot more satisfying catch on bait you've made yourself.
  18. where's the best place to get quality basemix ingredients from ? most places don't sell a full range and the only one ive found so far that does is ccmoore
  19. single sticks for me as you can position each rod where you want and they don't move on violent takes. but I do use a pod if the grounds to hard or rocky for sticks
  20. yea I got an anker after yonny recommended them on a similar thread and I wasn't disappointed charges my phone and tablet multiple times and at a decent speed
  21. What are these like on foot size because I've had boots that are loads smaller and had to go a size up
  22. I also messaged nash this same question as well as asking what the folded down size is but never got a reply. One of my pet hates is bad customer service and being ignored over what I thought was a fairly reasonable question really winds me up, if they cant be arsed with me then I'll take my custom elsewhere.
  23. how deep ? might be worth trying zigs before you fill it in
  24. does anybody know what the maximum weight the nash ss4 5season emperor can take ?
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