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  1. harpz_31

    Carp reel vs Spod reel

    all you need is a reel with a big spool to allow to line to peel off easier and a good wind ratio ( handle turn to bailarm rotation) to make retrieving the spod easier I use a wychwood riot
  2. harpz_31

    Looking for a coach

    Spoz it would be nice if 1 of the members local to him could meet up with the guy and give him a few pointers
  3. harpz_31

    Specialized hookbaits

    your not joking there pricey, that's just ridiculous. has the guy rolling them got a couple of Michelin stars ?
  4. harpz_31


    my missus has a good tip for finding bargains people tend to misspell things when listing them and they don't show up when the correct spelling is search for so they often go for a fraction of the price they usually would so when she does a search she will try a few different ways of spelling something (diawa,daiwa) youd be surprised at the stuff she gets for pennies
  5. harpz_31

    Rolling in the deep - Adam Penning

    im not a massive fan of reading fishing books but I am a huge penning fan and love his passion for and approach to angling. will definitely be parting with £35 (but if the missus askes it was a fiver )
  6. harpz_31

    Preferred and average session lenght

    Used to do lots of 3 nighters in my youth but as I've gotten older it's rare I do more than a night at a time and in the height of summer it's usually 8pm till 8am
  7. harpz_31

    2019 Plans

    Planning to do a season on mapperley res, home to the 26lb UK carp record from 1930.
  8. harpz_31

    Spider Spod

    whats the airbomb like dayvid ? ive been looking for something to spread boilies out at 120+ yards, how wide is the spread on release ?
  9. harpz_31

    Targeting bigger carp

    its true that when a certain approach has been used a lot the fish get used to seeing it and become weary. but if everyone on the lake has been fishing say a pink pop up over tight beds of pellets ill try and do something different, like a spread of boilies over a wide area same as if everyone's using lots of boilie ill try and use particle and see if it out fishes boilies. same as rigs, you don't have to use the latest super rig to catch lots of fish, I've used the same 2 rigs (1 for particle & 1 for boilie) for 99% of for the last 15 years just slightly altered for different types of bottom. don't think you've got to spend a fortune on tackle to be able to catch, most of the more expensive gear in my opinion isn't as good and the cheaper alternatives, I've spent £500+ on a bivvy and £150 on a bivvy and the cheaper 1 was twice as good as the more expensive 1.
  10. harpz_31

    Targeting bigger carp

    on high stock venues like that I've noticed the bigger fish tend to come out of the same area so it might be worth looking at where they've come out in the past
  11. harpz_31


    well id use a little common sense and crush 1 up and rub a bit of the powder around the base of the affected tooth, especially before bed time
  12. harpz_31


    dont know if this works or not but its worth a try I suffer from insomnia and take sleeping tablets to deal with it I don't like taking them to late as it makes me feel groggy the next day so one night when it was late I chewed one to see if it worked faster and was a bit shocked to find my tongue gums lips and throat all went numb like the anaesthetic you get at the dentist and thought it would be handy if I ever got tooth ache
  13. harpz_31

    What did Father Christmas Bring

    i got a sabre tablet holder cos im that lazy what the hell right, I got various items to improve my appearance, why don't they just get me a paper bag with eye holes in and be done with it. I think next year im getting the missus some femfresh, see how she likes it
  14. harpz_31

    Your favourite capture

    yea I mostly take pictures on the mat to log capture size, swim, time and other information
  15. harpz_31

    Your favourite capture

    my favourite capture wasn't a carp it was my first double figure barbell from a small river call the soar 12lb 2oz and fought like satan him self, couldn't stop smiling for about a week.
  16. harpz_31

    Double take

    squeaky bum time lol
  17. harpz_31

    Double take

    Somewhere I took my nephews when they first went carp fishing. Nothing massive in there, mostly low to mid teens but keeps the young uns happy
  18. harpz_31

    Double take

    only ever happened to me once when I had 54 runs in a 48 hour sesh (landed 49 and was a very easy water) and I reeled in for 5 hours the second night fairly featureless lake so it didn't cause me to many problems
  19. harpz_31

    Particles or boilies

    like most people have said it differs from lake to lake but ill never go onto a new lake and rule either method out, even if im told its a boilie water ill still use particle and see for myself. I haven't fished particle for a few year due to the amount of bream I was getting on my current water but I would usually fish at least 1 rod on particle.
  20. harpz_31

    Which lead left or right

    ive only ever used the smooth coating and its never stopped me from catching whether its hindered my catch rate I don't know, maybe its something DF can look at in underwater vol 190
  21. harpz_31

    Genius required, what to buy the Mrs?

    well im getting my missus a no no lady shaver so she can tackle that troublesome tash. might have to hide all the knifes in the house tho just incase
  22. stick to the inline with a pva bag, it gives an instant weight to the hook and use a heavier lead, people tend to use 4/6 oz shorten your rig down as much as you dare and use a very sharp hook. sometimes when im margin fishing I use a captive back lead and a semi slack line.
  23. harpz_31

    Spomb stick or catty?

    my average spread is about 100 baits over about 60/70sq yards so 10sq yards would be considered tight baiting by my standards.
  24. harpz_31

    Spomb stick or catty?

    stick man through and through. only use the spomb if I cant get em out far enough with the stick or in colder months when I want a tighter spread of bait.
  25. harpz_31

    What are the best hooks ?

    I tried a few different brands until i settled on esp cryogen The worst hook being fox edges, just after being in the water a few hours the point was so bent you'd need a mallet to get it to penetrate