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  1. I couldn't afford to live on boilies Cost about 5 times more than human food does Bleedin fish eat better than we do
  2. im not a big fan of refreezing baits. I wouldn't eat something that id constantly refrozen
  3. http://www.korda.co.uk/howto/rigs/iq-d-rig you could have a look at this rig. ive never used it personally but I think its got the dynamics your looking for, plus theres a few other rigs for you to get a idea or 2 from.
  4. this is the rig im using atm. a size 4 hook and a withypool aligner 12 inch soft coated braid with about 10mm striped from the back of the aligner to act as a hinge point and a piece of putty to turn the hook. use it with a balanced 15mm boilie. very aggressive kick off the hook that nails them every time (a bit like yours but with a little more distance between the hook point and the bottom of the aligner). probably the best bit of advice to give you an edge. your not just trying to out smart the fish your trying to out smart every other angler on the lake as well.
  5. completely agree with the war on drugs being an unwinnable one other than it being legalised so many police top brass have said the same thing but it falls on deaf ears because politicians are to worried about what the public think of them instead of whats in the best interest of the country. they need to create a ministry of common sense.
  6. no I was thinking more along the lines of hitler lol
  7. I agree totally, and the biggest problem is upbringing and as they say the apple doesn't fall far from the tree, not say all people brought up in problem families get into crime and im not saying all people with decent upbrings are decent people but it tends to swing that way more often than not. but that's only gonna work on a certain percentage so theres gotta be realistic consequences for those who consistently don't want to follow the rules or how is any preventative action going to work.
  8. im not taking about eastern Europeans who for the most part they are law abiding citizens and as you say hard working to boot, im talking about society in general, a society that doesn't send people to prison because it cost to much money and look at the state of the country, we don't like our grandson to go out at night because hes been mugged at knife point twice in the last 2 years. when I grew up in the 70s and 80s things like that hardly ever happened and if it did it was national news, now unfortunately its so common it doesn't even make local news. build more prisons with contributions from the prisons earnings, they pay a percentage of what they earn towards their upkeep and the rest can be spent on perks and you wouldn't need any more staff per prisoner than you already have
  9. Typical lefty hug a hoody bull poo. 100% of people who steal know its against the law so telling them something they already know is a waste of money. As for prisoners costing money to keep In prison the simple answer is make them work for their keep while they pay their dept to society.
  10. How hard is it to understand "dont steal fish" They understand and dont care. It's not better education of the laws thats needed but a greater enforcement and harsher punishment.
  11. Amen brother Viva la revolution
  12. caught them and done sod all as usual. not that's its the polices fault but more the crappy justice system "justice for all as long as your rich and live in a nice area"
  13. no fix lead rule mean a system were the lead can be dumped under pressure such as a lead clip. I use the hybrid clip but its down to personal preference.
  14. if you think about it all fishing gear is technology but some people see certain things as going to far. like dynamite is technology, but I don't think many people would like it rocked up and blew the bejesus out of a lake to catch some fish. I know that's a bit of an extreme example but I like the thought of blowing sh*t up
  15. and that's where the tech comes into its own, for when you cant stand there chucking a spod out 150 times a day or don't want to annoy everybody by chucking the marker out 50 times on a day ticket venue so if theres gizmos out there that let people carry on fishing when otherwise they would have had to call it a day then nobody should look down their noses at you for choosing to fish the best way that you can
  16. Jesus, how the hell do you get out of bed in a morning, I dont think the 6 million dollar man had that much wrong with him before they upgraded him All I've got is tennis elbow and a bad back and it was enough to make me retire the spod rod
  17. if you don't like it don't buy 1, simple each to their own, I thought about getting a deeper but decided against it as other people have said it take the skill and fun out of it just like bait boats do but if that's how people want to fish then good luck to um.
  18. wonder if juniper counts as 1 of your 5 a day
  19. There is sweetcorn in chicken and mushroom pot noodles you know That's 1 of my 5 a day sorted
  20. chicken and mushroom pot noodle sandwich sausage cheese and beans toastie bacon and brown sauce sarnie cheesy puffs
  21. might have a look at their pineapple & n-butyric, used to use pineapple years ago with good results but it seems to have fallen out of favour. always looking for something different to what everyone else is using.
  22. Les quis do a coach travel carp holiday in France but I've not been so couldn't tell you if it's any good
  23. So who's right, kevtaylor or oscsha ? Theres only 1 way to find out FIGHT
  24. At the lake, I have an extending bank stick and hang the bag off that but bring it in the bivvy when it rains and that's when they getting chewed up. I've heard of people putting traps down but I'm not down with coming into an animal environment then killing it because its annoyed me
  25. Its says the inner fabric bag is to protect your hands from the metal mesh and to stop baits being contaminated by the metal, but I'd have thought you'd get more contamination from fabric. So I'll go for the ratbag as like you said they came up with it.
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