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  1. Hi, all just a quick question has anyone fished river Severn at Hampton Loade known as "Barbel alley" fishing 2 nights from 6th March just wonderd if any info out there bait, tactics, etc. Thanks in advance.
  2. Hi all, need some help please does anyone know of a way to Mark a distance on line using elastic on line if so is there a special knot to do this. Thanks In anticipation
  3. Hi all, yorkshire newbie to forum been given some bait called elipse pellets just wondered if anyone used them and could shed any light on their success or failure told to use them for Barbel as i have fished trent at Newark before. thanks in advance.
  4. hi all is this the lakemore at crewe by any chance cos on another forum (to remain nameless) i was told it was expensive so we never booked,does anyone know prices. also i went to se it when delivering down there horeshoe does look good,maybe we should do a forum fish-in if its any cop.
  5. hi niccko, thanks for reply, not local though fished rainbow lake next to newbridge a couple of years ago (notoriously hard water) we did find a place in bolton but turned out to be a puddle!!!! so we went looking an decided to try newbridge and dropped lucky that peg 34 was free to book.
  6. thanks for that nicko,. talking to owner last week when we booked and she said that peg 22 (if that is the other hut) is booked till august by the way any bait preferances on this peg.
  7. hi all, just read threads and wondered if anyonehad any info on the other hut (peg 36 i beleive) fishing it on 1/2/3/4 may never fished lake before any info please.
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