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  1. Im stuck between a slxv2 or a s plus max and overwrap both work out about same price. feedback would help cheers
  2. I use to make boilies with mollasses in em as the main liquid and flavour about 20ml a pound of dry mix . Commons seemed to like it mostly.
  3. I doubt that one just make your own boilies and don't boil em use the paste its simple and cheaper why buy dear paste and mess with it ?
  4. I did the cod liver oil tabs with paste wrapped round em they weren't any good just kept reeling in half a boilie or non at all . Tights or armamesh might be better round em . Might try again maybe
  5. I use tesco value tights instead of armamesh there just as good . Just tie the knot off with braid and blob with a lighter I always use it round my corkball pop ups aswell I use the same pop up for days well washed out and still popping up like a good en
  6. Tinned cat food in a spod mix and sometimes I add a sachet to my boiliie mix
  7. when you say 2 to 5drops per 6 egg do you mean of each or the both combined. i quite like the smell of nb
  8. I was considering going down the essential oil route with n butric acid this winter .I was thinking a mix of clove and nb .What sort of inclusion rates can i go up to with each .Cheers
  9. hi anyone know where to find the recipes for rod h,s bait .tried the site listed on the bottles i cant see em
  10. if you make your own boilies try adding a teaspoon to your fishmeal bases. if its good enough for rod h then it cant be bad .got tip from one of his old books on bait
  11. hi i use 20 ml to 16oz but i know some go to 25 ml
  12. anyone got any info about fees and number of waters they have is it worth joining cant seem to find a website
  13. hi red factor is a birdfood you can obtain it from heaths it must be ground down and used in your base mix .some shop bought boilies contain it but knowing which ones is another question .
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