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  1. Hey Theres all these threads on paste fishing with poles but none on fishing it on normal line and hook. Anybody got any good tips on what paste to use, how to use it and any good rigs.
  2. Hey I want to catch resonabilly sized fish does it matter what strength hooklink/tie I use ???
  3. Hey I am quite new to carp fishing and I am about to do a night fish at Broadlands lake. So I just wanted to know does anybody know what rigs and baits to use. And I would also like to say I am looking to use a method feeder, so please comment on this what to use or if its not a good idea.
  4. Hey I have just brought Voodoo method mix, and I was wondering what I could add to it to make it more attractive to fish. Any Ideas ???
  5. Hi What should I add to Voodoo Groundbait to make it more atractive to all fish?
  6. Can anyone tell what are the best pellets to use for carp fishing?
  7. Hi I am about to go fishing at Longbridge lakes in southampton for the first time. So I was just wondering if anyone had some tips for me to use?
  8. I have seen peoples view of the poundland pellets, but they also sell a method mix to. So what are peoples views on the method mix?
  9. I have heard that some lakes include a days rod licence with the day ticket, does this apply for longbridge in southampton?
  10. I mean like what knot or clip or somethink like that would you use to attach it
  11. I am new to carp fishing and i am not very good at atcching wiegths to my line. So what are the best ways of attaching a wieght to your line, can you use diagrams if possible.
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