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  1. Hi Guys We are planning on going to the above for a carp / big cat holiday this summer. There isnt too much about it on the net so just wondered if anyone had fished it or knows anyone that has fished it, would be good to know how your experience was. I have spoken to the owner who is very helpful, but its always good to hear it from a visitors POV. Thanks in advance.
  2. We are going on our second France trip next year to Ultimate Lake. Theres a few lads joining us on there first trip to France as well as a few of us craving our first french 40. Has anyone been here before? Any comments good or bad before we book up would be helpful. Cheers.
  3. What you looking for in a venue mate? Plenty of lakes round here to choose from...
  4. Surely putty wouldn't Carry enough weight to sink tight line?
  5. Hi guys, is there any way of getting your tubing / leadcore to sit firmly on the bottom without having to have your line slack? Thanks
  6. Good man, always good to hear.
  7. I was going to go with Malarkie, but wasnt sure if it would be good to get a few different flavours or hit them hard with one, the lakes only about 4 acres.
  8. Also.. When bulk ordering boilies between 5 of you, would it be a better option to all go for a similar one so the carp get used to a particular boilie or mix it up a bit and take a range of flavours, problem with that being theres not too much room in the car.
  9. Its good to hear different opinions on it. Carpquarry, the lake was stocked in the winter 2009. Im not sure what the owner feeds the fish, he is french, but i have got hold of his number and will attempt to understand!
  10. I know I know, i wish it was the case but Im just stressing about making sure im covered. Are boilies generally good on a lake where they haent been seen before?
  11. Hi mate, welcome. Type it into the search facility at the top of the page mate. I did a quick one for you and found this:- http://www.carp.com/carp-forum/viewtopic.php?t=42415&highlight=emerald Not that it helps
  12. Hi Guys me and 4 others are heading to france for our first french carping experience in April. The lake we are going to is new and will have been fished 2-3 times when we get there. Anyways, i just wanted to ask what the best approach would be for an untouched lake like this... we havent got too much room in the car so cant really take a large amount of every option. Would maize be a good shout? Are boilies a good optiion on a lake where they havent been seen before? Let me know your thoughts. Cheers
  13. I fished Wadmill on Saturday, everyone had had plenty of sport the night before, but i didnt see a single carp come out during the day! Unusual for this place i am told. I agree with what your saying, i asked at the shop if it was busy, they said no. Well i would hate to see what it was like when it was busy!!! It was rammed in my eyes, i was forced into an area to fish rather than choosing one. I pulled out 3 bream, one was my PB at 6 1/2 lb so that saved the day. Ive just got back into the sport recently and am looking for a bend in the rod, but i do like my space and a peaceful environ
  14. happyhammer, cant find too much info on this one online.. Do you have any more info or a contact number? Sounds ideal from what i can find. Thanks for the reply.
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