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  1. there is a few,bit of work but catchable,ovr 22lb last year but that to what i know?bill cottam had them to 15 plus over twenty years ago!!
  2. woodsetts,langold lake,shireoaks[cassa,s]clumber ect loads pal
  3. dont think its day ticket anymore
  4. pinky an perky in clumber park notts,but only one as been caught this year[iam been told]
  5. its a well run water,very weedy but some nice scaled mirrors in.also if you do a night you can gat the local chinky to deliever!also you av to park in carpark so take a barrow or use there builder ones.fish pva bags to combat weed,popups ,fruit type ones do well.they have a website to.
  6. ive stumble on a lake like this..its a cuncil owned water.its 2miles walk allway round[not sure on size in acres?] loads of dog walkers,loads of joggers.no one fishes it?no signs saying no fishing!its got one set of reeds thats it!no other features.anyway took kids for a work round an seen a few good carp.a good thirty fully scaled mirror,few twentys ect and a few twenty plus kio carp.next problem.they swim round,where the ducks are,geese are they are there waiting to be fed bread.any ideas?oh its only about 3ft deep so ducks can get to prebait
  7. go on WWW.PIKEANGLER.CO.UK there is some very good lure anglers and collectors on there.iam on there ,same username
  8. i got to local pond today,anyway fish crashing like crazy!anyway fished one rod,bread as bait.stalked 7 fish out,2 doubles.not bad for a 3 hour session!also all fish i caught were put back treated where they ad rubbed scales ect off.so yes fish for them,return quick an treat them
  9. hello mate,my pal as been on the list for 3 years plus.you have to wait for someone to die to get a place!!!the guy who sorts it out is keith barker.he lives at carlton near worksop.hope that helps buddy
  10. well hopeing to go,good luck stu..dint everyone slag rh,monument of at first/still.?at end of the day its a place where people get catered for,ie they want big fish,stocked yes but if you want to go take option one,pay your cash option two ,if you dont,dont moan if people do!
  11. top bait in its day, still is richworth honey yuctun boilies
  12. you got a pm pal,i would fish behid pub,where beer garden is,first peg next to beer garden.there is a inlert pipe there,yes other bank shallower.there is a inlet pipe there ,fish near that.iland does get alot of stick now.better two thirds out
  13. better one to fish for bigger ,better fish is the one behind pub.the other one[bigger one] is more of a runs one,smaller fish.fruit boilies seem best,cast about every 20 mins an dont forget the corners.there is also a third pond up in the woods but as been closed for about 6 years.
  14. there is one on 27th jan,at holiday inn,doncaster.lee jackson,paul forward and rod hutchinson i think.advert in carp world.
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