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  1. it was one of five fish in under 24 hours and only 8 fish had been out in the past 2 months another one i had...
  2. Does anybody know if you still get the free gift for the five lakes carp show if you pay on the door? Or if you only get it if you book in advance? Yer i know im as tight...
  3. in my opinion. which by the way has no facts or evidence to back up my theory, is that both points have some element of truth. I think if a carp patrols with other carp and that carp decides to drop down and feed, the other one would follow, so in a way 'happiness' could increase feeding. However if a fish that 'hangs' round with another particular fish dies i think it would effect its behaviour, particuarly feeding as they more likely then not rely on each other to build confidence up to feed. So if one of them dies, the other one is less confident to feed. any others have a similar theory?
  4. We all know that certain carp like to 'hang' round each other when patroling, feeding etc etc Just wondering wether fish notice when another fish has died and if it effects its behaviour? Does it go into a state of mourning, where it doesnt feed etc just a thought i had and wondered what peoples opinions were on this subject?
  5. Im thinking of buying all the kit for making your own boilies and was wonderng how much it saves those of you that have one? I spend around £20 a month (2kgs) on boilies and was wondering how many boilies i could make with £20 worth of ingriedients. Obviously i realise that prices vairey for engredients etc but just want to find out roughly how many i will be ableto make and if its worth investing. Cheers
  6. What are they being held in whilst its being drained? If its just a temporary thing then theres a good chance there wont be much natural food, if any so your bait should go down a treat!
  7. Can you get access to where the fish are being held during the draining? If you can you could see if you can introduce your food source there, just get them use to it, ready for when they go back home? Just an idea
  8. Ok so for those of you who asnwered they would find where the fish were which is a good and valid answer. Say you where fishing a lake you had never fished before, had no back ground info on, no signs of fish and all you had to go by was features, what feature would you fish to first?
  9. Little tip- Just because its a no fishing bay, dont mean you cant stick a load of your bait in there, get them feeding on it confidently then next time they venture out and come across the same pile of bait they will be less wary to feed on it, thats the theory anyway!
  10. Imagine this- You have 1 rod for a whole session on a lake that has every feature you can think of from islands to gravel bars, inflow-outflow pipes, plateaus, you name it, its got it. what feature would you stick your hookbait on? Obviously in real life we would probably have 2-3 rods and keep moving them about until we find the fish, but was wondering what everyone elses prefered feature is? I personally find it really hard to decide, but would probably choose a 'snag', simply as it almost always has 1 or 2 carp in it that you can pursuade to have a munch!
  11. What do you consider to be a lost carp? For me if i get a run or drop back, strike and nothing is there i dont consider that a lost fish, more a missed oppertunity. Its only if i feel the fish (kick, head shake etc) and then lose it that i consider it a lost fish. However talking to a chap whilst fishing at the weekend he said he only counts a lost fish if he sees it before it comes off. Just wondering what other peoples views are on losing fish and what they count as a lost fish?
  12. She came out at 60lb 6oz! Lets hope she keeps growing!
  13. I ordered it off his own website and got it 2 weeks and it was signed which was a result! Its a top book worth every penny! Looking forward to his 3rd!
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