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  1. well chaps my mate and i completed the fishathon and had over 200 fish between us overall.Unfortunately all small stuff as we caught a mixed bag of roach crucian rudd and small carp.The important thing at the end of the day is that's it was for a good cause and will be presenting the motor neurone foundation with a cheque for £600 shortly.
  2. next friday 21st april me and a friend are fishing for 24 hours in aid of the motor neurone foundation,A work colleague of ours was diagnosed with the disease 6 months ago and so far we have been sponsored for £520.We are fishing at the Scalm Park fishery nr Selby Yorkshire from midday on friday to midday saturday.we are fishing the waggler during the daylight hours and switching to feeder/ledger using bite alarms during the night.I've not night fished for over 20 years now so looking forward to it.If any of the members care to join us or just pop in and see us we'll be on the middle lake (coa
  3. ducks are a nightmare.A few months ago whilst fishing a lake nr york a mother duck and her ducklings insisted on cruising up and down my peg.One of her ducklings insisted on pecking my float and would'nt leave it alone.after many attempts to shoo them off there was only one solution some deleted, any mention of cruelty will result in a ban. remember the duck LIVES on the water YOU are fishing in its home so imho this should be respected. gaz
  4. Hi All, does anyone know of any decent stretches on rivers in north or west yorkshire?Been fishing stillwaters but fancy some river fishing for a change. cheers Steve.
  5. Just been to Marston Wyse Fishery nr wetherby North Yorkshire and caught 4 rainbows on fly and i'm over the moon.Was with a fly angler who i met off yorkshirefishing.net and he coached and advised me on fly fishing.A year last august i had a fly casting lesson with Jeff Metcalfe (Fly fishing instructor) and had a fly casting lesson at Wykeham Lakes nr Scarborough.One day i hope to be able to catch salmon and trout on rivers and in their natural habitat. Steve.
  6. well done Josh those two are beauties Steve.
  7. Hi Liam If i'm fishing feeder fishing and targeting bream and tench use an open end feeder packed with swim-stem groundbait.This stuff is about £3.50 a bag and stinks to high heaven which drives bream especially barmy.For the hook use treble maggot on a size 12 hook or 2 pieces of corn and if you're fishing a water known for holding large numbers of bream then it won't be long before you get one.Keep casting into the same spot and another one will show it's face.For tench worms are a speciality.Put a big dendrabaena worm on again a size 10 or 12 hook.Snip both the head and tail off so that al
  8. cheers carpcatcher it did take me about 11 hours to get that lot.This peg is a river anglers dream with a tree at the far side to the left and a submerged bolder between the tree and the nearside bank.I thought there might be a few chub and barbel in that area which turned out to be the case.Did lose a few feeders after getting stuck on the bottom but after a session like that who cares. Steve.
  9. I had my best ever session on a river last week when i fished the river wharfe at Tadcaster nr York.The peg i was in literally fished it's head off from the 1st chuck.Was fishing luncheon meat on an open end feeder containing fishmeal groundbait with hemp and caster and float fished single maggot.Finished up with 6 barbel biggest about 5lb, 7 chub biggest about 4lb,and 17 dace on the float,biggest about 1/2lb.My guess is that this particular peg has won a few matches. Steve.
  10. I buy it frozen from my local tackle dealer at £1.50 a bag.You can buy it in tins and can you believe they do licorice flavour.These tins cost about £3.I wish i was there with you and see the look on your mates face when you're bagging up. Steve.
  11. carpcatcher is right, try luncheon meat cubes on a size 12 or 14 hook with hemp over the top,drives em wild. I've never failed using this method and am using it tomorrow morning. good luck mate Steve.
  12. Just Been down to Birkwood Fisheries at Altofts nr Wakefield West Yorkshire and was smashed by a big carp this morning.Was on floating bread using size 8 hook and 6lb line and i had this fish on for a good 15 minutes before the line give and the float and hook disappeared.I tried to play it and not bully it but it just wasn't to be.Still managed 8 carp to 9lb but i was left wondering how big the one that got away was. Will be moving up to 8lb line next time though as there are some big carp in the Froghall Lake. Steve.
  13. I've just bought a Shimano Alivio bx 390 13 ft 3 piece match rod for £34 from Argos.Excellent value for money and a very light rod with superb whip action. Steve.
  14. Has to be barbel.Get a 10 pounder on and watch it scrap. Steve.
  15. Has anyone seen the Mad About Fishing 8 DVD Box set,the one featuring Bob Roberts and Matt Hayes.Bob fishes Linear Fisheries and starts off fishing for silvers and then moves onto Bream and Tench and then goes for the carp.One of the most interesting features is when Bob explains and demonstrates shotting patterns and how to avoid tangles and Matt demonstrates how to mix groundbait. Advice i've taken on board and as a result i've had some cracking sessions. Steve.
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