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  1. this subject has come up loads! use the search facility you wil find LOTS of helpful information
  2. Right i'm fishing monks lakes on the 8th of june and fishing the speciman lake for the first time! i am doing a 24hour session and being my first time there on this lake i am wondering what tatics to use etc for a speciman lake?
  3. hey guys i did not really no where to post this so i applogise if its in the wrong section i was just wondering what carping is like in spain? is it any better than france or worse? and do you no and fisherys in spain? x Moved to Where to fish Abroad BBJ
  4. nice dark mirror there mate
  5. mate just keep at it! what has always worked for me is 15mm bloodworm bolie with fake corn on top! just keep putting in bait and be patient. and then when they start feeding on you bait your be in dream land! plus its a spiecman lake so wil be harder to fish!
  6. i was wondering how long should you leave your line on your spool before changeing it?
  7. i am looking for my first trip to france next summer, i want a water want has big fish but i want to catch a few a day, im 16 years of age. any messages will be strongly appriciated thanks tight lines tommy
  8. the lake a bit of wildlife our setups just to let people no that since its been took over its still 12 pound for a da yand 24 for a 24hour session
  9. i hate absoloute hate packing up night fishing after it has been raining all night. putting the bivvy in the bag soaked and your driping wet i hate it also the rain liek you said its awful but its all bit of fishing
  10. i have never used it. i no it can produce a few big carp i am tempted to give it ago when it gets hotter
  11. i couldnt live with out my gas cooker. theres nothing like a bacon sarnie in the morning and after playing a fish
  12. oh ive seeen that swim before. i want to fish the swim oppisit the car park i heard that ones good
  13. thanks for going out of your way to do that. its a good fishery dont you think?
  14. yes...do you no who took it over now? what was the biggest. and what swim was you in?
  15. i have just brought some pellets made by UFO. im hoping to use them next week at a night session down at thorpe lea there all difrent sizes and flavours in one bag. they look good but hopefull they work good? any one else seen these or used them? tommy
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