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  1. I’m down to my last few ledger stops from a load I bought several years ago. Unlike the ledger stops that I’ve seen in the shops, both halves of the stop thread onto the line (much better for making adjustments with my arthritic fingers or in cold weather without the risk of dropping bits). For the life of me I can’t seem to find them anywhere. Anyone have any idea if they’re still made and where I can get them please?
  2. I bought one of those and found it to be about 1/2 an inch too short
  3. A few days ago I’d have agreed with you, I have loads of these things in my tackle box and I’ve never really favoured one over another. However, the Fox Tadpole In-line Lead Tails that I’m using are a good 3” long and the hole is to small/tight to simply thread line through. My longest splicing needle is only about 2” long and so it won’t reach through to pick up the line. I have a stringer needle that’s a good 6” long but it’s the type with the barbed end so although it’s long enough to go through it rips the tail rubber on the way out as the barb digs into the rubber. I have a long (unbranded) gated needle but it’s too chunky at the working end to get into the pointy end of the rubber So, although I agree that my question seems a bit pointless at first reading, I would really like advice/ a recommendation from anyone who’s used these rubbers before. I’d rather order one that I know will do the job rather than just add another one to the pile of tools I have that won’t do the job lol. Gated Stick/stringer needles (or at least the ones I have) seem to be fatter than splicing needles. What i’m after is a long but narrow gated needle (hope that makes sense).
  4. I’ve just decided to have a go with some long tail rubbers on my inline leads so that I can use solid PVA bags. I decided to tie a few before I went fishing which was lucky as it wasn’t until I tried to thread my leader through the tail rubber that I realised that my gated splicing needle was about an inch too short! Can anyone recommend a long (a good 4in would be good) gated splicing needle that’s up to the job?
  5. Off for a spot of fishing tomorrow and the forecast says rain Too late for tomorrow but I thought I'd get myself a waterproof cover for the barrow so that, when I don't take a bivvy/brolly everything can stay dry on the barrow. Now I know that I could just get a tarp but there are a few reasons why I'd prefer a proper barrow cover - they're generally a better fit, come with lots of bungee hooking points or are elasticated, and lastly, I'm a tackle tart! Unfortunately every cover I've looked at online has at least a couple of reviews saying "not waterproof" and while I could treat the fabric with a waterproofing spray, I'd prefer one that could do the job out of the box! So, any suggestions/recommendations?
  6. That explains why, when I asked the guy in the shop to recommend some reels to replace my broken ones, he showed me something that looked like the winch from the front of a Land Rover despite me telling him they were for small to medium lakes 😅
  7. Sounds very much, from the responses so far, that the smaller rods are mainly to get around fishing in tight confines or making it easier to pack in the car. The waters in my new club have pretty good access and I have an estate car so I figure I’m probably better off going for another set of twelve footers. I don’t need the smaller rods to get around casting clearance problems and I may, at some point, be glad of the extra range I’ll get from the longer rods. As always, thanks again for the help guys
  8. Hi guys and thanks for the replies. Trust me I'm far to long in the tooth to follow fashion and way too tight to spend money on things I don't need. But, as I'm thinking of changing my rods anyway (they're at least 20 years old, have been repaired multiple times and are getting a bit tired now) I just wanted to know, as the thread title says, if there was anything to gain with these smaller rods? I don't care about what size they break up into for transport or what they look like, just if there's anything to gain in terms of say playing fish, bite indication or feel?
  9. As I mentioned in my introduction post I've been away from fishing for over 10 years. Coming back a lot of things seem to have changed. I was walking around a lake at the weekend trying to decide if I wanted to join the angling club that ran the water and having a good chat to the guys on the bank. Among other things I noticed was the rods that everyone seemed to be using. My rods are all 12ft long so I was quite surprised to see that the majority of the ones in use were 9 or 10ft at most. I still have my old rods but was thinking of treating myself to some new ones so my question is, why 9ft? What do I need to know? Do I chose the same test curve or do I need to scale this up/down for the new rod length? Years ago I did have a shorter stalking rod for close in work that was great for walking around the lake and taking advantage of opportunistic targets, it was a lot easier than lugging a 12 footer through trees and overhanging branches but it never occurred to me to use it as a main rod on my pod. I was probably just following the herd as that was the thinking of the time but I'd be grateful for any advice on rod length that anyone on here can provide. Cheers guys
  10. The problem and the solution... Very similar in a lot of ways (which is what I was after). Chose these only after playing with every reel in the shop! My only concern is they have double handles, any one know if I can get single handles to replace them?
  11. Gutted!!! - I've had my fishing gear in storage for about 10 years and although most of it came through fine, my reels have died somewhere along the way I had 3 Fox Stratos FS10000's and a Stratos FS7000. They have all now given up the ghost in various ways I loved these reels and would happily change them like for like but things have moved on in the time I've been away and they're not made anymore.Can you guys please recommend something about the same size and quality? Not bothered about huge big pit reels as most of the places I fish aren't that big.Currently looking at the Shimano XT10000RB or Shimano X-Aero 10000RA , any thoughts?
  12. Apologies if this is already on the forum (if so please give me a link) but a quick search didn't immediately produce results (possibly more down to my inability to search). What online shops are people using and can recommend? I try to use the real thing as often as possible but I often need to get things in the week so I can actually fish at the weekends rather than go shopping
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