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  1. mindgame

    A new PB common for me

    Absolute brute! first night too, well done!
  2. mindgame

    Matrix hot heads

    hadn't seen these responses until now, thanks very much gentleman! It's a shame they aren't adjustable but some of these ideas look like they'll work. Thanks again.
  3. Woah this one feels big! ..thank god it came off.
  4. Got a set of the smaller or 'dinky' version of these and wondered if I could loosen the clasp? Any ideas?
  5. mindgame

    lamby lake cardiff

    have a look on the forum on that website given above mate, it's specifically for the lake
  6. mindgame

    July Catch Reports

    Cheers buddy
  7. mindgame

    July Catch Reports

    Managed one on a zig last thursday at twynersh, well happy!
  8. mindgame

    licence, fuming

    Same thing happened to me, purchased mine a month ago but it never came! I'm at uni so it doesn't matter for now but it's a bit concerning
  9. mindgame

    jrc brolly system help!

    Good decision, the stealth is one reliable brolly!
  10. mindgame


    My brother uses chub vizor, it's a very good bivvy, he uses the 1 man but it's a very roomy one man so the two man will probably be very spacious. nice peak on it too.
  11. Aw, that must be annoying! I remember having the tiniest bit of lag but this didn't annoy me as much as the receiver going beserk and the false hope of a run
  12. Did i read correctly that the g2's are beep for beep on receiver? The only flaw i personally found with the other sundridge alarms was the over-reacting receiver ( something like 4 bleeps to one on the alarm?) Anyway, being in the market for some new alarms these are very appealing!
  13. mindgame

    Pavyotts Mill

    I guess it was night so there wouldn't have been a scenic background anyway! I'm really not sure with the lost fish, i was fishing tight to an island and i'd get a run only to find myself locked up from something, i'd felt a kick on some of them but then there'd be nothing and i'd have to pull it free from whatever, buried in the island slope maybe?
  14. mindgame

    everyones got a favourite!! ?

    sufix black silt, awesome stuff!
  15. mindgame

    Pavyotts Mill

    By no means am i one of those to criticise anyone that fishes there buddy, i think it's very small-minded the way some people comment on the place. After all, i met some really decent chaps that are regulars and i would never insult them.