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  1. there are some nice carp in there but its a hard carp warter try todber or brordlands or maybe whitemoor in wimbourne thight lines rich
  2. hi has any one fished on sopley lake in dorset going for the day soon any advice would be great .... tight lines rich
  3. I tend to use 15lb esp soft ghost with a wide gape hook and a soft hair bit of braid or bait floss when u tie the knotless knot whip away from the seam of the hook eye and then whip twice towards the eye stops the knot from moving and has never let me down . tight lines rich
  4. xxx is a great bait i used it first time with great sucsses on a tricky lake and also got my first cat fish on theam too and a nice 8lb bream
  5. jogon26

    kd rig

    kd rig is the best pop rig i have used the hook holds are ace this weekend i got 6 carp all on the kd and lost one i find a size 8 korda curve hooks are better than a wide gape for this rig
  6. korum do meat springs which are a are a plastic like screw which tap into the meat and are ace about 2 pound for 10 well worth a look tight lines rich
  7. iam a RDAA member just wondering how it fished or any tips ect thanks thight lines rich
  8. any one fished longham lake in dorset any info would be ace tight lines rich
  9. hi just joined ringwood angling club and was going to have a go at northfeild main lake is it a marker rod venue any info on bait swims ect would be great thanks tight lines rich
  10. thanks hope to give it a go next weekend
  11. hi was wondering if any one has fished longham lakes dorset before any info would be great thanks slack lines rich
  12. any boillies work well try the middle island swims on park lake side i did 24hrs there and got 26 carp up to 13 lb tight try a kilo of red factor and a few kilo of mixed pellet they feed very hard 7 am then again 3 pm when i did a session last may its a proper runs lake tight lines rich
  13. has anyone fished hatch pond before i hear storys of big fish but not sure how true they are or what the stock of fish is any info would be ace tight lines rich
  14. thanks mate hope to do a few days there next month and then book up for 48 in june thanks rich
  15. thanks which side of the lake r 13 15 pegs as they dont seem to be marked out anymore what about the oak lake have u fished that before rich
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