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  1. Thanks welder, wish I could practice what I preached!
  2. fishing on a regular basis
  3. Robgutie, tell me your going to use a confidence interval with the results! That will make my day. Finally, a practical situation that I can relate my stats to. Might make it easier to revise if I'm relating it to carp fishing... Or I'll just end up procrastinating and end up on here
  4. SS3000 if you can find anyone willing to sell their's...
  5. Hey guys, I've recently started an Ichthyology degree in south africa (rhodes university). I am actually based in devon and am missing my big carp as no car + lack of info + lack of fishing buddies = lack of fishing! I have managed one carp out here, a pristine common of all of 2.5kgs ( always kgs down here lol) but I was mesmerised all day watching a hippo swimming around the dam. I think what im trying to say is, if some of the carp.com guys venture out here,i would be keen to try and meet up. Keep this post going... (any saltwater guys keen for a 400lb shark from the shore...
  6. Tiger fish! Awesome power. They are something else on the fly...
  7. Absolute stunner mate,get in.
  8. The leather was my first of the season.Def worth a 4 month wait.
  9. Just a few from this year so far... 16lb 7oz linear 17lb 12oz 22lb re-capture 23lb 8oz leather 24lb 8oz And finally.. 25lb 5oz, just a little bit happy with these, more to come.
  10. Deffinatly spend some time finding the fish mate.Its an expensive blank there
  11. I may not have explained myselp properly. put the rubber tight to the antenna, then pull the bobbin as far away from the alarm as possible so the bobbin is hanging horizontally.Just have a play,i know it works because it what i do.Mite get round to taking a picture of what i mean next time im on the bank
  12. slide the rubber ring as high up to the antenna as u can, then put the line in the clip as if u wer letting the indicatior slide on the line but just angle the indicator backwards. Slack line and the bobbin wont come off till u strike
  13. i second stoogi,the presentation is awesome once balanced.
  14. Got some nice commons in it though. Had my first of the year out of dores last week binfield.
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